What Camera do you use to take your photos?
Canon 700d, my older photos were taken on my iphone 5c

What programme/app do you use to edit your photos?

I use Befunky or on my iphone 

Do you have twitter?

Yes @JustJess369

Do you have a Google+ page?

Yes, my Google+ page is Here

Where do you read most blog posts?

I tend to read them on bloglovin'
you can follow me on my bloglovin' HERE

What is your favourite drugstore?

100% BOOTS, I do like superdrug too but boots wins hands down for me! 

What's your favourite food?


What made you start blogging?

Well, for a while I had been reading blogs all about fashion,beauty & lifestyle ect and I thought actually I'm going to give this ago as I want to share my thoughts and the things I like ect with the blogging world and pretty much everyone, who shares the same interest as me! so on one very boring day in 2014 I decided that I would create my own page.

How did you pick your blog name?

Well, basically it came about after my family & friends kept saying to me "you spend too much time online Jess" and I did think at the time I'm just a person like millions of others who love being online on the internet ect reading up on fashion, beauty,lifestyle ect. So it seemed like Just That Girl Online would be the perfect fitting name for my blog, as I'm just a person (a girl hahaha hence the girl part) like millions of others who love being online and escaping from the joys of real life, so Just That Girl Online seemed fitting.

What is your favourite magazine?
Vogue is one of my all time faves, I also love Fabulous magazine that you get when you buy The Sun (on sunday) my grandad & nan are always saving me the Fabulous mags. I especially love their top picks section & fashion must haves.


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