Wednesday, 10 October 2018

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop | Review

Whilst strolling around in my local Boots I came across a new foundation from NYX, now I have never tried any foundations before from NYX so when I saw this I was rather excited as I do use a fair few of their amazing products.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation* is truly incredible ranging in 45 different shades so there is something for everyone, I am the shade Pale and I have been using this for over 3 weeks now and I now feel I have fully put it to the test, let's just say I’m really really impressed. 

I only use one pump and it’s plenty to give really full coverage, the shade is perfect for my fair skin and matches my neck perfectly, what I love the most about this foundation is that it gives really full coverage but it doesn’t ever look cakey and lasts all day…..and when I say all day, I mean all day. Literally if I applied my makeup in the morning, by the evening it still looks how it did in the morning, it doesn’t fade, doesn’t go patchy and looks gorgeous. I love that it is not expensive and super easy to buy. It claims to have 24 hour wear, I haven’t tested it for 24 hours non stop but by the evening it still looks pretty good. 

It’s fine if you have dry skin (which I tend to have) and it’s also fine on oily areas like the t-zone. I’m just obsessed with this foundation already, it’s just super light weight, yet full coverage and doesn’t have a price tag that’s through the earth. It blends beautifully and colour wise this is something so wonderful to be able to see in Boots. The amount of foundations that do not match my very caspar face really makes me sad as I feel there are a few brands that do a ‘pale’ foundation and it doesn’t match fair or pale skin at all, so NYX thank you for creating something that I not only love but I will continue to purchase time and time again. 

If you haven’t already get your hands on this foundation it’s awesome and only cost £15 which yes is sligthly more on the price side for a drugstore foundation but it’s awesome. 


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