Monday, 7 May 2018

My April Favourites | 2018

It’s finally May and I am beyond excited that we are now slowly getting some rather beautiful sunny days. Today I thought I would share with you all a lot of the products and things that I have loved hugely throughout April. It is mainly makeup products but I think you already guessed that just by the photo above. OOHHH DEARRRRR

Where do I begin????

I’m going to start with foundations and the two that I have been loving hugely for possibly over the past 2 months and a lot in April are the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation (I’m going be doing a full review of this in a few days) in F1 and the BareMINERALS Original SPF 15 Foundation Powder in Fair 01. Both of these are incredible I have been properly testing out the revolution stick foundation for a while now & I really love it, I wanted to include it in my April favourites as it has been one of them beauty products that I haven’t put down since I purchased it, I love the texture of this product but the main reason as to why it is in my monthly favourites is because it actually matches fair skin! 

If you are like me and have caspar light skin then this is the perfect drugstore foundation, It is really really full coverage so you don’t need a lot but honestly colour wise it’s perfect for pale skin and it only cost a glorious £5. I really love this foundation full review like I said coming soon.

BareMINERALS Original Powder Foundation is something that I have used for years and completely love, I hadn’t used it in a really long time and found it lurking around in my makeup draw and thought I would give it a go again and my god I’m so glad I did, when I haven’t been using my Revolution Stick Foundation I have been just applying concealer where I need it and this all over and I love it. 

This powder foundation makes your skin look really healthy and fresh when buffed into the skin, it’s really light and doesn’t feel like you are wearing powder at all, with the sun making a rather beautiful appearance my skin has been living in this powder. I love how it has an SPF too, colour wise again it’s perfect and never looks orange on my skin….full review coming soon.

Concealer wise I have been loving the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Aquacealer Concealer in Fair, I bought this from QVC as Tarte makeup is rather hard to get your hands on over here in the UK. It came with a little brush which I have also been loving, anyway this concealer is so refreshing and light and it just is such a pleasure to use underneath my rather sensitive eyes. It might be a light texture but it does give really good coverage, it’s super brightening and feels just incredible underneath my eyes and on blemishes it doesn’t go cakey and blends beautiful, a little of this product goes quite a long way. It is a water based concealer which I really love I am going to america next year (EEEPPPP) and I will most definitely be getting my hands on the foundation that matches this concealer.

Bronzer wise I again had a peek in my makeup draw and saw this sitting at the back sitting rather unloved so I reached out for it and forgot how good it was, the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel is a bronzing gel meets cream product that adds the most natural glowing warmth to your skin and makes you look really healthy, I tend to use it more in the summer months hence why it hasn’t been used in a while but it leaves a really beautiful warmth to my skintone without looking orangey or muddy. It’s really light and a little goes a long way, If you have fair skin you can use this it’s so natural and probably one of the most natural looking bronzers I’ve ever used on my skin, this product actually dries like a powder and when applied to the skin goes on like a powder it’s really really beautiful and it also smells incredible a bit like fresh roses….not that you buy a bronzer on smell but honestly this product is again another favourite of mine for fair skin. I might actually do a full in depth review including photos of this if that’s something you guys would be interested in.

Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Palette is something I have already talked about and done a proper review on here, I am in love with this palette since the moment it landed in my hands I haven’t put it down it’s stunning I especially love the super sparkly shade and the rose gold theme to this palette, I’ve talked about this enough already so I’m not going to ramble on but it’s seriously, seriously beautiful and looks amazing on blue eyes.

I’ve never been one for massive foundation brushes I have a really tiny pea head and a massive brush to blend products into my face is something that I’ve never really been one for however I have fallen in love with the Real Techinques Brush Crush 301 Complextion Brush, I have been using this for foundation and it’s the most amazing brush ever it blends my makeup beautifully and makes it look really flawless and fresh looking. It’s like a stippling brush on the ends of the brush but the base is really sturdy a little bit like the expert face brush from RT. Like I said this is an amazing brush for blending foundation or bronzer & I have actually been using this most days if not everyday (don’t worry I have washed it lots of times).

The final thing I have been loving is the NEOM Scent To De-Stress hand cream, NEOM do some extremely beautiful products ranging from candles to reed diffusers to bath and shower oils. I’ve been using this tiny hand cream for a while now & felt that It should now be something to introduce you to, it’s the handcream from their De-Stress kit which I purchased ages ago, this wonderful hand cream contains Lavender, Brazilian Rosewood, Jasmine and well as 21 other essential oils. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful this hand cream smells it’s not greasy at all really light yet so effective. It has helped me hugely to relax as I have felt extremely stressed out lately and this has been an utter godsend. I am a really huge fan of NEOM products they make great birthday presents or even just a general treat for yourself or a loved one.

That is pretty much everything I have loved throughout April and I am sure these products will continue to shine throughout the rest of May.

What did you love in April?


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