Sunday, 15 October 2017

All The Pumpkin

To say I love anything Pumpkin Spiced is an understatement, today I thought I’d share with you my two current favourite pumpkin themed/scented products to get you through this autumn, that and to give you all the warm and cosy feels....

What’s autumn without pumpkin scented bath and shower products? Well it isn’t….two products that I’m loving recently, not only look amazing but they feel amazing, First up The Body Shop have just released their pumpkin scented products and there Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel has now become my new favourite smell, note this is now my second bottle because I've used it that much already. It smells like a really sweet warm cinnamon bun, it just makes me feel so cosy and warm it foams up really nicely and just smells like autumn in a bottle……I’m most certainly going to get my hands on their body butter and glitter mist in this scent.

If there is one Lush product that just instantly brings a smile to my face it’s these little guys, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is probably one of my favourite all time Lush scents. I hope to god Lush never get rid of this! With a beautiful citrus blend of Lime Oil, Juniperberry Oil & Grapefruit Oil it leaves my skin feel so soft and smelling incredible. This is one of them limited edition bath products that I wish they would bring it out in a shower gel or a body lotion it’s SOOOO good.

Now go and head to your local Lush or The Body Shop and stock up on your favourite autumnal beauty products.

What are you loving recently? 


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lazy Girl Hairstyle

Eye Makeup - Urban Decay Sin all over the lid & MAC Corduroy in the crease 
mascara is of course my trust Maybelline Lash Sensational.

First of all excuse me trying to go all tumblr on you on the photos above……

One of my favourite “I really can’t be bothered today…” hair styles is a super messy bun, I love doing them and my family & friends love it when I do a quick messy bun, I have long hair and or though it would probably be easier to get the chop on my long locks I kinda love them as I can create SO many hairstyles from fishtail braids to volumized curls and of course kim k braids. Although having long hair is sometimes a lil bit of a faff I do really love it, I thought I’d share with you some very tumblr themed photos I’ve taken of my messy barnet and share with you just what I tend to use to create my messy bun. Getting that perfect messy bun is something I’m forever trying to master but in reality hairstyles are all trial and error. However I like to say practise makes perfect.

Key Things For That Ultimate Messy Bun.

VA Va VOOOM - Between me and you this means volume but I’m weird so I say va va voom instead *starts smirking*. Having as much volume and texture in your hair will not only make it easier for it to look messy but it gives a bit of dimension & texture to both my roots of my hair & of course the ends. My va va vooms of choice are both from Toni & Guy, their Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray is something I use on a daily basis, wether I’m going for a messy bun or not it adds just the right amount of volume I like & it also doesn’t make your hair go all crispy. Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray is another one of my faves too.

All The Bobbles - You can’t do a messy bun without a fair few hair bobbles, I prefer the ones without the metal in them, if you want a good messy bun don’t worry about how many hair bobbles you use I say the more the merrier I like to pull different sections out and then secure the base with a couple of bobbles.

Pin It Baby - Like I said I like to pull on my messy bun and then I secure it all with as many bobby pins as my heart desires. Lil tip for you I’ve found the cheaper the hair pins are the better they are, eBay do some great ones failing that superdrug do some splendid ones too.

Set that hair - To finish off my now slightly acceptable messy barnet I set it with either the tousled texture hairspray or my mini L’Oreal Ellent Hair Spray

Voila there you have messy bun.

What’s your go-to “I cba today” hairstyle? 



Wednesday, 11 October 2017

My September Favourites

I’m fully aware that I’ve bypassed my August Favourites but nothing really stood out to me or changed makeup/beauty wise so I kinda forgot to do a favourites…….*whoops*

September however there have been SO many things that I’ve favourited and just completely fell in love with, so much so here is this months favourites.

Zara Jacket, if there is one item of clothing I have lived in this September it sure is this denim jacket, it’s got a very vintage vibe about it and has just become my go to autumn jacket, it’s cosy and snug yet very stylish and quite trendy. I've done a lil look book on it here.

Cosy autumn themed candles have most certainly been something I’ve enjoyed using this month. I’ve been on many a homesense trip and picked up a fair few gems. My current favourite candles have got to be these two, white pumpkin and pumpkin and peppercorn both smell insanely autumnal and have been giving me all the cosy vibes I could ever need. If you want great autumn themed candles Homesense is where it’s at.

Lush Once Upon A Time Body Lotion, I recently went to the Lush Creative Showcase and purchased this little pot of cream and oh my It’s glorious. Packed with Almond Oil, Apple infusion and Murumuru Butter I’ve been using this pretty much on a daily basis since I got it and it’s honestly one of my new favourite Lush Body Lotions. It’s very hydrating and great for sensitive skin. It reminds me of the So White Bath Bomb they used to do a few christmas’ back.

Scent wise It will be no surprise that I’ve gone all autumnal and I’ve been loving my Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Fragrance it’s quite a musky yet sweet scent and reminds me of fresh christmas trees. It’s just such an autumnal scent that I’ve been using almost daily.

Eyeshadow wise I’ve tucked away my neutrals include my baby pinks and semi matte browns and pulled out my trusty Nars Isolde Duo, If you have blue eyes like me then invest in this little duo, this duo makes my eyes pop and it just screams autumn, it’s got a beautiful bright orange copper shade on the left and an almost burnt coppery brown on the right, It’s one eyeshadow duo that I’ve been loving & using most days. 

Sticking with eyeshadow it’s either been my nars duo or my Charlotte Tilbury Champagne Diamonds Crayon. Again this either on it’s own or on top of my nars duo (or any eyeshadow for that matter) has been something I’ve been doing quite a lot, my friends & family have been asking about my eye makeup recently and it’s mainly been the nars duo & this combined.

I have done my autumn makeup tutorial which you can have a look at here if you like.

The final two things are both two of my all time favourite makeup items, it's the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I'm sure I've talked about this on here before somewhere but I honestly use this religiously everyday. It keeps my eyeshadow on all day and just is a god send, I have a mini panic if I can't find this in my makeup bag. A tube of this lasts months & months I've had this particular tube since april and it's still quite full. 

The final product is my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow in Linda again another fave that I've mentioned on here quite a lot. It's a tinted brow gel that gives you the most beautiful brows Instead of filling my brows in with powder I've literally just been using this only. It's got an amazing brush that catches every single hair and fills them in, gives a really natural brow and never looks ott.

I’ve been loving lots of other products and things but I don’t want to bore you so the others might have to roll into another future post. I hope this post has given you as many autumnal vibes as it has me typing it. 

What did you love in September?

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