Sunday, 13 August 2017

July Favourites | 2017

Another month has past and this month I have used a LOT & I mean a LOT of products and just general stuff that today I thought I’d share with you. There are quite a lot of things to get threw so I’m going to try and keep this short & sweet. 

Makeup Wise, there have been a LOT of new things that I’ve been trying out & have fallen in love with. First up the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder In Luminous Light is something I have used pretty much daily for the last month or so, I’m not going to talk to much about this one as I’ve already done a review on it here. It’s honestly the best powder I have ever used, sets my base makeup like a dream and adds a beautiful glow too. 

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic is a new mascara for me that I’ve been trying out & again have fallen in love with it, it give you feathery fluttery lashes without a massive price tag, I’ve done a review of this one here too, honestly this mascara is fabulous & If you can get your hands on it then I suggest you do, because it’s another awesome drugstore mascara.

Lip wise I’m still wearing nude lipstick, I LOVE a good nude lipstick & the one that I’ve used a lot this month is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine In 85 Secret, this is identical to my natural lip colour and It’s stunning, the formula of this lipstick puts YSL to shame, Instant colour, very creamy and SO moisturising, I also love that this lipstick lasts hours and doesn’t need to be topped up every five minutes. Yes very pricey but completely worth it.

When it comes to eyeshadow one brand sticks out in my mind & that is Urban Decay. Amazing eyeshadows that blend and create beautiful looks like a dream. This month I have been loving my Naked 3 Palette, I have received so many compliments about my eyes when I have worn this palette recently. My favourite look to create with these is Dust all over the lid, burnout semi-lid & slightly through the crease and then Limit & Mooner right through the crease. It’s just a stunning palette that is especially awesome for blue eyes.

Skincare wise nothing really has changed. However I have been trying out Lush’s new Jelly Facemask in Bunny Moon, When it comes to skincare treats Lush have got it spot on. I’m a massive fan of their Fresh Facemask but was intrigued to try their new Jelly Facemasks. Bunny Moon is designed for Dry Skin & and is really really moisturising, with honey, chamomile & marigold it’s a facemask that not only hydrates & brightens but it makes my skin feel wonderful. You simply pinch a bit of the jelly and massage on to your skin. I’ve really been loving this. One thing that I love about these facemasks is that they last 4 months instead of the one month that the fresh facemasks have. If you have any skin issues or want a simple skin treat then check these out.

(Excuse the dirty mirror, this girl hasn't got time to polish a mirror)

Clothing wise I have been constantly wearing this adorable Topshop Playsuit, it’s black and white & has a polkadot print. I picked this up last month & have worn it countless times already, It’s the perfect summery playsuit to wear. It’s off the shoulder and has slight frills I just love this, it’s really comfortable and it’s probably one of my favourite things I own. It’s perfect to wear any time in the year as it’s one of them items you can style so differently. You can't get it online but it is available in most Topshop stores.

Moving away from clothes & makeup I have been loving Primarks new Marble & Copper themed range, two things that I picked up recently are this mini fake succulent & little marble print vase that I can put a single flower in ect. I bought these as they are perfect for my bedroom & they are literally instagram worthy. 

That is pretty much everything I have been loving this past July. 

What are your July Favourites? 


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