Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Fresh Skin

I’m a huge NARS fan and I love practically all their beauty products from their gorgeous peachy pink toned blushers to their creamy concealer. Nars for me tick every box, especially as they seem to be one brand that has actually grasped the truest of true shade of Caspar the friendly ghost (between me & you I mean fair skin). Being extremely fair is something I love & I’m proud of, even if people always ask me “Are you feeling under the weather?” 24/7. Nars are one brand that I can always trust and turn to for makeup for the fairest of them all.

I recently purchased the Nars Tinted Moisturiser, which I mentioned that I’d been loving it hugely in my May Favourites. I wanted something a bit more lighter and a little bit more breathable for my skin instead of using my trusty Nars Sheer Glow In Siberia this summer. I hadn’t really heard anyone talk about the Nars Tinted Moisturiser apart from Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Rachel Goodwin (who is the most talented MA I have ever seen). I knew that Rachel used this on Emma at this years Oscars, Emma is fair skinned and personally uses a lot of Nars products so I saw a list of all the products Rachel used on Emma and decided to purchase the tinted moisturiser in Finland. Finland is the exact shade Emma wore at the Oscars and it looked like the perfect match for my skin. So purely based on the makeup emma wore to I  purchased this tinted moisturiser on a whim that 1. it would match my skin ton & 2. I would like it.

I’m now completely obsessed with this tinted moisturiser it feels SO incredibly light and just evens out my skintone beautifully if you want a really fresh, dewy, makeup less makeup up look then you need to try this. It has SPF 30 so great for the summer months and it’s extremely light, it doesn’t look heavy infact it looks just like your skin but with this healthy glow, it doesn’t cling on to any dry patches on your skin it’s really hydrating and it makes you look extremely fresh faced. It lasts all day and doesn’t go patchy either. Shade wise it matches my skintone perfectly, I like to pat this into my skin using my beauty blender and it works a treat. Gives great coverage. If you are worried about shades I’m the shade Siberia in the Nars Sheer Glow & the Tinted Moisturiser in Finland matches my caspar like face perfectly. If it hadn’t of been for Rachel I probably wouldn’t of ventured into this product as I’m obsessed with my Sheer Glow.

I just can’t put this tinted moisturiser down it’s honestly fab. I mean if Emma Stone can wear it to the oscars I can wear it. If you have fair skin then seriously check this out but also check out Rachel’s Instagram for different makeup looks she’s done.


I’m hugely impressed with this Tinted Moisturiser (as you can see from the photo above), colour wise matches my skin tone perfectly, feels like my skin but healthier, isn’t oily, doesn’t stick to any dry patches on my skin, evens out skintone and just in general is a fabulous summer makeup product I especially love that it has SPF as it’s always one skincare step I always miss out on because I’m too lazy to be bothered to add sticky sun lotion.

All in All, if you like something light, breathable and dewy for your skin this summer then do check this out it feels beautiful and is really moisturising. I just can’t put this down, & if it’s good enough to be used on the likes of Emma then it’s good enough for me.

Trust me when I say Nars have got it spot on when it comes to colours and makeup for fair skin.

Have you tried the Nars Tinted Moisturiser before?


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