Saturday, 6 May 2017

Set That Face

When it comes to setting my makeup I tend to only powder underneath my eyes & on spots and then leave it at that really. I never feel like I need to powder as I love a more dewy makeup look both in the summer and winter. However in recent months I have fallen in love with setting powders, ranging from Highstreet to Highend I love a good array of different powder products. So I thought I would share with you that array and pick out four of my favourite for either under the eyes & all over your face.

The first one that I love is the RCMA Setting Powder. I bought this after a recommendation as someone said to me how good it was & infact gave me a little sample to try it out, tried it out and straight away feel in love with it. It’s amazing at setting concealer underneath the eyes and on any troublesome spots it also doesn’t leave a stark white finish and look like you just grabbed chalk and rubbed it underneath your eyes. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, is one powder that I have a love hate relationship with, it’s fantastic all over the face but for me personally it doesn’t do a good job setting my concealer underneath my eyes, don’t get me wrong a really lovely powder but one I tend to use more in the summer months and only around my face not underneath my eyes. One thing I love hugely about this product is the packaging I mean it’s not fancy but it’s very small and compact enough that it can just easily be slipped into my handbag.

If there is one woman who hugely inspires me makeup wise it’s Charlotte Tilbury, you all know just how much I LOVE her products, so I simply couldn’t not mention her Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder. Now this powder is SO beautiful and sometimes If I don’t want to do foundation, I will skip it and will use this just on it’s own, it’s super finely milled to the point were you don’t even feel it on your face, it says “enriched with nourishing rose wax & almond oil for a luminous finish.” Which It really does. I can’t describe it but it gives a really healthy glow and look to my skin, honestly this powder is beautiful fantastic all over & especially underneath the eyes.

The final powder that I only use underneath my eyes and on spots is the powder that’s in my Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, this powder is very very good at setting concealer It’s not heavy doesn’t go cakey half way through the day and doesn’t look or feel heavy on the skin, very light & lasts all day. I feel like bobbi brown have really got there stuff together when it comes to concealer products, the fact that it’s a little kit means I can take it anywhere as it’s so tiny and the perfect handbag size.

What’s your favourite setting powders?


  1. i personally love the bourjois java rice powder for setting my makeup but i so want to try the rcma setting powder.

    1. Oohhh I've not tried that, I really rate the RCMA powder it's awesome!



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