Sunday, 30 April 2017

New Spring Purchases

We are well and truly into spring now which for me is another time of the year that I love because you can still ever so slightly get away with wearing a jumper and not look like a crazy lady. So whilst having a massive wardrobe clear out of old clothes that I no longer wear or like, It reminded me that I needed to have a little refresh of my wardrobe and add a few more springy items. So I hit the shops on a few occasions and thought I'd now share with you some of the things that I've bought. Note I didn't buy all of this in one go........and most of it is from Topshop.

The first thing I bought was this rather slouchy sweater from Topshop it's just a plain black sweater with this really soft fleece feel to it. Topshop always seem to come up with items that are not only comfy but suitable for all occasions! It's perfect just to throw on and goes with either leggings, jeans whatever it has a bit of a high neck to it and batwing sleeves so it adds to more of a slouch fit, I love that it says "Sweet Life" on left side too. You will notice I've gone a bit mad on jumpers recently & did end up featuring this in my april favourites.

Whilst also in topshop I bought a pair of light blue mom jeans, I've wanted a pair of mom jeans for SO long as I keep seeing people rocking them all over instagram, the ones I've got are the bleached out mom jeans, I love them, I'm not a huge jeans wearer as I much prefer leggings or the american apparel ponte disco pants. but these are really comfortable and feel slouchy and look so good with basic tops and the body that I've bought.

This is the body I absolutely love this and have worn it numerous times already it's very comfortable but my favourite part is the giant bow that's on the back it's just so pretty I thought, this body with my mom jeans & either flats or converse would be such a cute outfit one in which i'm going to do a little look on in a future post.

We like short shorts.........I seem to have fallen in love with shorts at the moment and two pairs that I picked up from Topshop are just so comfortable and go with a lot of basic tops. First pair are these gingham ones with little frills, I adore these again I can wear these when the weather warms up, with a little black or white top & some cute shoes. The other shorts I just loved instantly and had to go and buy, they are just plain black but have these yellow (they look like) daffodils on them, you have this little button to fasten them,  they were just too pretty to put down. Again you can wear them with just a black top, sandals, floppy hat and bang another outfit right there.

Moving on from Topshop now I popped into H&M and bought this three quarter length sleeve dark grey top, I have this exact top already in black but wanted to see if I could grab another colour and I do love my greys. I find that H&M clothing lasts a really long time and the black version of this top I've worn endless times. Really comfortable and goes with everything.

I decided to stop there as I felt like I only need a few bits and pieces.

What have you bought recently?




  1. The gingham shorts and body with the bow on are my fave!! So cute, I recently bought a pink gingham halter crop top which is so cute x

    S x

    1. That crop top sounds lovely, The body is my favourite item hahaha.



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