Friday, 28 April 2017

My New Favourite Brush

Whilst scrolling the boots website and placing a rather large order *shameful smirk* I came across a new brush from Real Techniques, if there is one brand I can recommend to anyone it's Real Techniques their brushes, sponges and anything they make is such good quality and make my makeup application looks 10X nicer and applies better. The brush I came across and haven't been able to put it down since purchasing it is their expert concealer brush. I added this brush straight to my basket when I saw it as it looked exactly like the type of brush my under eyes had longed for. Since receiving this brush I feel like it's basically a mini version of their expert face brush, it's amazing at blending or patting in concealer either under the eyes, on blemishes anything I've just been loving it. It's a very fluffy little brush and it really does blend everything out beautifully and creates a flawless finish, it's dense so very much like the expert face brush. If you are after a wonderful new brush to add to your collection then this one ticks that box. If you wanted a more high end version of this then the Zoeva 142/ Concealer Buffer is pretty close. For me this brush I love the size of as it's not too big or too long and I feel like I can have better control over it, I normally either use my expert face brush for both my concealer & foundation application or the RT contour brush. But this one is just so much more easier for blending concealer underneath the eyes and on blemishes it's just awesome. Like I said it's brand new so just though I'd give you a heads up and tempt you into treating yourself in boots.

What's your favourite Real Techniques Brush?

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