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Cut The Clutter | Makeup Decluttering Tips

Decluttering and rifling through my makeup collection once in a while is 1. a must but more importantly 2. satisfying....... I am a massive makeup junkie and every once in a while I tend to do a huge ransack of my makeup draws and decide what I'm going to keep, get rid of, give to friends & family & a pile of "need to use". So I thought I would share with you just how easy it is to go through what can sometimes be a never ending box of faces. So here are my tips and tricks for decluttering your makeup collection.

Get some plastic trays

My plastic trays are from Muji. I use these to divide all my makeup and separate various different makeup items, simply grab two trays and a good amount of floor space.

Cut The Clutter

I then grab a makeup draw one at a time and work my way through each draw for example my foundations & concealers draw I go through each item and ask myself a few questions.

How old is it? THE MOST IMPORTANT one should use extremely old makeup.

Do I like it? 

Does it actually look good and suit me?

Along with various other questions, which all end up narrowing down my collection I simply go through each item and pop the ones that are old or used up in one tray and have the other tray as a give away tray for friends or family. The ones with no tray and that are right at the bottom are the ones I'm keeping and will be popped back into my makeup draws.

As you can see the tray on the left - Both foundations have run out or are extremely old and have since been replaced. The right hand side is either going to go to friends or family as it's either not working for me, doesn't match my skintone or I simply think someone else might love it and use it that little bit more than me. This makes everything SO much easier and less daunting. If you surround yourself in a swarm of makeup it can easily become overwhelming to the point where you don't even know where to begin. 

And there you have it it narrows it down each time I do this.

If you are worried about makeup use by dates and when to get rid of them then here are some pointers for you:

Mascara - 3 - 6 months 

Foundation - 6 months - 12 months

Concealer - Same as above

Powder products like blushers, eyeshadows ect. I feel that powder products do tend to last longer than cream products so blushers and eyeshadows I don't really keep an eye on dates wise I mean if it's well over 3 years old then by all means get rid of it but if it's a 1 year to 2 years old or if you are just keeping it because it reminds you of something or it was your first ever blusher or eyeshadow then by all means keep it.

for more information about dates a good article on that you can find here

Honestly once you do this to every draw it becomes a lot easier to select and find the products that you actually want and use. I also like to make a tray of the products that I need to use or keep using this again is another step that I find extremely useful.

So if you are wanting to declutter your makeup than I hope this has given you some tips and tricks. I also find that if you do this with a few friends and make an afternoon of decluttering your things wether it be makeup, clothes, shoes handbags what ever it can be quite fun and the end results are very satisfying.....

So what you waiting for? Go and cut the clutter.


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