Saturday, 29 April 2017

April Favourites | 2017

I actually love collecting everything that I’ve loved through out each month and begin to sit down & start typing away about it, so today I thought I’d share with you all my April Favourites. 

The first thing that is something rather new and exciting from Real Techniques is their Concealer Brush, I talked about this in a previous post back here and said how much I’m loving this brush, it’s so good and you can quite precisely blend your concealer with it, either under the eyes or on blemishes it’s brilliant. When it comes to highstreet budget friendly brushes Real Techniques have got it spot on, as they are all really high quality brushes but aren’t at a ridiculous price.  

Next up is one mascara that I would recommend to anyone! It’s the Maybeline Lash Sensation Mascara, I have gone through countless bottles of this mascara and that’s for a very good reason, it really lengths and makes your eyelashes look incredible I love how it comes just under the £10 mark and it’s really easy to get hold of, It doesn’t go clumpy and it makes your eyelashes look really natural and volumized. It’s just a really fantastic highstreet mascara that’s very very affordable. If my friends ever ask me “what’s one highstreet mascara that you’d recommend?” 9 times out of 10 I’d say this one. I just love it.

Lush wise I’ve become obsessed again either with a bath bomb, facemask or my beloved Scrubee………but one thing that I’ve been loving using this month is the Lush So White Shower Gel, I bought this a while back from the Lush Kitchen and it’s my all time favourite lush smell, this and either bubbly Shower Gel or Plum Rain are my go too. It smells exactly like apples and has worked wonders on my sensitive skin. It foams up really nicely and feels extremely gentle on my skin, if you are wanting a shower gel that not only you can smell all day but that feels nice I’d really recommend you take a look into lush shower gels, all be it a little bit more pricey, they are a lot more natural than other highstreet products and smell incredible.

Too Faced Natural Love Palette, is one palette that I have been reaching for non stop. I did a review on this and went into a little more detail about it here, but it’s honestly the most beautiful collection of eyeshadows I have ever seen, they are all very creamy, easy to blend and all have great colour pay off. I particularly love a combo of Cutie Patootie & Dear Diary with a hint of either poodle or fairy tale in the inner corners of my eye. You can actually purchase this now here in the UK from Selfridges and it’s honestly completely worth the money I’ve used this palette everyday for the last month.

Lipwise I’ve loved loved loved using my Charlotte Tilbury Valentines Lipstick, it’s another product that I’ve used everyday for the past month & yet it barely looks like I’ve used it, it’s a gorgeous pretty rosy pink that feels very moisturising and non drying on my lips. This lippy is limited edition so if you can get your hands on one then do, it goes with lots of my makeup looks and is another one of them products that all my friends ask me what am I wearing on my lips.

Non beauty & makeup related but I’ve been practically living in this Sweet Life Jumper from Topshop it’s a very slouchy plain black jumper that I bought recently and I just can’t seem to stop wearing it, I just love how soft and snug it is on.

And that my internet friends is everything that I’ve loved this wonderful April. 

What have you loved throughout April? 


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