Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Ombre Hair

Oh natural & no sea salt (for once ;) ) In natural day light

With a huge lot of sea salt and hair spray & a slight filter.

Bit blurry as it was taken on my iPhone but......Rabbit dress is from H&M....Hair......well that's my own ;). Jumper is from Urban Outfitters Here

I recently got my hair done by the wonderful Tom Badger who is honestly the best hairdresser and ombre god on the planet. I have super long hair to be exact 32 inches of it according to Tom........ and I felt like I wanted a change with my super long and natural hair so I thought about doing a bit of ombre to the ends and then just decide one day whilst on a lunch break from work to make a phone call to Tom and roll with it! I've never really done anything with my hair until now as in coloured or dyed it because I wasn't sure if it would suit me or not.....but I'm loving the "Ombre & Balayge Sunkissed blonde ends" life so much so that I just had to share Toms amazing work and I feel like I can do so many more different hair styles from my basic sea salt beachy waves style to the curling my barnet like it's going out of fashion now. Having such long hair can be a pain but Tom has giving my hair a new lease of life & has done a rather splendid job. Tom went for a natural sun kissed look on the ends of my hair as my hair is naturally blonde and has left it feeling amazing, it doesn't feel dry damaged, or killed which is the main thing. Infact I'd go as far as to say I wish I'd got my hair ombre'd sooner and Tom really knew what he was doing to the ends of my hair.

I'm SUPER happy with my new ombre ends, & I will be sharing some of the haircare products I'm using to maintain the blondness of the ombre very soon but for now enjoy the curly haired & ombre vibes. 

I wish my hair was this curly everyday.......Huge thanks to Tom for doing such a fabulous job.


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