Friday, 27 January 2017

A Benefit Bargain....

If you know me you will know just how much I love a good blusher, wether it's a peachy pink, a baby pink or any form of flush that I can swirl onto my cheeks I'm there. So whilst having a lil wander around my local House Of Fraser I picked up this rather CHEEKy bargain, it's the Benefit Cheekathon Palette, now it's already been raved about by many many people and has been around for a while now or though it's been proved rather hard to get hold of. It's exclusive to House Of Fraser so it's no surprise. I actually found this palette in the sale reduced from £44.50 to £35.60 which is extremely good as the value of this gorgeous palette is worth £117.50 which is cray cray & thought I would share with you an absolute bargain.

They are all full sized aswell and I'm just in love with it. I love the famous Dandelion Blush as it's an all time favourite of mine but it always bugged me about the chunky some what annoying packaging that each original bronzer or blusher has, so when I saw this I just had to grab it as it's a selection that are all in a palette instead of individual boxes (which I just prefer completely). This toooo die for palette contains a full sized Rockateur, Dallas, Hoola Bronzer, Coralista & Dandelion along with a brush that comes with every blusher or bronzer that benefit do. It's honestly perfect as one the value is insane and works out such good value for your moolah. I also like how you can pick what shade you want easily and that you can see each product all in a palette.....I just wish benefit would do this palette as a non exclusive so everyone could share how much nicer and easier it is.

So here's a heads up go to your local House Of Fraser to grab a bloomin' good cheeky ;)  bargain. For something that's worth £117.50 and you can grab it for £35.60 it's a bargain not to be missed!

What's your favourite Benefit product?


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