Friday, 27 January 2017

A Benefit Bargain....

If you know me you will know just how much I love a good blusher, wether it's a peachy pink, a baby pink or any form of flush that I can swirl onto my cheeks I'm there. So whilst having a lil wander around my local House Of Fraser I picked up this rather CHEEKy bargain, it's the Benefit Cheekathon Palette, now it's already been raved about by many many people and has been around for a while now or though it's been proved rather hard to get hold of. It's exclusive to House Of Fraser so it's no surprise. I actually found this palette in the sale reduced from £44.50 to £35.60 which is extremely good as the value of this gorgeous palette is worth £117.50 which is cray cray & thought I would share with you an absolute bargain.

They are all full sized aswell and I'm just in love with it. I love the famous Dandelion Blush as it's an all time favourite of mine but it always bugged me about the chunky some what annoying packaging that each original bronzer or blusher has, so when I saw this I just had to grab it as it's a selection that are all in a palette instead of individual boxes (which I just prefer completely). This toooo die for palette contains a full sized Rockateur, Dallas, Hoola Bronzer, Coralista & Dandelion along with a brush that comes with every blusher or bronzer that benefit do. It's honestly perfect as one the value is insane and works out such good value for your moolah. I also like how you can pick what shade you want easily and that you can see each product all in a palette.....I just wish benefit would do this palette as a non exclusive so everyone could share how much nicer and easier it is.

So here's a heads up go to your local House Of Fraser to grab a bloomin' good cheeky ;)  bargain. For something that's worth £117.50 and you can grab it for £35.60 it's a bargain not to be missed!

What's your favourite Benefit product?


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Touch Of Copper

To say I go through many an eyeshadow love is an understatement, I'm proper obsessed with anything eye related but one eye product that has recently found its way back into my everyday makeup bag is the By Terry Ombre Black Star Cream eyeshadow stick in 06 Frozen Quartz, I forgot just how much I LOVED this cream eyeshadow stick.

All be it on the pricey side and it's not cheap by anyones standards......It is completely worth the moolah, By Terry create so many gorgeous products that I've lost count how many hours I've actually spent gazing at their website. Frozen Quartz is a gorgeous coppery baby pink shade that is just breathe taking to the naked eye (my camera doesn't do this eyeshadow justice). This eyeshadow stick glides on like an utter dream and leaves the most perfect baby pink coppery shimmer to my eyelids, the staying power on these is unbelievable I can apply this first thing on my eyelids, simply one wash over each lid and then I blend it out with my 217 brush and boom it stays put all day and doesn't smudge, crease, come off or anything, it stays put and I don't even need to apply an eyeshadow primer underneath it because it's that good.

I've been reaching for this for the past couple of weeks and it's the one eyeshadow that every time I wear it everyone I meet wants to know what eyeshadow I'm wearing and most people think it's a shade from the Naked 3. JUST LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! If you don't want to fork out the heavy price tag that comes with this divine eyeshadow I'd very highly recommend the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Pink Gold, it leaves a more pinky(ish) shade on the eye but still a pretty good highly pigmented drugstore dupe.

What's your go-to eyeshadow?

*do excuse the very posey photos of my eyelids hahaha*


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Clarins Lip Comforting Oil

Having extremely dry lips is very frustrating for me and anyone who can relate, so after hearing a lot about the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comforting Oils I thought I’ve got to see what all the hype is about and see if it actually is worth 1. the moolah but 2. the hype.

Now where to begin? I love the packaging it’s very sophisticated which let’s face it you wouldn’t expect anything less from Clarins, with it’s classy gold cap and clear acrylic like glass it showcases the most beautiful lip oil ever, I opted for Honey as I loved how it looked in the bottle and I’ve heard a few people say how good this particular one is, It has a beautiful sweet fragrance but yet doesn’t (to me anyway) smell like honey, it’s more of a fresh spring garden scent & again to me it’s more of a lip gloss meets balm rather than an oil. I glides on effortlessly and the applicator is one of my favourite things ever about this product, it’s a paddle-shaped cushion/sponge applicator, it glides onto the lips perfectly & leaves a high gloss shine and it’s formula is beautiful it isn’t sticky, gloopy, thin or even runny it’s thick and comforting and leaves my lips feeling like they’ve been wrapped in the best nourishing lip oil blanket ever. Lasting power wise it’s again good, lasts pretty much all day and you can actually feel it working on your lips. 

Back to the packaging it really is faultless, its perfect to chuck in your handbag without feeling like it’s going to leak everywhere and cause a whole lot of havoc, Clarins have very well packaged this, once applied literally twist it and ta da it will not leak, spill or anything, this also doesn’t dry out after time like most lip oils and balms do.

I honestly LOVE this lip oil, it’s incredible and I can really see and feel the difference in my lips, if you get dry lips or are simply looking for something to beat the dry winter lips look, then look no further than this it’s fantastic and I’m sure I shall be buying some more of these beauties from Clarins in the future. It’s perfect for your makeup bag, car, purse, and looks even more beautiful on your vanity.

Have you tried the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comforting Oils?


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bake It, Till It Makes It....

I'm always on the look out to find that perfect setting powder, after having a bit of a love hate relationship with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder I felt like it was time I tried to find a new one. Meet the RCMA No Colour I had heard about this briefly and seen online somewhere that it has had very good reviews and holds makeup like a dream, so after scrolling the internet for hours I gave up looking through millions of different powders but continued to keep the RCMA one in mind, and thought sod it for now I'll just stick with my rimmel powder, baring in mind the Rimmel powder does set my makeup perfectly except under my eyes (my main issue with the love hate relationship of the Matte Powder).....months passed and I was just sticking with my rimmel powder until my gorgeous friend Sam who has her very own brow & makeup company (check her out she's the best MUA EVER!) said "try this bubba..." guess what it was? It was only the RCMA No Colour Powder, Sam said I'd love it and gave me a sample to try! A little sample later, pay day arrived, I loved the sample that much that I headed straight online to order myself a pot. Now this is one powder that the smallest amount goes such a long way.

Sam definitely made me make my mind up on buying this powder, no only is it perfect for the famous baking technique but  there is no colour what so ever from this powder, my makeup lasts twice as long, no shifting of my concealer or where I powder in my t-zone.....I've honestly become obsessed with this product, its budget friendly as it comes just under the £10 mark, a pot like this will last me months if not well and truly into 2018 at this rate hahaha. If you are after a powder that sits makeup perfect, leaves a flawless finish and looks incredible still after a long old day, be sure to give this setting powder a try. Infact I'd recommend purchasing a pot right away never mind getting a sample. Honestly this powder is bloomin' brilliant, it will be making an appearance in my December Favourites. It's cheap cheerful & budget friendly, its up there with some of my favourite highend powders.

Have you tried the RCMA No Colour Powder?

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