Friday, 30 December 2016

Oops I Did It Again.....

.....I bought more makeup, this time I'm blaming this haul on the people who gave me some moolah for christmas and also payday hahaha. I decided to pay my local Bobbi Brown Counter a visit as I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown makeup and love her brand in general. I decided to purchase three things as I wanted 1. a new bronzer, a lipstick (as I'm a huge lipstick/lipbalm junkie incase you didn't already know) and basically a highlighting blush/highlight. All of which I'm SUPER happy with so let's get onto the haul.

I purchased the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light - Now this bronzer they have as part of the normal collection, but because they launched it in a beautiful red swirl packaging for Christmas I managed to get something that should normally cost me £28.50 for only £21.60 just because it's in a beautiful red packaging #BARGAIN! Now I'm very pale so I'm one of them people that like to stick to what I know and love, but this really did catch my eye as I swatched it and it didn't look muddy or orangey, then the lovely Nina (from the Bobbi Brown counter in my local House Of Fraser) tried this bronzer on me to show what it would look like.....I instantly loved it as it just added the right amount of warmth to my face without looking like I've just had a fight with my bronzer. Nina herself was wearing this particular bronzer and she's quite fair like myself and she said it would be perfect for my pale skin. So after swatching & trying I decided it was now time to do some buying. It's super pigmented and leaves the perfect amount of warmth to my pale complexion without ever looking over the top. It's honestly become one of my new all time favourite bronzers, it's just so beautiful.

Next up I purchased a lip tint in the shade Bare Pink. Now this for me lasts a fair amount of time but I do have to continue to re-apply it throughout the day, it's light but leaves that my lips but better look and is subtle yet effective. It's perfect if you want to just focus more on your eyes rather than on your lips, it's even the perfect lip tint for them makeup free days. I just honestly loved this it was too pretty not to want to buy. All be it, it cost me £20 which is very expensive for something that's quite like a lip balm, it's one product that I know I will use practically everyday.

Shimmer Brick Compact, now if you don't own one of these beauties what even are you doing with your life? This little lightweight and handy shimmering compact is one of Bobbi's best sellers & it's no wonder......just look how beautiful! Everything from the push button packaging to the actually product itself it's effortless, I purchased the Rose one because I already have two other shimmer brick compacts and have had my eye on this one for quite some time, I didn't really need another one but it was too pretty and was screaming "BUY MEEEEE!!!" at me so I just had to.

Now let's not add up that ridiculous amount let's just appreciate how beautiful Bobbi's products are. I'm very very excited to get to use these more, that and I love purchasing new makeup!

What's your favourite Bobbi Brown product?


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