Thursday, 10 November 2016

Tired Eyes? I've got just the thing.....

....Meet my lil holy grail dark circle and tired eye fighting beauty gem.....Charlotte Tilbury's Mini Miracle Eye Wand.

Now I purchased this a fair few months ago used it once and I wasn't all too impressed with it at first in all honesty, I couldn't really see any results and kinda left it floating about somewhere in my makeup draw and didn't feel like I could do a review on it, until about a month and a bit ago when I refound it again I thought to myself, surely at £29 a pop I'm not using it right or I'm just using it in the wrong way for it not to be good? Well my internet chums this little wand is frickin' fantastic......I pulled it back out of my makeup jungle and have actually fallen in love with it. The first time I used it was many months back, I found it to do nothing or if it did I was quite clearly blind and really couldn't see the true effects of this unbelievably uh-ma-zing product. I've used this almost everyday since refinding it, apart from the days where I'm facially naked and looking terrifying to the general public, and it honestly gives my eyes this wide eyed and awake look. Charlotte's Mini Miracle Eye Wand has literally been a miracle to my dark circles, this is a dynamic duo lift & light reflector wand packed with lots of micro-particles that conceal, brighten and diffuse the appearance of my horrid dark circles, by horrid I mean on a good day I look like I've been punched in the eye haha *inserts sad pouty face*.

Eye Cream

I use this wand like a bit of a pen it has this most silky gorgeous eye cream one end that contains Hyaluronic Acid that boosts the moisture levels in the eye contour, whilst leaving the delicate eye area feeling plumped and rejuvenated, along with Rice Proteins that fight against any signs of fatigue and also helps reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. I just literally pat this into the socket of my eye and it just leaves it feeling 10x more hydrated and it feels like my under eyes have been pulled right back and are more plumped, nourished and already looking like I've had the best nights sleep ever.

Light Reflecting Cream

The other end is this beautiful light reflecting cream that bounces back the light that is gathered from the sockets of the eyes and just drowns out the darkness, it just stops your eyes looking tired and my overall appearance much more awake and less exhausted. When patted on top of the eye cream it just magically vanishes any signs of tiredness, dark circles and just generally tired eyes. It looks like your eyes have been photoshopped it's that good. In two clicks and and a bit of patting.....bang it looks like you've had 8 hours sleep in two simple steps. 


I seriously regret not using this product sooner and not giving it a fair try it's honestly fantastic it quite literally bounces back any darkness and leaves your eyes feeling hydrated, plumped and ready for whatever the day might throw at you. It's one of them products that I would feel happy leaving the house with only this on and nothing else...not even concealer it's that flipping good. Would I buy this again? Well I'd be lying to you If I said I haven't got one on the way in the post. I will be honest and say that a pretty heavy £29 pricetag isn't cheap however this one is completely worth it ladies.

Now go buy one and let's stop the whole world for feeling tired!

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury's Mini Miracle Eye Wand?



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