Tuesday, 11 October 2016

September Favourites

I can't quite believe we are now finally in October and what better way to kick start my October than share with you all my September Favourites. September is always one of them months that I feel I just blink and it's gone.....it's also one month that I always seem to have mixed feelings and emotions about. September was a HUGE big whirl wind of crazy, and I've only just started getting back into the swing of blogging......and boy I've missed it.

This past September quite a few products & brands have stood out to me hugely, all from highstreet to highend, I've gone for quite a mix this month as per usual....

Lush Bubbly Shower Gel - Lush FINALLY have there always highly anticipated christmas collection out! and boy it doesn't disappoint.....I recently bough Bubbly Shower Gel and I've just been loving it's truly scrumptious smell. It's packed with Lime and Vine Leaf Infusion so it really wakes you up and gives you that festive boozy kick to your morning shower, It's UH-MA-ZING as bubble bathe too, honestly if you check out one product this month make sure it's this!

Big hair is something I love, I have super long hair so anything that adds texture and va va voom is a god send to me! throughout September I loved using my Toni & Guy 3D Volumising Spray, simply spray a lil bit into the roots of the hair give it a bit of a shush and ta da, volumised locks in just under 30 seconds. This smells SO good and gives hair that perfect amount of texture and bounce without it looking like you been electrocuted, I've used this pretty much every other day.

I decided at the start of September to switch up my trusty Liz Earle and decided to give Lush's famous 9 to 5 Cleansers a whirl and surprise surprise I've fallen in love with it! It comes just under the £10 mark for the standard size or under £5 for the 'travel size' as I like to call it. It glides the days face away like a dream and leaves my skin smelling oh so fresh and softer. I used to LOVE Lush's Baby Face Cleanser and 9 to 5 I love just as much, infact this is my second bottle! It's cheap cheerful and does the job.

Foundation wise my always trusty Nars Sheer Glow has out shone the others, it's honestly the best foundation in the world, it's not cakey at all, it gives a really natural and flawless look to the skin, I love the formula of this foundation it's a creamy thick liquid that then dries into a nice powder when applied, it leaves this fresh face dewy look to the skin and I honestly can't recommend this foundation highly enough, it's amazing at covering any blemishes too, evens skin-tone out nicely and just is an all round dream foundation. I just frickin' LOVE it. One thing I love about Nars is the colour range they actually have one bottle for every skin tone, which is awesome for us pale girls. If you're pale like me I'd highly recommend you check out the Sheer Glow for a foundation, I know it's expensive but trust me it's the best foundation I've EVER used!

Eyes wise my dark circles are something I always like to hide and then re-discover after a long old day.....one product that I have become ever so slightly obsessed with is Charlotte Tilburys Mini Miracle Eye Wand. It has an eye cream one end and the other end has these micro-particles that brighten shadows aka my bessie mate dark circles. It's basically an amazing little wand that after 2 clicks and a lil bit of blending, gives the 'I've had 8 hours sleep look' which let's face it the whole world is tired and this is one of them beauty products EVERYONE should own. I apply this just before my concealer and it actually makes my concealer last longer too. It just dramatically brightens my whole eye area and leaves my eyes feeling hydrated too.

I've also been loving Charlotte's magical Wonder Glow, it basically gives a healthy dewy glow to the skin and an instant pick me up. I pop this on just after my moisturiser and it gives my very pale complexion an instant healthy and brighter lift. It's hydrating and just makes my skin look so much more fresher. I've also really been loving this.

The last and final thing is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, now I loved this mascara SO much and went through a stage of only using this one way back last year, and I completely forgot I had one in my collection, my one however.....it had sadly dried up to the point where I couldn't even unscrew it open, as I hadn't used it in a really long time, So a quick dash to Debenhams and I've fallen back in love with it. It literally grips onto every individual lash and pulls them right out, I just love it. The packaging is gorgeous and the formula of the mascara is just to die for......

and that is my September Favourites. 

What did you love in September?




  1. Replies
    1. It's honestly the most UH-MA-ZING shower gel I've ever bought.


  2. I can't wait to get my hands on some bubbly YAAY


    1. It's SO good!



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