Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumn Skincare Update

We are now well and truly in Autumn and well October is looking pretty damn gorgeous already, with the weather constantly changing my skin does too so today I wanted to share a little skincare update with you all and introduce you all to a few products that I'm currently loving, or tend to use during Autumn, I've got quite a mix as per usual and included both Highstreet & Highend beauty products.

First up we have my trusty Pixi Tonic Glow Toner. Now I use this every single day of the year morning and night and no other toner can beat this one, the difference in my skin with this is HUGE. My skin feels a lot more healthier, tighter, fresher and looks SO much brighter, I simply grab an oval cotton pad, add a few drops of this dream toner and glide it around my face avoiding the eye area. Honestly if you invest in one new skincare product this autumn make sure it's this, it's brightening and just over all the best toner EVER!

Ocean Salt is one product from Lush that I feel doesn't get enough attention! This fresh face and body scrub is flipping incredible, it's packed with avocado butter, limes that are soaked in Vodka over night and just when you think it can't get any better it's loaded with hydrating coconut Oil. It's a fine sea salt scrub that really brightens skin that's feeling tired or looking a lil meh. I tend to use this only in the autumn and winter as it's the perfect skincare product to cheat your way to brighter, fresher skin, the texture is very light and fluffy, If your skin feels tired or oily then I'd highly recommend this it's really hydrating and fights the oiliness of my skin too. It also smells like a pina colada so you know, what more could you want in your life?!?

Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Cream, probably the most talked about eye cream in the beauty industry, and it's for a reason......it actually IS hydrating and gives your eyes that constant hydration that they crave. I use this everyday but in the Autumn it's one product that everyone should at least try if not buy. It will change your eye life trust me.

Overnight masks are a must (if you ask me) in the autumn and winter. My top two are my trusty The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask & my Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. Both of which you pop on top of your moisturiser at night and sleep in. Now you've never felt your skin so hydrated and nourished until you've tried one of these bad boys, trust me. I like to use an overnight mask 2-3 times a week as my skin just instantly feels more plump and moisturised when I use them.

Moisturisers are something that change all the time, let's face it skin and skincare is something unique to each and every single one of us. The two moisturisers that I swear by are my favourite Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel & Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Both of which I've done reviews on which you can read here & here. They are both insanely good and although come with a hefty price tag are worth completely & every single penny & pound.

Well, there you have it a little update on my Autumn skincare and a few new products!

What's in your Autumn Skincare?


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