Friday, 30 September 2016

Autumn Clothes Edit

Autumn is my favourite time of the year not only is the weather all pretty, shops have got autumnal scented candles & window displays all popping up & Starbucks of course have their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte drink back. It's safe to say that this girl loves autumn! 

As we are in Autumn now I felt like my wardrobe needed a bit of a re-visit I mean out with the old & in with the new.......So I recently hit the wonderful highstreet and picked up a few things that I of course want to share with you so here are my current Autumn Edit Clothes! I've gone around and bought different things from Primark, River Island, Topshop, Office ect. I would just like to quickly point out that I haven't gone and bought all of this in one go.....



Topshop Borg Jacket - Everywhere I look I've seen SO many people rocking these denim borg lined jackets and I just needed one in my life, it's the perfect 'jacket/coat' for the autumn as it's a lil bit chilly but not too chilly that you need a whacking great fleece lined parka to chuck on. I've never bought a denim jacket like this before but I really REALLY like it, it's very snug & pretty much goes with anything in my wardrobe.


A girl can never have enough shoes.......I came across these gorgeous boots from River Island they are just plain black but have this lovely zip detail to them & are velvety. These are honestly the most comfortable heels ever, they're nice and comfortable to wear all day. £40

I'm a converse kinda girl so I just bought some short plain white converses from Office......Converse are the most comfortable and practical shoes ever. These are leather so the colour won't fade! I love nothing more than squeaky clean pristine converse haha.


What's autumn without a Jumper? I bought a fair few this month my excuse for two are "It's for work...." (biggest lie ever ;) ) One is a simple plain white jumper, which I didn't take a photo of as my camera can't seem to focus on white, it's simple, plain and goes with everything. The other I adore the colour of as it's a very British mustard yellow and is just the most comfortable snuggliest thing ever this isn't for work but more for the autumnal hint to add to my wardrobe

I then picked up this other one it's batwing and is a mixed black and white (comes off as grey), it's got these three quarter length sleeves and just feels like I'm wearing a fluffy blanket around me. A few people have been asking me where I got this from so it must be a popular, and that was from New Look, this one I have worn to work and a lot of my work colleges are after it hahaha.



I have a really small pea head as my friends and family call it, so hats are always a meh as nothing ever really fits my lil head....beanies however are my best friend again I'm loving my very autumnal mustard yellows this autumn and came across this super cute and warming beanie from Primark, it's a chunky knit beanie and has a little pom pom thing on the top it's just so snug and the perfect colour. That was only £2

Super cosy tights from Primark are the best....and yes I'm happy to admit I will even wear these bad boys in the summer....fleece lined and super comfy, you can't go wrong......these tights are honestly the best tights EVER your legs feel like they are in a blanket. I always pick up a pack of these every time I go into Primark.

It's safe to say my wardrobe is now more autumnal than ever. I can't tell you how HAPPY I am that it's now finally autumn, roll on the pumpkin carving and cosy autumn nights in, in front of the telly. 

What's your favourite item from my Autumn Clothes Edit?




  1. i have the same jeans jacket (bought it last year in summer!!! crazy me!) and I adore it!! the pom pom hat than is adorable!!(: I am so glad it is finally autumn!!

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  2. That beanie hat from Primark has been on my wishlist since forever and you can never go wrong with the super cosy tights... I do think you're a lil crazy for wearing them in summer haha (I would die!)


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