Thursday, 7 July 2016

Topshop | Lipstick Collection Part 1

Well would you look at that me trying to get all arty-farty and be creative with what summer has to offer, in the background.....I thought I would FINALLY share with you all my Topshop Lipstick Collection but......& there is a but......I've split it into two different posts as I didn't want to make it all long and rambley so here is part one to my Topshop Lipstick Collection.

First of all I'm a HUGE fan of Topshop lipsticks I love adore them, not only do I love the colourful array they have available & the packaging I also LOVE the formula, it is no secret (or it might be ;) ) that Topshop lipsticks are in fact made by the same people who make MAC Lipsticks.......I actually prefer Topshop Lipsticks as the packaging is SO cute and they don't have the heavy £15.50 price tag instead they are only £8, I even picked a few of these lippies up for £3!!! More about the £3 lippies here.

Nevada - Nevada is my all time favourite Topshop Lipstick, it is SO moisturising & lasts a really really long time, you do need to however top it up after you've eaten or had a drink, it's moisturising and creamy, not pricey and I couldn't ever part with this one. I tend to wear this one more in the spring and summer & then pop it back in my makeup draw to be rediscovered after christmas!!!! It's also an amazing dupe for Burberry's - Burberry Kisses 01 Nude Beige. They are practically identical.

Innocent - As you can see this has been well loved by me, it's one of the most moisturising lipsticks I've EVER bought, I need a new one of theses as it's another one of my favourite I adore the formula of this one as it's SO creamy and leaves a gorgeous velvet finish on the lips. It's such a beautiful soft pink. I tend to wear this a lot in the summer and have had this one for as long as I can remember.

Ohh La La - One of my favourite coral lipsticks, Ohh La La is SO pigmented like all the other Topshop Lipsticks, it's creamy & moisturising this one glides straight onto your lip and the colour pay off is WOW, it looks very very bright in person but it's actually quite a light coral very much like Peach Passion by YSL except less glossy when on the lips. I picked this little Limited Edition gem up for only £3, it's the perfect summer shade.

Petal - Is another very pale nude, yet not so pale that it washes you out, it's this really beautiful baby pastel pink shade and just looks gorgeous, feels very light and doesn't go cakey at all. It's very much the perfect nude lipstick that everyone should own, it's sadly limited edition and you can't get this anymore, you can maybe try eBay as I'd very highly recommend this shade it's gorgeous.

The Damned - Another lipstick that I picked up for only £3, this is a very gorgeous deep purple meets red lipstick & I can't WAIT to wear this as soon as it hits autumn, it's the perfect autumnal shade, & glides on like a dream, this one tends to last a lot more and is very rich in colour payoff. 

Bookworm - The only way I can describe this lipstick shade is, that it's a bit like Rimmel London 107 but a more lighter and more redish shade instead of a purple undertone. It's SUPER pigmented right from the get go and just gives this perfect red tone to your lips once applied, it's like a Taylor Swift red hahaha, I only bought this one recently, and I'm already obsessed with it. I picked this one up for only £3 too.

And that is part one to my ever growing Topshop Lipstick Collection, keep an eye out for part 2 in a couple of weeks, there's still plenty more to come.

What Topshop lipsticks are in your makeup collection?


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