Saturday, 16 July 2016

Six Beauty Must Haves | July

As I type this blogpost it's peeing it down outside & I'm listening to christmas songs.......please don't judge hahaha, I know we are in JULY!!!! but I'm ready for christmas hahaha. Anyway as we are in July, I thought I'd share with you another one in my Six Beauty Must Haves but this time I would of course do July......July is a bit of a weird one really, one minute it's super sunny and roasting hot.....the next it's raining and then I'm grumpy, you may have guessed by now that I'm not a huge fan of July.......but when it has been sunny these are the things that I've been reaching for they are most definitely ideal for July.

Sanctuary Cooling Body Sorbet - An absolute summer heat godsend, I keep this in my handbag and It's UH-MA-ZING, note the word cooling.....well it actually cools your body down instantly and smells exactly like watermelon, I love the formula of this as it's very light but moisturising & hydrating at the same time, it's like having you have a giant cooling sheet around you when you pop it on.....honestly can't recommend this enough.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray - I have very very long hair and having long hair means texturising sprays & sea salt spray is your best friend.....this is one product that I ALWAYS carry around with me, it leaves a perfect beach wavy look, I simply spray a couple of squirts in my hair, scrunch the ends & then ta da....perfect beach wavy hair that took less then 5 minutes. It's so quick and easy, I just LOVE,  LOVE, LOVE this spray it's SO good and smells beautiful.

Batiste Marrakech* - Sun, Heat & Hairstyles can sometimes not be great or turn out as well as you hoped, so batiste is always on hand for that fresh hair feeling & perfect hairstyle, I particularly love this Marrakech themed batiste, it's very fresh and instantly gives that fresh hair look & feeling, It doesn't leave white streaks in your hair and has the most nicest scent in the world, you can't go wrong with having one of these little lifesavers in your handbag.

Estee Lauder 02 Pink Seduction - Bit random but completely worth it, it's one of the most beautiful blushes I've ever used, as you can see it's already been much loved as I've hit pan, it's a trio of gorgeous peachy and pale pinks with a slight shimmer, it's very much like Estee Lauder's famous Tease just leaves this beautiful healthy glow and instantly brightens your skin up. It's one blusher that is my all time favourite and looks SO nice in the summer........I'm not sure if this is limited edition or not but I'd highly recommend you grab this before it disappears.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - My skin can sometimes be quite dry and less hydrated in the summer, so this beauty I've been using non-stop and it's SO hydrating, simply do your skincare routine and then pop this on straight after any moisturiser or night cream you might use, it honestly works a treat, it's very very hydrating, doesn't feel heavy or like you have honey on your face (trust me I've had overnight masks like that and they are disgusting) it's really nourishing and your skin feels so much more happy and plump in the morning. One of the best overnight masks I've EVER used, Complete godsend.

Lait Apres-Soleil After Sun Lotion - I recently got this in a GlossyBox & I have used this when I've been out in the sun and caught a little bit of sunshine, I didn't think it would actually work but it actually does, it's not a lotion or a body cream it's actually a milk.......weird I know but simply massage a little bit on where the sun has kissed you and it stops redness and soothes sunburn like a dream, it's very hydrating and I just know that when I run out of this tube I will most definetly be buying a full size tube.

And that is everything that you need this july, quite a nice mix.

What are your must haves for this July?


  1. That sorbet sounds amazing :D

    1. it really is.



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