Monday, 4 July 2016

Famous Five | Makeup Brushes

I'm back again with another one in my famous five series, this time I'm talking about Makeup Brushes, I get asked quite a lot about makeup brushes so instead of replying to everyone I thought I would just share them in this post. So here are my Famous Five Makeup Brushes.

I've got quite a mix but mostly highstreet you will be pleased to know......

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Now I LOVE this brush for foundation and concealer (sometimes), it's amazing at just blending it into your skin and leaves a very flawless and almost airbrushed finish, I also really love that it's not a brush that leaves streaky marks all over your face, it blends foundation and concealer like a dream. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 300 Blush Brush - This is one of the brushes that I use again as a multi purpose tool, I use this for blusher (obviously), it's got quite precise bristles and just picks up the right amount of product, its the perfect tapered brush to use for the apples of your cheeks I have been known to use this for patting/buffing in concealer under my eyes too, the packaging I'd say is possibly my favourite......ROSE GOLD!!!! again another gorgeous brush from Sam & Nic

MAC 217 - I only use 2-3 brushes maximum for eyes as I feel I only really need that many, one for all over the lid, one for the crease and one for a good old bit of blending, this one I use all over the lid and also for blending, this is one brush that literally does all the work for you, it's really fluffy and I'd be lost without this brush in my ever growing collection. It's a dream blending brush. Again picks up the perfect amount of product and just does all the work for you. Blends like a dream and leaves a flawless overall look, this is just the perfect all round eye-must-have brush.

Real Techniques Contour Brush - This may come as a complete and utter shock for you.....but if you hadn't of guessed by now, that I don't actually sometimes use brushes for what they have been designed for, this particular brush I don't actually use for contour (in the main), I actually use it for concealer as it's amazing at patting it in your skin and just is really light and gentle around the eye area. It blends every little scrap of concealer, it's also brilliant for contour too incase you were wondering hahaha

MAC 219 - Is a pencil brush, this one is amazing at bringing your eyeshadow right to your bottom lash line, and also in the crease, it's also amazing for putting nylon (one of my fave MAC eyeshadows) in the corner of your eye to open them up. I use this one brush every single day, it's ideal and perfect for any fine little details you want to add to any makeup look eyewise.

All of these brushes are the ones I use the most, I have three huge pots filled with brushes so it was very VERY difficult to cherry pick the best ones. I'd love to know if I'm missing out on any other amazing brushes so do let me know some recommendations in the comments or drop me an e-mail. I'd also like to apologise incase I offend anyone with my brush multi purpose love & mucky least you know they are well loved hahaha.

What are your Famous Five Makeup Brushes?




  1. I own both the real teqniques brushes and they're both favourites but I think the buffing brush has to be my all time fave!


    1. They are SO good.



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