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Blogging Photography | Tips & Advice

One thing I get asked quite a lot about is my blog photos, and for some reason you guys like the way I display things or take photos.....for me a single photo can tell SO much and a complete story on its own, it’s one of the most fun & cool things about blogging, creating an image that you like and others might like in return. So I thought i would share with you some tips and tricks today on blogging photography and share the way I do things.....Before I begin I would just like to say however that 1. I’m in no way, shape or form an expert in photography it’s just something that I enjoy & is a hobby of mine 2. photography & taking photos is fun and that’s something I just wish everyone would remember……..this is just how I do things and the way I like to do/shoot things, So here are a few of my tips and tricks into Blogging Photography. 

Snap Happy Equipment -

When I first started blogging I used a holiday camera that couldn’t focus on anything for love nor money & moved up to iPads & my trusty little iPhone 5c. Now these worked brilliantly, but gradually after months & months of saving up for my dream DSLR I FINALLY purchased my Canon 700D a couple of months back… anyone will tell you, you don’t need an amazing, super-duper camera to take national art gallery worthy photos, a simple holiday camera or an iPhone like I had can just work as good as a fancy pantsy one. The Canon 700D is an amazing piece of kit right from the get-go I'm not going to lie, there is nothing I love more than snapping away knowing that I now uploaded a lot better quality photos for you guys and just have it in general for real life events and memories. 

Between a little 'holiday' camera, an Iphone/Ipad & the Canon 700D there are of course differences, one being the price & other what it can actually achieve & the quality.....but you don't need to buy a super duper camera in order to take gorgeous photos, if you are happy with what you've got and it works perfectly fine then by all means stick with it, get to know what you can do with it and love it....but if you are wanting a DSLR then I very highly recommend you look no further than the Canon 700D It's not only gorgeous but is something worth every single penny & pound & just produces the most stunning quality photos.

When it comes to phones & iPads, Just remember with them that.....sometimes the quality of the photo (when blown up) can be a bit mmeehh. So fiddle around with lighting and stuff.

LIGHTS....Camera....Action -

Good lighting makes photos even more beautiful and really shows whatever your are snappings true representation & form. I have found that natural light works best, I used to use a basic everyday light bulb which never really showed what I wanted it to show, It just makes the whole image drowned in a gloomy yellow light, but if a yellow/beige everyday lightbulb works for you then you carry on. I tend to take my photos on bright and sunny days first thing in the mornings.....Now I'm not saying get up at the crack of dawn to take photos, but think about what you want to photograph/blog on and plan in advance it helps millions. Natural light really really works well. For one it doesn't cost anything & really shows what you are talking about in it's true form. Studio lighting is what a lot of people use I currently don't own any studio lighting but hope to in the near future, as studio lighting is very bright a glowy and makes the product your photographing quite crisp. I will say though that with regards to lighting, one thing I've learnt hugely is don't take a photo into the light, because it won't show exactly what you want it to show. it will make it look dark and just shadows everything out. Flash is another thing that I kinda have a love & hate relationship with, it can sometimes be good and sometimes not, it can either work brilliantly & to your advantage or just it can just end up washing everything's all trial and error really. I don't tend to use the flash very often as you will see from my photos in my blog posts, I like to stick with the oh natural look. It's awesome for different things you want to photograph but not something that I tend to use too often.

Different shots = different light & vice versa, experiment and see what works best. Like I said it's all trial and error.

Smile & Say Cheese - 

When taking the actual photo I think about every little detail right from lighting to background, to angles, to is my background cluttered? is it spacious, and I then think about what shots I want to take and do some damage to that shot's there to be used so just remember to use it to it's full power, in the worst case you don't like a photo you can simply delete it. That is the joys of owning a digital camera, if it's not the photo you want or you're unhappy with it you can simply delete it, and restart again. 

I like to keep my background simple sometimes I'll add the odd bit of rose gold confetti & others a bit of a rustic/vintage wood background. One thing I will say is if you have lots of different things going on in one photo it can sometimes distract you & readers from what you are actually talking about so always remember background - clean and clear = a lot better shot & more focus on the product. Nobody likes seeing a pile of crap behind what is probably a gorgeous product & photo, so always make the product your full focus, not the stuff behind it.

Different angles are awesome too, I like to show different angles as you can see every nuck and cranny of the product, from every single view of the packaging, from it laying down, on it's side, lid off, lid on, bottom of the product ect. Even slightly tilting your actual camera can create such a different view of the product that can become quite effective. 

Focus On Me -

If your camera doesn't focus then fiddle with the settings & get to know what each one does and how it gives a different setting to the lens, if your camera doesn't focus & you upload a somewhat blurry image it's like being in one of them eye test, tests...... the one where you can't see a blooming' thing and you need the optician to flick to the next frame in order to see anything hahaha. I particular love the little flower button (as I like to call it), It's amazing at focusing on fine details and products like lipsticks, blush, facemasks anything & everything really. Just get to know your settings and then you will take to it like a duck to water.

Editing -

Editing is actually one of my most FAVOURITE parts about photography for instance you take a shot you really like but it was a tiny teeny bit to dark.....simply change the levels ect. I use SO many different editing programmes from Befunky, Picmonkey, Pixlr & Pizap to name a few, and the best thing is that there are SO many amazing different things you can use to edit a photo.....Now when I say edit a photo I don't mean change every single thing and ruin the actually photo I just mean tweak the odd thing here & there. I LOVE using filters and I'm a completely sucker when it comes to X-Pro II on Instagram. Editing is about having fun, not about taking away what it actually is your photographing, so use filters as much or as little as you want but remember to keep the overall appearance of the product/photograph as real and genuine. The odd filter here and there is good but don't go OTT. Editing is something I personally love but remember to experiment, different editing programmes offer different things, just see what you like and then begin to fall head over heals in love with it.

And there you have it all my tips and advice for blogging photography........Now I'm going to go and catch some rays of sunshine whilst mr sun is still hanging about, as it's a very rare sight here in the uk.....but back to you...yes you reading this grab your camera and get snapping......I hope this post inspires some of you and that you enjoy my tips & tricks.....just remember that photography is fun so don't take things too seriously and don't be so hard on yourself if things don't go or aren't going how you want/wish them too. If I'm stuck for inspo I'll start scrolling through instagram and then bang got a list as long as my arm of ideas, just get scrolling and searching for different photos to show different photography styles & ways, trust me you will find a HUGE amount of inspo. When I've typed a post and I've uploaded all the photos I wanted, I feel so much happier as I then feel that everything fits into place a good chunk of text & photos are what I like, I love seeing & reading blogs with lots of photos......but that's just my personal preference......As long as you are happy with what you are uploading and you love your photos then that is all that matters at the end of the day. I just thought that I would share with you all the way I do things so PLEASE don't feel like you have to follow everything I've said, I just simply wanted to share my experiences and tips with you in hope that I can inspire some of you to shake the dust of your camera. Just remember as long as YOU are happy & YOU like the photos you've taken & take then that's all that matters, and just carry on with what you enjoy & love.

Photography is fun and something that everyone should enjoy.

What are your tips & tricks to blogging photography?


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