Sunday, 19 June 2016

Worth The Hype? Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Being a completely and highly devoted skincare junky, I felt it was only right that I give you my thoughts and finally do a review of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with skincare, not just in my real life job but just in general, I think skincare is something that everyone should pay great attention too and love in return. I just wish that everyone would see that it's SO important. I can't imagine the state of my skin without certain beloved products, A good base makes good makeup trust me!

Back to Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream.......Charlotte's Magic Cream was one product that has been talked about hugely in the beauty world, I've read many a good review about it and seen it plastered in various trustworthy magazines. I purchased this little gem from CT's official website along with other beauty items that I talked about in this post here! It came in the Red Carpet Skincare Kit and I've been using it non here are my thoughts on probably one of the most talked about moisturisers in the beauty industry to date.

Is the Magic Cream really 'magic'? I hear you ask....well it really is from my personal skin is quite a complex and sometimes annoying thing, but this has really helped my skin in many ways, I have combination skin, but it's mostly dry and dehydrated in the main. This cream has been perfected by Charlotte for 20 years, and is enriched with glorious anti-ageing ingredients as well as damask rose water, organic aloe vera gel, camellia oil & rose hip oil, along with many other skin transforming ingredients, it's also paraben-free and has an SPF 15. From first looks and thoughts it's quite a thick moisturiser, probably one of the thickest moisturisers I've ever used, however please don't be put off by this because it's honestly beautiful (which you would want it to be at £70 a pot!!!!), It glides on to my skin, a little massage and BANG my skin instantly looks more awake, healthier, brighter, dewier and less grey. It basically transforms my skin into everything I wish & want my skin too be & look. The only way I can describe it is that it's like a hydrating mask to my skin, not only does my skin feel 10X softer & looks more makeup glides on like a dream and lasts twice as long. I LOVE the smell of Magic Cream, however if i'm honest it does slightly smell like suncream but in the nicest way a suncream could smell. It's just beautiful, It's plumping and hydrating......and basically my dream moisturiser in a pot, my skin just overall looks healthier when I use this. I can't recommend this highly enough, my skin just loves this and I do too.

Overall thoughts:

I personally love what it does to my skin, how it looks, feels everything. It's hydrating and plumps my skin up in an instant I honestly am slightly obsessed with this. Would I purchase the full sized pot? HELL TO THE YES!! I do however wish it wasn't as pricey as it is. £70 isn't cheap for a moisturiser, but this one is definitely worth the hefty price tag, If you are wanting to try Charlottes famous Magic Cream out but you're not sure, I'd suggest that you buy her Red Carpet Skincare Gift as you get to try a little bit of everything she has to offer (which I bought and have found some new skincare gems). Or if you're like me then purchase the full sized pot, it doesn't disappoint and is just a dream moisturiser. All in all Charlotte's Magic Cream is most definitely worth the hype.

Have you tried Charlotte's Magic Cream?


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