Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A CHEEKy Bargain......

Probably one of the biggest clues to todays post is not only in the title CHEEKy but also the photo kinda gives it away too......Whilst scrolling online day dreaming of all the most beautiful makeup items in the world I came across one that I already had sitting pride of place in my makeup draw that I'd hit pan on big time, and that is my favourite Estee Lauder Blush in 01 TEASE!!!!! Yep I FINALLY found another one to replace my very sorry looking old one. I'm forever having a little browse at Ebay and came across it.......It was brand new and had NEVER BEEN USED....which I was quite shocked at as, a blush as beautiful as this that hadn't even been used from the millisecond the person got it needed a new home to be loved more than anything, I would find it agonisingly painful to let this particular blush sit there and get buried in my makeup draw. It's just gorgeous, as you can see I wasted no time in using it......Tease is one blush SO many bloggers have raved about including myself & one that I constantly reach for. I was SO excited to finally own a backup and start falling in love all over again with it. Brand new, never been used (not even swatched) and my all time FAVOURITE blusher....I would have been silly not to get it & let my favourite blush slip out of my hands. Tease is one of the blushes that is SUPER pigmented and is really buildable, it's one blush that no matter how much you apply it, it will never look like an 80s disco on the apples of your cheeks, it's very finely-milled and just glides on, very easy to blend, creamy, soft and just my favourite......I really wish they would bring it back permanently......an amazing dupe for this is Estee Lauders Blushlights blusher in 02 Pink Seduction which I've raved about already, honestly I adore these two blushes more than anything, if you want to have a look into 02 Pink Seduction then feel free to have a read of my thoughts here. If you ever have the opportunity of finding Tease I'd highly recommend you snap it up in the second, it's gorgeous and I adore it.

I do love an Ebay bargain. Especially as I grabbed this for only £10......I don't think the person selling this beauty realised how special it actually was. It came in it's original packaging too.

I couldn't be more pleased to know that I now have a back up as my original one has hit pan big time! Thank god for Ebay.

Do you have an all time favourite Blush? 



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    1. Thanks Stacey I've never been so chuffed hahaha.



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