Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Mini Night-Time Skin Treat

Let me introduce you to my little mini bedside miracle, when on a recent trip to my local House Of Fraser to stock up on my favourite Clinique Moisturiser I was shown a goodie bag that was not only filled with my full sized moisturiser, but came with a few little extras including a bag to pop everything in. All for the same price as the moisturiser on it's own, so you guys know what happened I went for the extras and goodie bag didn't I. One of the items that was in my goodie bag was this ultra gem. It's the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight I have been using this twice a week for about a month or more now, I pop this on after I've popped on my Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser (review of that here), just before bed and honestly the difference in how much my skin feels EVEN MORE hydrated, fresher, healthier is UH-MA-ZING. A Little goes an extremely long way, Its quite a thick body like lotion however please don't be put of by this as it glides on like a gel/cream and absorbs instantly, You literally need a toothpaste size amount and it's more than plenty and I have quite a small pea head, It's a mask which when you instantly think mask, you think must wash off, but ohh no not with this beauty simply sleep with it on and let it do it's magic, it leaves a beautiful and comforting hydrating blanket all over your face and feels wonderful. Once you wake up in the morning your skin is glowing like a glow worm (in a good way ;) ) it's fresher, healthier not dry at all and just feels INCREDIBLE. I've never been one to jump on the bandwagon for overnight masks or facial treatments at night, I'm very much a keep it simple and if it works stick to it kinda girl......but honestly this little tube of dreams has changed my mind completely about the overnight masks craze, hydrating, moisturising and by Clinique.....It's one facemark that I will be most definitely purchasing the full size tube. 

It works a dream and will be most probably featured in my June Favourites.

Have you tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Range?



Wednesday, 29 June 2016

REVIEW | YSL Mon Paris

When it comes to fragrances and perfumes, I'm very particular, picky and basically stick to what I know and like, in order for me to want to buy a perfume I have to love the packaging, but more importantly the scent, So when I came across this not only gorgeously packaged perfume bottle that also smelt divine it was new and from YSL so I just had to have a bottle and share it's beauty with you all didn't I. It's just hit the highstreet and let me tell doesn't disappoint and is one of my new favourite fragrances I've EVER bought.

YSL Mon Paris, is light, fruity and EVERYTHING a summer fragrance should be.....from first spritz you get a splash of raspberry and then it slowly turns into a lot sweeter version of Black Opium (another one of my favourites), I really like how they have released Mon Paris for the summer as it's ideal, like I said really fruity and refreshing. It's filled with a sweet blend of Calabria bergamot, peony, raspberry, strawberry, pear as well as Chinese & Sambac Jasmine & Orange Blossom and if that wasn't enough, they've added a little dash of patchouli. A lot of people have said very mixed things about this particular perfume but I personally LOVE it, really fresh, uplifting and just smells beautiful, lasts all day I do a little spritz of this before I head out the front door and it's STILL smellable after being out and about all day, a lot of people have complimented me on this and have said "Oooo you smell nice what perfume are you wearing?". The packaging........where do I start? IT'S BLOOMING' GORGEOUS, look how cute it is, I love the bow detail and that it's not an awkward bottle shape, there is nothing worse than a beautiful perfume in a weird wacky bottle shape hahaha. All in all if you are on the look out for a new summer fragrance YSL's Mon Paris is the one you need to give a sniff when you're next in boots. 

Refreshing, uplifting, lasts all day and the most beautiful perfume packaging EVER......YSL have most definitely got it when it comes to fragrance & marks all round YSL.

This is one summer fragrance that you should put on your perfume wishlist....Mon Paris has quite a lot going for it.

Have you tried YSL's Mon Paris?

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A CHEEKy Bargain......

Probably one of the biggest clues to todays post is not only in the title CHEEKy but also the photo kinda gives it away too......Whilst scrolling online day dreaming of all the most beautiful makeup items in the world I came across one that I already had sitting pride of place in my makeup draw that I'd hit pan on big time, and that is my favourite Estee Lauder Blush in 01 TEASE!!!!! Yep I FINALLY found another one to replace my very sorry looking old one. I'm forever having a little browse at Ebay and came across it.......It was brand new and had NEVER BEEN USED....which I was quite shocked at as, a blush as beautiful as this that hadn't even been used from the millisecond the person got it needed a new home to be loved more than anything, I would find it agonisingly painful to let this particular blush sit there and get buried in my makeup draw. It's just gorgeous, as you can see I wasted no time in using it......Tease is one blush SO many bloggers have raved about including myself & one that I constantly reach for. I was SO excited to finally own a backup and start falling in love all over again with it. Brand new, never been used (not even swatched) and my all time FAVOURITE blusher....I would have been silly not to get it & let my favourite blush slip out of my hands. Tease is one of the blushes that is SUPER pigmented and is really buildable, it's one blush that no matter how much you apply it, it will never look like an 80s disco on the apples of your cheeks, it's very finely-milled and just glides on, very easy to blend, creamy, soft and just my favourite......I really wish they would bring it back amazing dupe for this is Estee Lauders Blushlights blusher in 02 Pink Seduction which I've raved about already, honestly I adore these two blushes more than anything, if you want to have a look into 02 Pink Seduction then feel free to have a read of my thoughts here. If you ever have the opportunity of finding Tease I'd highly recommend you snap it up in the second, it's gorgeous and I adore it.

I do love an Ebay bargain. Especially as I grabbed this for only £10......I don't think the person selling this beauty realised how special it actually was. It came in it's original packaging too.

I couldn't be more pleased to know that I now have a back up as my original one has hit pan big time! Thank god for Ebay.

Do you have an all time favourite Blush? 


Monday, 27 June 2016

A Bargainous Find | Topshop

If you know me and you know my blog then you will know that I only ever rave about something that I completely, utterly & truly love or adore.....and one of them things is Topshop Lipsticks, I'm a HUGE fan and actually prefer them compared to MAC Lipstick *shock horror face*....yes I know I can hear you all screaming at me "but there's nothing like a MAC lipstick Jess...." I know but I honestly prefer the packaging and more importantly the price.....that and let me let you into a little secret.......You may or may not know that the company who make MAC lipsticks actually make Topshop lipsticks trust me switch to Topshop Lippies if you don't want to pay that painful £15.50 per lipstick. Anyway....So late one night whilst typing a blog post and scrolling through my personal Facebook I got a message from my friend Emily who said "Get to Topshop their lipsticks are only £3 atm...." *spits beverage out & starts running to Topshop* £3 £3!!!!!!! So I picked up a few.....I don't quite know why they have decided to have a sale on them, but I wasn't going to argue hahaha the ones I picked up I'm SO chuffed with.

I picked up Bookworm, The Damned & Ohh La La.....Now I will say that I had to really hunt for these three as I know that Topshop haven't sold Ohh La La in a very long time and hadn't come across Bookworm or The Damned in a very long time either. Bookworm is a Satin Matte Finish and leaves a beautiful deep red on your lips (reminds me of my trusty Rimmel London 107). The Damned is a gorgeous deep berry toned lippie, it just screamed autumn at me so I just had to have it, I love autumn and this will look gorgeous when it hits that time of the year.......Oohh La La one of my all time favourites it's a gorgeous peachy coral lipstick and is a velvet finish, it's just SO pretty.

I honestly couldn't be more happy and chuffed that I only paid just under £10 for all three when they are normally £8 a pop.....what a bargainous find. I couldn't recommend Topshop lipsticks highly enough, moisturising, great pigmentation and just a teeny tiny fraction of the price of MAC lipsticks and are made by the same company.......take this as a little remind to seriously check out Topshop Lipsticks, not just their Lipsticks but their entire makeup range you won't be disappointed. 

just a little warning that you can't get these online only instore. I will also be doing a blog post on my Topshop Lipstick Collection very very soon.

Have you hit the British Summer Sales yet??


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Boots Haul | June

As you can see I've been to boots again.......and they MADE me buy things that I didn't really need......well they didn't actually make me it's just everything is too gorgeous and pretty to not want to buy it hahaha. I didn't go mad, moolah wise I did but in the main I was very strict with myself for once. So here is my mini Boots Haul.

OGX Coconut Water Shampoo - I picked up another bottle of this coconut water shampoo as I have been absolutely LOVING this and have almost rang out of my other bottle, It does exactly what it says on the bottle and is honestly *places hand on heart* one of the best shampoos I've ever used, it's really hydrating and just makes my hair feel amazing and ooohhh so soft. They have an amazing range with different scents, but it's got something for everyone, I personally am obsessed with the coconut water one. Gorgeous and just works.....very highly recommend.

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Very Volume Hairspray - I've tried other hairsprays from many different brands, but one that I hear SO many bloggers (and fellow work colleges) rave about is this Loreal Paris Elnett hair spray, So I jumped on the band wagon and thought I'd give it a whirl. It promises a fair few things so well shall see if it lives up to my hopes. I have quite long hair, and I need and love a bit of va va boom to it, so I'm hoping this will do as it promises.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Anti-Bac - I was literally on the last drop of my other bottle so I did need to stock up and grab another one, honestly the best anti-bac I've ever bought, it's one that doesn't smell of alcohol and just instantly absorbs....if you've not guessed already it has my all time favourite S&G scent the Sugar Crush. This little gem is a life saver.

YSL Mon Paris - Naughty purchase of the month.....I am very selective when it comes to fragrances but YSL have just released a new fragrance & I absolutely love it,  for some reason it just reminds me of something I got for christmas, so when I spray this It instantly takes my mind back to christmas hahaha, I love christmas more than the average joe, and this is just beautiful.....the only way scent wise I can describe it, is a much more sweeter and a less muskier version of Black Opium...the packaging on this bottle is gorgeous it has a little bow. When you are next in boots seriously give this a sniff as it's marks as always YSL. I will be doing a much more in-depth review of this in the next few coming days.....

Soap & Glory Scrub 'em & Leave 'em Body Buff - I don't think this is new but I swear that I'd never smelt or seen this body scrub before until now, It's exactly the same as the uh-ma-zing scrub of your life body scrub, except in a giant pot instead of a tube....which to me is better as I much prefer tubs & pots instead of tubes I just feel like you can't get every last scrap out of the's just annoying really. This a little bit like a tutti fruity meets bubble gum scent it's just gorgeous and I did need a body scrub so this ticked the sniff test. 

And that is everything I've recently bought from boots. A little bit of retail therapy does you good. 

Have you been to boots recently?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What's In My Bag | June

My bag has been getting heavier & heavier so I thought I'd tip all it's contents out & share with you my fellow internet chums, what's in my bag......most of the time it's millions of receipts from Homesense & Boots, sometimes even Tesco, finished sweet wrappers, crumbs & millions of tic tacs. So without further a do here is what's inside my bag! 

My bag is an old one from Urban Outfitters that I just can't seem to part with I love it, it's quite big & is a bit like a 'bucket bag' as I like to call other words it's a 'let's see how much crap we can fill in this bad boy' bag hahaha, I got this around about October time last year and have used it pretty much everyday since.


My Purse - It's a must have really isn't it? My mum & dad bought me this many christmas' ago and I've used it ever since I love it, it's an old Primarni one.

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo - It's summer (incase you hadn't noticed) and this is a little handbag necessity of mine, It seems that I have lost the lid. 

Pineapple notebook - I keep this in my handbag as I'm forever thinking "OOhh that would make a good blog post..." whenever I'm out & about running errands, this little notebook is from Homesense and is just ideal handbag size, it's packed with many a future post.

Soap & Glory Anti-Bac - Life saver, I once when I was at school was walking up a set of stairs, as you do holding the rail and casually placed my hand in some lovely persons chewed up chewing gum, and since then never left this little treasure out of my sight. Smells amazing too & not like the really strong alcohol scented ones.

Iphone 5C, Headphones & Iphone led - my trusty little phone that is forever capturing instagram snaps, reminder notes and well basically an everyday essential that I loose most of the time. Can we just appreciate my phone case it is from Etsy. Headphones to block out everyday life once in a while bought these in a a quick 'car journey must have' as mine had broke, however these are doing pretty well only £6 and look quite a lot like Apple headphones but come with the not so heavy pricetag......My Iphone lead, for when my phone needs a bit of a boost.

Soap & Glory Handfood - The only hand cream that I can actually stand to be on my hands, it's not greasy, feels light & smells like a lemon & lime heaven. Give this a sniff when you're next in boots.

My Tangle Teezer - long hair, knots not a good combination...this however is a god send.

Chewing Gum 

Sunglasses - Bought these last year from Topshop as they have a rose gold tinted frame......handy little buggers as you never know when you need them.


Hair Bobble & Bobby Pins - Must haves, they always come in handy for that friend that asks "Have you got a spare hair bobble Jess?" and well Bobby Pins for that perfect on the go messy bun.

Essie Nail Polish in 'After School Boy Blazer' - I know it's not a really summery shade but It's one of my all time favourites, one of which I know many fellow bloggers would agree with me, Essie Nail Polishes glide on and AAHHH this shade I adore.

Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm - If there is one lipbalm I love it's this one, it's a classic, avoids any dry lip, scaly, horribleness and just does the job, it's really softening and moisturising.

YSL Beige Charnel - My all time favourite nude lippie, it's just beautiful, glides on really nicely, smells & tastes of watermelon, it's basically the perfect summer nude and is the most gorgeous lipstick formula ever made.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - The one concealer that's never let me down, creamy, moisturising and hides my dark circles like a magician, in one swipe......It's really easy to blend and I ALWAYS have one of these in my bag.

The Library Of Fragrance Peach - It's summer and this is the one scent I'm OBSESSED with, it's really fresh, super fruity & as you can imagine smells exactly like peaches.

And that is everything that is in my bag, I hope you've enjoyed today's post, I'd love to know what's in your bag so do share in the comments.

What are your bag must haves?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Six Beauty Must Haves | June

My last Six Beauty Must Haves went down pretty well so I thought I would continue them and do another series, you can call it my Six *inserts month* Beauty Must Haves. This month quite a few products and beauty items have stood out to me, all for various different reasons and some I've had a reunion with and ended up having a complete lover affair with them all over again. So I hope you enjoy another post in my series of Six Beauty Must Haves.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner Water - Is something I mentioned briefly in my May favourites post, & it's one of them products that I just want to chuck at everyone of my friends, family & you reading this....but not in a violent way in a YOU NEED THIS in your life kinda way hahaha. The difference in my skin since using this is unbelievable. I use this twice a day (once in the morning & last thing at night), I have sensitive too combination skin (this is honestly a miracle for those of us with oily skin) and this doesn't cause my skin to have any redness after use or a reaction. It's really soothing and my skin looks so much more healthier, brighter & fresher when I use's one product that if you only used it for a week, you would visually see SO much of a difference. Definitely worth a purchase.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Nude Kate' - I've become obsessed with CT products since I placed my cheeky order a while back and have especially been loving this lippie, It's one lipstick that again I just want everyone to own, it's creamy, moisturising and doesn't go scaly after a few hours, it's like everything a lipstick should be & feel....but more. Love the packaging is just gorgeous, did I mention it's rose gold too?!?!? and the formula of CT lippies is probably my most favourite highend lipstick formulas.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment - An ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE eye cream......I can't even begin to tell you how much this has helped my once sorry eyes transform into magnificently soft eyes when I started using this, I bought it because I had a really bad reaction to an Origins eye cream & moisturiser.....I basically looked awful and have come to the conclusion that I'm allergic to all Origins products (big bum :( ). I purchased this particular eye cream after reading how good it was and honestly *places hand on heart* my eyes have never felt this good, they feel a lot less dry and have really made a HUGE difference to my dark circles! *inserts hand in the air emoji*, it's creamy, moisturising and does what it says and promise. I've had this little pot since April, I use it first thing in the morning & last thing at night.....the best thing about this is that I've STILL got loads of this little miracle cream left.....All in all if you want a new eye-cream or have had an allergic reaction to something around your eyes like I did then, look no further then this bad boy to change things around for you.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer - I did a full on in depth review of this yesterday so I won't ramble (like I normally do), best concealer ever to hit my makeup jungle, it's such a god send, wanna know more about it click here! ;).

Urban Decay 8 Hour Highlight In Fireball - Again another review of that here.

Nars Luster Blusher - One of my favourites, I recently grabbed this from my blusher jungle and fell completely, head over heels back in love with it again. It's this gorgeous apricot/peachy shade with little gold shimmer, it lasts all day, feels really light, colour pay off on this is just gorgeous again, it's another product that I feel everyone needs in their makeup collection. It's one blush that suits any skin tone in my opinion.

Well there you have it my Six June Beauty Must Haves.

What are your Beauty Must Haves?


Monday, 20 June 2016

REVIEW | Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

Worse than spilling a drink down a new top or locking you keys inside your car is having dark circles. Dark circles are something that I have and I'm always on the look out for the best concealer, I'd go as far as to say If I could only live with one makeup item for the rest of my life it would either be mascara or concealer.....Meet the one concealer that's pretty much sold out whenever I go to buy it! It's the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in the shade Fair Neutral. Now I have been loving this beauty for quite some time and decided the other day whilst casual strolling around my local Debenhams to repurchase this much loved concealer of mine (from Lorraine who runs my local UD counter), to which point I realised I hadn't yet shared how good it actually is with you all. 

This concealer is honestly amazing and is right up there with my favourite Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, this is one concealer that instantly makes you look awake and looks like you've had 8 hours sleep in just a few swipes & a bit of good old blending. I LOVE this concealer, it's honestly SO good, really great coverage right from the get-go, it has a doe-foot applicator which I really like. The only way I can describe the formula of this is that it feels, like your skin but better, it's honestly earns it's weightless title because you don't feel like it's there, yet you know it's there (if that makes sense).......It's not cakey, it doesn't leave a powdery/dry & flaky look after a couple of hours, it's super pigmented. It's one concealer that doesn't require much layering either. It's great to pop in your handbag as it's ideal for a quick touch-up throughout the day too, It's just honestly amazing and is one of my all time favourite concealers. 

The only thing I will say is, you are better to probably get one of these concealer instore instead of online as the colours vary and you can also get matched by whoever is working on your local UD counter. They have a huge range available for all different skin-tones.

Overall I just really LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this concealer it's so good and affordable. It's one concealer that beats the dark circles, it's also amazing on blemishes & spots. Seriously buy one you won't be disappointed and it's amazing, it's simply a staple in my makeup collection.

Have you tried Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer?


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Worth The Hype? Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Being a completely and highly devoted skincare junky, I felt it was only right that I give you my thoughts and finally do a review of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. I'm ever so slightly obsessed with skincare, not just in my real life job but just in general, I think skincare is something that everyone should pay great attention too and love in return. I just wish that everyone would see that it's SO important. I can't imagine the state of my skin without certain beloved products, A good base makes good makeup trust me!

Back to Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream.......Charlotte's Magic Cream was one product that has been talked about hugely in the beauty world, I've read many a good review about it and seen it plastered in various trustworthy magazines. I purchased this little gem from CT's official website along with other beauty items that I talked about in this post here! It came in the Red Carpet Skincare Kit and I've been using it non here are my thoughts on probably one of the most talked about moisturisers in the beauty industry to date.

Is the Magic Cream really 'magic'? I hear you ask....well it really is from my personal skin is quite a complex and sometimes annoying thing, but this has really helped my skin in many ways, I have combination skin, but it's mostly dry and dehydrated in the main. This cream has been perfected by Charlotte for 20 years, and is enriched with glorious anti-ageing ingredients as well as damask rose water, organic aloe vera gel, camellia oil & rose hip oil, along with many other skin transforming ingredients, it's also paraben-free and has an SPF 15. From first looks and thoughts it's quite a thick moisturiser, probably one of the thickest moisturisers I've ever used, however please don't be put off by this because it's honestly beautiful (which you would want it to be at £70 a pot!!!!), It glides on to my skin, a little massage and BANG my skin instantly looks more awake, healthier, brighter, dewier and less grey. It basically transforms my skin into everything I wish & want my skin too be & look. The only way I can describe it is that it's like a hydrating mask to my skin, not only does my skin feel 10X softer & looks more makeup glides on like a dream and lasts twice as long. I LOVE the smell of Magic Cream, however if i'm honest it does slightly smell like suncream but in the nicest way a suncream could smell. It's just beautiful, It's plumping and hydrating......and basically my dream moisturiser in a pot, my skin just overall looks healthier when I use this. I can't recommend this highly enough, my skin just loves this and I do too.

Overall thoughts:

I personally love what it does to my skin, how it looks, feels everything. It's hydrating and plumps my skin up in an instant I honestly am slightly obsessed with this. Would I purchase the full sized pot? HELL TO THE YES!! I do however wish it wasn't as pricey as it is. £70 isn't cheap for a moisturiser, but this one is definitely worth the hefty price tag, If you are wanting to try Charlottes famous Magic Cream out but you're not sure, I'd suggest that you buy her Red Carpet Skincare Gift as you get to try a little bit of everything she has to offer (which I bought and have found some new skincare gems). Or if you're like me then purchase the full sized pot, it doesn't disappoint and is just a dream moisturiser. All in all Charlotte's Magic Cream is most definitely worth the hype.

Have you tried Charlotte's Magic Cream?


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Nail Care | Butter London

As you can see above my nails are really short (due to me cutting them as I caught one on a top....bum), and are chipped to hell, so I thought it was about time I introduced to you one of my favourite ways to remove nail varnish, without any hassle, millions of cotton wall balls & a much more healthier my good friend Butter London Glitter Scrubs*. Now I love a good nail varnish and the one that's chipped to hell is a very old yet popular one by Essie in After School Boy Blazer (it's a blackish navy) it was raved by SO many bloggers and sold out, so quickly.......anyway back to removers.

Butter London Glitter Scrubs are basically a quick & super easy way to remover your now ruined nail varnish, simply grab a sachet, pull it open & inside is a little white sheet. One side is nice and soft and the other has a scratchy side which really helps to get rid of tough glitter, simply open up the white sheet and apply to the nail, a little wipe and ta da it's gone, these have honestly saved me SO much time in removing my nail varnish that and they are easy just to pop in your handbag & are ideal if your going away this summer. To keep my nails nice and healthy I then pop on my Butter London Quickfix Moisturising Cuticle Balm*. The cuticle balm is really nourishing to your nails and leaves them feeling SO much healthier, I'd honestly be lost without these two nail savers.

I'd very highly recommend them to anyone who wants to remove nail varnish 10X quicker and wants much healthier nails.

Have you tried Butter London products?  

*items in this post have been kindly sent to me to review, however my love from nails and nail varnish removers are all my own along with my opinions*
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