Friday, 20 May 2016

HOW TO: Clean Makeup Brushes

One of my favourite things is actually cleaning my makeup brushes, I know it's a chore for most people but I actually do enjoy it, there is nothing nicer than knowing, that you're not spreading bacteria around your face, that and they smell squeaky clean. For some people it's a mundane task but honestly it's completely worth it, if you don't clean your brushes on a regular basis then you are just going to keep adding bacteria straight back on to your face from your brush, and if you don't clean your brushes the bacteria festers in them & then you will most probably get's a vicious circle that my simple tutorial can help you with. I'm forever cleaning my brushes & other peoples *coughs* my mums *coughs*. I know some people who have used the same brush for months, years even and not cleaned it once. So here are my simple tips to getting your makeup brushes looking squeaky clean and germ/makeup free.

♥ Makeup can often get clogged up in your brushes so find a good quality product that will give your brushes a thorough cleanse, I love the smell of this simple Dove hand soap at the moment and it works a treat, gives a deep clean to my brushes yet leaves them super soft after.....smells divine too.......I also like the fact that it has antiseptic powers and will cleanse away any dirt & germs. I normally use a good deep cleansing shampoo but I'm really enjoying this Dove soap at the moment. Simply pump your cleansing product on the tips of the brush and start to swirl in the palm of your hand.

♥ Now you are going to want to squeeze out the rather foundation coloured foam from the base of the brush to the tips then rinse under running water to make sure everything is completely gone and cleansed away. You can repeat this as many times as you like or until you think your brush is clean.

♥ And voilĂ  there you have it one clean brush. To dry them place them somewhere were they will dry naturally. 

It's super quick & gives a deep cleanse, I tend to wash my brushes once a week I wash them every sunday actually. My go-to brush has to be the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, this is a good all-round brush because you can use it for foundation (which is what I do) concealer, blush it's just the perfect all in one brush that every girl needs in her life. I will admit that after about the 20th brush it does get a tad tedious and a pain in the backside but, knowing that I have super clean brushes that have been basically put back to factory settings (if you know what I mean) makes applying makeup that little bit more nicer and less....well let's say germ free & super soft.

What I'm trying to say is clean brushes make happy application from brush to face and this can be something which you can jump on the band wagon with too, it's very quick & a simple cheap hand soap (anti bacterial preferably) or a good quality shampoo will do just the trick and give your brushes a new lease of life.

SO take this lil post as a reminder to WASH YOUR BRUSHES hahaha No one likes a grubby brush now do they?

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?


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