Monday, 2 May 2016

April Favourites

You know you've used a hell of a lot of beauty, skincare and just good products in general when you have a backpack full of product empties, I've been using and loving quite a lot of things this past month, which I thought I would of course share with you all as I know quite a lot of you really enjoy my monthly favourites posts. 

Bath & Shower

I've been using quite a lot of Sanctuary products, I'm a HUGE fan of their bath & shower range, they do so many different things and they all smell SO good, I've really been enjoying the Cooling Shower Drench which smells like fresh watermelon, I bought this a while ago to get me in the summer/spring spirit, and as you can see it's now completely gone, I've used this along with my Air Whipped SoufflĂ© Scrub (which is the best) and my 4 Day Moisturising Body Oil, all of them have now been used up so I do need to repurchase these. 

I've also really enjoyed Soap & Glorys The Scrub Of Your Life Body Scrub, as you can see this one's been squeezed to the very last drop, It's quite a thick gel like scrub but as you can see it promises quite a few things and has worked a treat on the backs on my arms it's just an all round good body scrub, which I've thoroughly enjoyed using this past month


Skincare is something I love, I love adding new products and using some of my favourites, and this month I've been really enjoying using Kiehls Cream Eye Treatment, as you know I had a reaction to a moisturiser along with an eye cream which I talked about my reaction here, and my eyes haven't felt the same since, they were really dry and always feeling irritated, but having read a few reviews from fellow bloggers I thought I'd make a little purchase and give it a whirl, I've been using this for about a week now and I can't believe the difference it's made, it's honestly incredible and I'm really enjoying using it.

My Clinique Moisturiser is just the best, and I can't imagine my skincare routine without it now it just ticks every box, moisture last all day and has stopped my skin feeling dry, if you haven't tried this moisturiser or you're looking for a new one I'd highly recommend this as it's my dream moisturiser. 


Eyes wise I've kept things quite neutral and have been wearing woodwinked just on its own quite a lot as it's one of my favourite eyeshadows and it's just SO pretty. I've also been loving Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara, Now this is honestly my new favourite mascara as it adds volume and makes my eyelashes look longer, It doesn't dry out and lasts all day, again another amazing product from Estee Lauder, I'm really enjoying using their products at the moment.

Blush wise, I've used many but these two are the ones that I've used the most this past month.

If you did or didn't know Estee Lauder have recently bought out some new Blushers and I recently picked up the Pure Colour Envy Shimmering BlushLights in 02 Pink Seduction after swatching it and speaking to the lovely lady who was on the Estee counter, who said this blush is exactly like the limited edition Tease blush which most people wish they had. This blush is honestly beautiful and SO pretty you can use all three or just one at a time and select this little blush I'm SO obsessed with at the moment, If you want to know a little bit more about this particular then you can read my post about it here

Nars Luster Blush is another one that I've really been using it's so pretty for spring & summer and is a build-able blush and I've just been really enjoying using it.


I've been really enjoying Butter London's Nail Varnishes in Minted* & Mum's The Word* Minted is my favourite out of the two as it's a pastel shade and I love my pastel shades and Mum's The Word is quite a neutral shade and is a purpley pink colour, both chip resistant and the colour pay off on these is incredible, I've been really enjoy Butter London nail products.


Mini perfume samples, slightly random but I'm really enjoying using them, I order quite a lot online and for some reason pretty much all beauty online shops give free perfume samples to try out with your order, so I've some how managed to accumulate a mini collection hahaha, They are not only cute but they are easy just to chuck in your handbag and away you go!

And that is everything I loved in April

What have you been loving this past April?



  1. I really love your MAC quad? Did you make that one yourself? One of my ultimate makeup goals is to create my own MAC palette, maybe a quad would be better as it's way cheaper!

    xx Susan | Growing Daydreams

    1. Yes I did make it myself, it's my personal basics palette (as I like to call it) It's SO much fun creating your very own palette as it's really unique. Honestly you would love your very own unique MAC quad.


  2. does the moisturizer leave your skin oily? I have very oil prone skin, I'd love to try it though!


  3. It's the most lightest moisturiser I've ever used Haley, you'll be pleased to hear it doesn't leave you skin oily, instantly absorbs and is honestly one of the best moisturisers I've ever used, I'd highly recommend it. I too get oily skin and it works a treat. It's definitely a must have.



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