Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lush Oxford St Haul | April

One of my friends recently went to Lush Oxford Street & well, they very kindly picked me up a few things and I thought I'd share them with you because let's face it, who doesn't love a bit of Lush....I'm planning on going to the amazing Oxford Street store in about a months time which I can't wait *pulls out calender and starts marking down the days* 

Lush are without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite, highstreet brands, ranging with all sorts from their world famous Bath Bombs, to their foot creams, Lush really do it all. One other thing I love about Lush is that they really care about the products and the people that buy them yes me & you reading this. They take time into making the most beautiful, natural products and give the best customer service ever, which can sometimes be lacking in other well known highstreet stores, however Lush are always on top form & are really faultless.

anyway enough rambling for once here is my mini haul:

Bath Bombs

I picked up Lava Lamp, now I remember when this came out way back last summer and I really REALLY wanted one, as they look amazing in the water and it actually looks like a lava lamp but in your bath it's seriously cool....they discontinued it after a while as people complained it was staining their bath tubs ect. However it's back now with a bang and I couldn't not pick one up! It's got a very similar scent to Lover Lamp that was part of their Valentines Collection, as it says on the label "When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will fizz away releasing its colour and beneficial essential oils lie back, relax and enjoy...." I honestly can't wait to use this it sounds amazing from what I've been told and I love the name and idea behind it.

I then picked up Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb, now a lot of people really love this one it smells like Earl Grey Tea but with more of a smoky meets floral scent I love it, it's packed with Lime Oil, Rosewood Oil & Oakmoss Absolute, it's honestly smells beautiful, very fresh and's a bath bomb like no other Lush have ever done before. 

Fresh Faced

My friend Meg (hey if you're reading this Meg) kindly picked me up Prince Of Darkness Fresh Facemask, as I had read really good things about this facemask and a lot of people said it leaves you skin super soft and is very much like Catastrophe Cosmetic (my holy grail facemask) with how it makes your skin feel, I got too tempted and have already used this once, it's packed with Fine Sea Salt, Kaolin, Charcoal (helps draw out excess oil in the skin) as well as Patchouli & Lavender smells like The Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream & Bath Bomb Lush did at Halloween last year, it gave a really deep cleanse and just literally made my skin feel SO much happy and a lot more plump, it's very soothing and has helped with blackheads, so definitely a brand new facemask that I wish was available in every Lush store, it's honestly amazing.

The last thing that Meg picked up for me was the Double Vitality Bath Melts I bought two as I have used one of these before and absolutely adored it, it's a very moisturising Bath Melt, enriched with glorious Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter  it leaves your bath water super creamy and silky it's teamed with Sicilian Lemon Oil & Peppermint giving it a lemon sherbet scent, it's like a little sherbet sweet but for your bath, is there anything Lush can't do?

Lush if you happen to read this YOU are amazing and I love you very much, thank you for making my skin feel like it's been at a spa, you are quite literally a Spa In A Jar Lush & I can't thank you enough for making my skin feel happy.

I really hope you've enjoyed my little Lush Oxford St Haul, what's a blog without a bit of Lush hey?!?!?

Oh & one more thing MASSIVE thank you to Meg, for picking up all of these beauties for me.




  1. Love it! <3 I actually picked up both of those bath bombs last week from Oxford Street! I used Lava Lamp the other day and it's so moisturising though it does still stain the bath a little x

    1. I'm yet to use both of these but I'm now looking forward to Lava Lamp even more after reading your comment.


  2. I wish I could try 'Prince of Darkness' but I'm not sure if it's available in the US yet. I've only tried 'Rosy Cheeks' and 'Cupcake' :D Can't wait for 'Prince of Darkness' to be released here after reading your review about it clearing blackheads! Have a nice day xo!


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