Thursday, 14 April 2016

Famous Five | Spring Lips

As we are of course in Spring now I'm all about pinks & nude lipsticks anything from a gorgeous pale nude to a baby pink to even a slight peachy coral are my current grab & go for this Spring, I love lipsticks, I own far too many and I just simply can't get enough of them, Today I wanted to share with you another one in my Famous Five Series......which is my Spring Lips.

I've gone right from Highstreet to Highend and tried to pick an array of colours that I've been using quite a lot these past two weeks or so. I've gone a bit crazy this month and treated myself to some more lipsticks, I don't know what it is but a girl can never have too many lipsticks am I right?!? I will be sharing them in a different post, but for now here are my Famous Five| Spring Lips


Topshop have got it spot when it comes to highstreet makeup, I love their whole makeup collection but I mostly love their Lipsticks as they have an array of colours to cherry pick from that & they are affordable, have sturdy packaging & the lipsticks themselves are super moisturising, creamy and very pigmented for highstreet lippys. Topshop lipsticks are such a good substitute for MAC lipsticks, MAC seem to be forever bumping up the prices on their makeup and well I'm a sucker for a lipsticks but can't keep carrying on buying them at £15.50 a pop, unless I'm feeling in a bit of a spending mood hahaha that or I'm having a VERY expensive rainy day. If you get bored sometimes of drugstore lipsticks and want to inject a bit of va-va-voom then I would highly recommend you check out Topshops lipstick range as it's afforable and such good quality that, and they don't break the bank at the same time. They tick every box in my opinion My favourites are....

Nevada - Nevada is the perfect pale nude, super creamy & something that I wear quite alot around about this time of the year hence why it's made an appearance in my Famous Five, very moisturising, creamy and just as good quality as MAC lipsticks (infact I'd go as far as to say I actually love them equally), at £8 it is more of a pricey highstreet lipstick but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than £15.50 from MAC and feels just as special as a MAC lippy. Leaves a nice satin finish.

Innocent - Now as you can see I've used this quite a lot, Innocent is one I tend to use a lot more later towards the end of spring, but It seems I've pulled it out of my collection early, this is a pale pink, leaves a lovely matte finish and is just gorgeous, again very creamy and super pigmented. Literally in one swipe the colour pay off is incredible. I do need to repurchase this one as it's on it's last legs, as it has been well loved, £8.


I love both highstreet and highend when it comes to lipsticks, and they are one thing I really have a weakness for makeup-wise, I do like to treat myself to a highend lippie and have been doing ever since I went into boots on one shopping trip and purchased a YSL lipstick I'd been eyeing up for a while, and since then I haven't really stopped buying them, whether it's MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Channel I love them (THEY ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL). Classy, GORGEOUS packaging and feel so luxurious.

The three above, I love the most for spring & just in-general  

First up on the left is YSL Rouge Volupte NO.1 Beige Charnel when it comes to lipstick YSL really tick every box, again gorgeous packaging, amazing staying powder, pigmented, and SUPER creamy, YSL are up there with some of my favourite lipstick brands.....Beige Charnel is gorgeous I love this particular shade, it glides on the lips & smells (tastes too ;) ) like watermelon, YSL lipsticks are the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever bought in my entire life. They glide on the lips & leave them super soft all day. I've been using this a lot recently, & well it's a classic shade I wear pretty much all the time throughout the year. but for spring it's a must have in my opinion, & is something that's always in my handbag this time of the year. It's one of them lippies that every girl should have in their collection. £26.00

In the middle we have YSL Rouge Volupte NO.13 Peach Passion the Rouge Volupte finish lipsticks are a lot more moisturising compared to the other lipsticks YSL have to offer. Peach Passion is gorgeous & is a coral peachy lipstick, very luxurious, its light and silky texture makes it another one of my favourite YSL lipstick ever. It's gorgeous and again the packaging is stunning. Peach Passion is very creamy and moisturising, when you have a more moisturising lipstick you tend to lose the colour payoff, but both YSL lipsticks have an almost buttery feel on the lips and DON'T lose their pigmentation, they are just stunning! I will admit when you see the packaging it kind of sells it you itself like, it's just gorgeous. £26.00.

MAC Creme Cup - Is my go-to perfect nude from MAC, it's a light blue toned pink. The Cremesheens are my favourite and this is probably my most used MAC lippy. It's perfect for spring quite pale yet it doesn't wash me out either, I love it. Very moisturising and doesn't make your lips feel cakey. It's also an amazing dupe for the YSL Beige Charnel if you didn't want to pay £26.00, creme cup - £15.50.

And they are my Famous Five lipsticks for spring, it was very difficult to pick out my favourites as I love all my lipsticks but these simply made the final cut hahaha.

What are your favourite spring lipsticks?




  1. Oh my gosh I love the YSL ones! Lovely post xx

    Naomi x

    1. They are SO gorgeous hahaha thanks Naomi.


  2. These shades are all so gorgeous. I have never tried any Topshop lipsticks, so I must try some. My fave lipstick at the moment is Velvet teddy by Mac.

    (p.s I am running a blog series about people's inspirational stories the first one is up now and its such an uplifting read)

    1. OMG Topshop lipsticks are amazing.....seriously go to Topshop & pick some up missy you are missing out big time they are gorgeous hahaha.


  3. Really lovely shades, loving nudes at the moment.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    A Day In The Life Of London

    1. Thanks Meme.



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