Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Paint Of London

One thing I love cosmetics-wise is nail varnish, I love adding a pop of colour to my nails....however I HATE it when they chip by the second day, the colour payoff is pants and they are really a waste of my time. This was until I came across Butter London who completely transformed my nail painting fears and convinced me there is a good nail varnish brand out there. I'm a long time fan of drugstore nail varnishes, I love a bit of Barry M (absolute fave), Essie & many more brands, But when I was very kindly sent a box of Butter London goodies last week to try out & let you know my thoughts I was SO impressed with the quality, the gorgeous packaging and the formula of the products themselves, that my nail nightmares have now completely gone hahaha, & I of course had to share how good the nail varnishes are with you all as I'm SO impressed with them!

Butter London is a Nail Polish & Makeup company founded by Sasha Muir in 2005, Butter London lives for one thing as they say "We believe in Rock & Roll, Great Britain, And Fashion.....Long Live Colour". 

I was sent an array of amazing colours from bright blues (which are my fave) to autumnal vampy reds, along with everything I could ever need to have beautiful, well kept nails including moisturising cuticle balms, glitter scrubbers & two stunning nail kits, which is SO very kind of them! 

As I type this post I have the shade Minted on it's currently day 5 of wearing this and it's still in tact, NO chips. The nail lacquer leaves a gel-like finish and shine. They even have names, now I love a name on a lipstick or nail varnish it's much nicer than a boring old number which says the shade. The Nail lacquers I was sent were (starting from the left):

Mum's The Word*, Afters* (how GORGEOUS IS THIS!), Sheer Jelly*, A Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Neutral* & Splash Out*.

Staring from the left again we have Minted*, A Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Fair*, Seaside*, Easy Peasy* & Sunnies*.

Butter London have a shade that everyone will love. The formula is amazing and feels very luxurious, I love the quality most of all as well as the packaging and the colour range they have available. I was sent some other things like I said earlier and I will review the kits in the next couple of days or at some point next week as I really want to test them out. I'm really impressed with Butter London though, the quality is fantastic staying power is great, the colour payoff is very opaque and even one coat would be plenty they are SO pigmented, leaves your nails nice and shiny. They promise a 10 in 1 formula:

♥ Up to ten day wear
♥ Chip Resistant
♥ Full Colour Coverage
♥ Gel-Like Cushion Finish & Shine
♥ Fade-resistant
♥ Protect
♥ Smooth
♥ Strengthen
♥ Brighten
♥ 7 Free

I do feel like my nails underneath feel a lot stronger just in a few days, I love how the colour hasn't faded and the gel-like shine & cushion. I'm on day 5 now and still not a chip in sight which is uh-ma-zing as normally when I wear nail varnish they chip within less then 24 hours, Do I think they will last up to ten days? well we will just have to wait and see but they are going pretty strong at the moment.

Anyway to the important question:

...Do I think they are worth the money??

Yes I do because they are chip-resistant and seem as it's day five already and there is no chips I'm amazed and very impressed, colour payoff is insane, the quality is fantastic, I love them and the brand themselves have changed my mind completely and have so far proven that there is a good quality nail varnish brand out there, even though the price is more high-end for a nail varnish you do really get what you pay for with them, starting at £12-£15 a pop they aren't cheap but SO completely worth it.

Would I buy them with my own money?

Hell YES! I might even place a little order after typing this ;)

All in all Butter London are worth the money, the variety is fantastic & I'm now obsessed with them. A big thank you to Butter London for sending me these gorgeous polishes.

Have you tried Butter London Nail Varnishes?


*Even though these gorgeous nail varnishes were kindly sent to me, my love and passion for Butter London and nail varnish in general is all my own and is not different in any way, shape or form, just because something's been sent to meeeeee!*


  1. All the shades look amazing! I do love the pale blue, perfect for this season!
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    1. I love them all.



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