Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Estee Lauder | 02 Pink Seduction

A couple of days ago I headed to my local Debenhams & hit the Estee Lauder counter as I wanted to pick up my favourite Estee Lauder Makeup remover and I chatted to the lovely lady on the counter about my love for Estee Lauders Tease Blush, which I've hit pan on big time Tease is a well loved blush by many and it's sadly limited edition and no longer available, I WISH Estee Lauder would bring it back out or have it available all year round. Anyway she asked me how much do I love it and I said a solid 11 out of 10 hahaha. She then showed me some of the new products that they have just launched and showed the blushers, which she pointed me in the right direction and said that the New Pure Colour Envy Shimmering BlushLights in 02 Pink Seduction is identical to Tease except in powder form. 

So you guys know what happend I swatched it & I grabbed one and before I knew itI was at the till paying for it, paid for and now bagged up it was mine hahaha....I'm a long time fan of their blushers and this on it NO exception......


It's a Multi-Dimensional colour for cheeks, it's an illuminate, contour blush so basically it's a 3 in 1 blush, I've done swatches as you can see above, I'm obsessed with it! It glides on smoothly & lasts all day, it gives a soft wash of colour however its easily build-able if you wanted a more of a brighter look, It gives a very soft subtle shimmer, SUPER pigmented which you wouldn't expect anything less from Estee would you now? I also love the new packaging it's very classy & just finishes this gorgeous blush of nicely, whatever your makeup style you NEED this blush in your life, it's perfect for spring & summer and is such a playful blush, it gives a really fresh faced look and AAHHH I'm obsessed with it guys not gonna lie. If you are a fan of the Tease blush or missed out when it came out....then seriously buy this ASAP it's gorgeous and gives the same effect. 

It's just stunning and you all need it in your life.....that and who wouldn't want a beautiful blusher like this in their makeup bag?

Anyone else wish Estee Lauder would bring back Tease?


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Famous Five | Blushers

I thought I would share with you all my Famous Five Blushers, I'm a HUGE fan of blushers, I don't quite know why I just seem to have quite a large collection of them....but I've managed to narrow it down to my absolute favourites, and let me tell you it was bloomin' difficult, I've again gone from Highstreet to High-end as there are SO many amazing blushers that you can get on the highstreet which are just as pigmented as highend ones. So without further a do here are my Famous Five Blushers.

Let's start off with a bit of Sleek, I love Sleek makeup as the prices are dirt cheap but the quality is amazing, pigmented, gorgeous shades yet super affordable and very much my go to highstreet makeup brand. My favourite blush from them is the Rose Gold Blush, raved by lots of people including myself, it's an amazing dupe for NARS Orgasm & is a fraction of the price. The quality is amazing, pigmented, colour payoff lasts pretty much all day, I love how the packaging is slightly like NARS', I may have purchased this one because of the name, but it's seriously beautiful, It's this beautiful pink toned gold shimmery blush & I just love it, look how beautiful it is. I do own other Sleek blushers but this one is timeless in my opinion. It doesn't break the bank and just comes under a fiver.

Bourjois 34 Rose d'OR blush is another one of my all time favourites, if Bourjois EVER get rid of this I will cry, it's just stunning, not only does it smell lovely (yep it really does ;) ) it gives a rose gold effect to your cheeks, as you can see it's pink but has this beautiful gold shimmer running through it, It also works as a bit of a highlight, when you apply it to the apples of your cheeks, honestly it's stunning and I just basically love this, again SUPER pigmented, I love the actual size of this as it's ideal to pop in your handbag, over all it's gorg. It costs a bit more than the Sleek Blushers but because of how gorgeous & pigmented it is, I love it.

Soap & Glorys Love At First Blush is another blusher that works as a bit of a highlight on the cheeks, it's very very pigmented, it is about £11 I believe which for a highstreet blusher is quite expensive but, honestly doesn't disappoint and is stunning, I love wearing this in the summer as it's SO pretty, & I do get quite a lot of compliments when I wear this particular one, I'm quite pale and it doesn't wash me out either, it's got three different tones of shimmery pinks aswell as a highlight, it's honestly gorgeous in the summer, I have the Peach Party blush too which I do really like to use.

Moving onto slightly more highend, MACs Well Dressed Blusher, is well loved by me. This was actually my first ever Mac blusher, many moons ago, it's so pretty and very pigmented, it's a milky pink shade but you can easily build up. very pretty and I just basically love it! I just haven't been able to part with it, honestly if you don't have this in your makeup bag then order one because you are missing out.

NARS Luster Blush, I bought this quite recently and I can't stop using it, it's this beautiful, peachy/apricot shade, with a dash of shimmer, it's very subtle and can easily be built up, this is the most expensive one out the lot but it's gorgeous and perfect for the spring/summer.

My favourite blushers brush to apply these beautiful shades with is the Real Techniques Blush Brush in 300 it's part of the bold metal collection and is honestly the best blush brush I've ever purchased, you can make the application quite precise with this brush. I've also done swatches as you can see above of what each one looks like and the colour payoff. For those of you who also like my cute makeup bag it's from a gorgeous company called Alphabet Bags who create SO many cute little bags, and other products ranging from compact mirrors, to canvas bag seriously check them out as they are SO cute!

And that is my Famous Five Blushers, I'm really enjoying typing this series of Famous Fives which I hope you are enjoying reading as much as I am typing them hahaha.

What are your Famous Five Blushers?


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Paint Of London

One thing I love cosmetics-wise is nail varnish, I love adding a pop of colour to my nails....however I HATE it when they chip by the second day, the colour payoff is pants and they are really a waste of my time. This was until I came across Butter London who completely transformed my nail painting fears and convinced me there is a good nail varnish brand out there. I'm a long time fan of drugstore nail varnishes, I love a bit of Barry M (absolute fave), Essie & many more brands, But when I was very kindly sent a box of Butter London goodies last week to try out & let you know my thoughts I was SO impressed with the quality, the gorgeous packaging and the formula of the products themselves, that my nail nightmares have now completely gone hahaha, & I of course had to share how good the nail varnishes are with you all as I'm SO impressed with them!

Butter London is a Nail Polish & Makeup company founded by Sasha Muir in 2005, Butter London lives for one thing as they say "We believe in Rock & Roll, Great Britain, And Fashion.....Long Live Colour". 

I was sent an array of amazing colours from bright blues (which are my fave) to autumnal vampy reds, along with everything I could ever need to have beautiful, well kept nails including moisturising cuticle balms, glitter scrubbers & two stunning nail kits, which is SO very kind of them! 

As I type this post I have the shade Minted on it's currently day 5 of wearing this and it's still in tact, NO chips. The nail lacquer leaves a gel-like finish and shine. They even have names, now I love a name on a lipstick or nail varnish it's much nicer than a boring old number which says the shade. The Nail lacquers I was sent were (starting from the left):

Mum's The Word*, Afters* (how GORGEOUS IS THIS!), Sheer Jelly*, A Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Neutral* & Splash Out*.

Staring from the left again we have Minted*, A Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Fair*, Seaside*, Easy Peasy* & Sunnies*.

Butter London have a shade that everyone will love. The formula is amazing and feels very luxurious, I love the quality most of all as well as the packaging and the colour range they have available. I was sent some other things like I said earlier and I will review the kits in the next couple of days or at some point next week as I really want to test them out. I'm really impressed with Butter London though, the quality is fantastic staying power is great, the colour payoff is very opaque and even one coat would be plenty they are SO pigmented, leaves your nails nice and shiny. They promise a 10 in 1 formula:

♥ Up to ten day wear
♥ Chip Resistant
♥ Full Colour Coverage
♥ Gel-Like Cushion Finish & Shine
♥ Fade-resistant
♥ Protect
♥ Smooth
♥ Strengthen
♥ Brighten
♥ 7 Free

I do feel like my nails underneath feel a lot stronger just in a few days, I love how the colour hasn't faded and the gel-like shine & cushion. I'm on day 5 now and still not a chip in sight which is uh-ma-zing as normally when I wear nail varnish they chip within less then 24 hours, Do I think they will last up to ten days? well we will just have to wait and see but they are going pretty strong at the moment.

Anyway to the important question:

...Do I think they are worth the money??

Yes I do because they are chip-resistant and seem as it's day five already and there is no chips I'm amazed and very impressed, colour payoff is insane, the quality is fantastic, I love them and the brand themselves have changed my mind completely and have so far proven that there is a good quality nail varnish brand out there, even though the price is more high-end for a nail varnish you do really get what you pay for with them, starting at £12-£15 a pop they aren't cheap but SO completely worth it.

Would I buy them with my own money?

Hell YES! I might even place a little order after typing this ;)

All in all Butter London are worth the money, the variety is fantastic & I'm now obsessed with them. A big thank you to Butter London for sending me these gorgeous polishes.

Have you tried Butter London Nail Varnishes?


*Even though these gorgeous nail varnishes were kindly sent to me, my love and passion for Butter London and nail varnish in general is all my own and is not different in any way, shape or form, just because something's been sent to meeeeee!*

Sunday, 17 April 2016

GlossyBox | April

I've heard a lot about GlossyBox & read many a review with many mixed feelings & reactions...both good & both bad, but having not been subscribed to GlossyBox before, I wanted to keep an open mind and experience the beauty box craze for myself....So I subscribed at 11:30pm on a Monday evening as you do. I loved the idea behind receiving a gorgeous little pink (or sometimes special edition ;) ) box, filled with different products from many different brands and getting to try a little bit of everything that each brand has to offer.......It's a marvellous & exciting idea and I love the concept of it. I know that most of you reading this might be subscribed to a beauty box company but for those of you who may not be subscribers let me give you a little insight into GlossyBox. GlossyBox is a monthly subscription box that arrives at your door in a beautiful pretty pink box, treasured inside is lots of beauty & cosmetic samples for you to try in the comfort of your own home with a nice beverage of your choice and Adele playing in the background *Jess that's just your preference*. You pay £10.00 (plus P+P) and get to try a variety of different products & things from different brands that you might not have thought to give a whirl previously. Some previous boxes have contained products from brands such as Ciate, Illamasqua, and even NARS to name a few. There are also some less known brands that have some amazing products that are also featured in the box. If you're like me and like to experiment a bit more with different beauty products and like to try different brands out & spend less money doing so than this would be amazing for you.

My April box arrived yesterday and I was beyond excited to see what was in mine and try everything out......so I just had to show you and let you know my opinion on the contents of this months box.

Inside my box was:

Next Make Me Beautiful Lip Chubby in Cherry Red (STUNNING)
Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner
Essence Mosaic Compact Powder
The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist

To say this was my first box and I'm a newbie subscriber, I'm beyond impressed and looking forward to the May box already hahaha. I love everything & there isn't anything in this box that I won't be giving a whirl. I love the Next Cherry Red Lip Chubby, it's SUPER creamy and glides straight onto the lips, moisturising, the colour payoff on this is INCREDIBLE it's a proper bright cherry red as you can see. I can't wait to wear this when it gets more summery outside.

I've never tried or heard of Leighton Denny Nail Experts until now I've actually used the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist already as I was recently sent some new nail varnishes to try out and this was the first item I've used in my box already. Miracle Mist is a gift sent from god, dried my nails instantly I actually hate painting my nails as I'm SO impatient and once I've painted them I literally want to pick up everything insight, they smudge and then it's pointless me even trying to paint them hahaha....So this is going to be used quite alot but I'm really impressed with it just after one use it's fantastic. 

I've been looking to try a new bronzer as one of my favourite bronzers broke (smashed to pieces *cries*) so the Essence one arrived just in the nick of time, I do have other bronzers but who doesn't love trying a pretty new one? I love the pattern on this bronzer it's beautiful.

I'm really looking forward to trying out the Studio 10 Brow Liner, and The Body Shop Facial Oil. I will let you know how I get on with everything in this months box.

All in all I'm rather impressed with my GlossyBox and now looking forward to my May box arriving hahaha. The products that you receive are worth the small amount of moolah you pay, and I like that GlossyBox cherry pick products that they hope everyone will enjoy & try. GlossyBox is such a fantastic beauty box subscription and If you're thinking about joining a beauty subscription box then I'd highly recommend you try them, amazing value, fantastic variety and an all round good egg! TOP MARKS GLOSSYBOX *inserts the raising hands in the air emoji*.

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox?


Thursday, 14 April 2016

Famous Five | Spring Lips

As we are of course in Spring now I'm all about pinks & nude lipsticks anything from a gorgeous pale nude to a baby pink to even a slight peachy coral are my current grab & go for this Spring, I love lipsticks, I own far too many and I just simply can't get enough of them, Today I wanted to share with you another one in my Famous Five Series......which is my Spring Lips.

I've gone right from Highstreet to Highend and tried to pick an array of colours that I've been using quite a lot these past two weeks or so. I've gone a bit crazy this month and treated myself to some more lipsticks, I don't know what it is but a girl can never have too many lipsticks am I right?!? I will be sharing them in a different post, but for now here are my Famous Five| Spring Lips


Topshop have got it spot when it comes to highstreet makeup, I love their whole makeup collection but I mostly love their Lipsticks as they have an array of colours to cherry pick from that & they are affordable, have sturdy packaging & the lipsticks themselves are super moisturising, creamy and very pigmented for highstreet lippys. Topshop lipsticks are such a good substitute for MAC lipsticks, MAC seem to be forever bumping up the prices on their makeup and well I'm a sucker for a lipsticks but can't keep carrying on buying them at £15.50 a pop, unless I'm feeling in a bit of a spending mood hahaha that or I'm having a VERY expensive rainy day. If you get bored sometimes of drugstore lipsticks and want to inject a bit of va-va-voom then I would highly recommend you check out Topshops lipstick range as it's afforable and such good quality that, and they don't break the bank at the same time. They tick every box in my opinion My favourites are....

Nevada - Nevada is the perfect pale nude, super creamy & something that I wear quite alot around about this time of the year hence why it's made an appearance in my Famous Five, very moisturising, creamy and just as good quality as MAC lipsticks (infact I'd go as far as to say I actually love them equally), at £8 it is more of a pricey highstreet lipstick but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than £15.50 from MAC and feels just as special as a MAC lippy. Leaves a nice satin finish.

Innocent - Now as you can see I've used this quite a lot, Innocent is one I tend to use a lot more later towards the end of spring, but It seems I've pulled it out of my collection early, this is a pale pink, leaves a lovely matte finish and is just gorgeous, again very creamy and super pigmented. Literally in one swipe the colour pay off is incredible. I do need to repurchase this one as it's on it's last legs, as it has been well loved, £8.


I love both highstreet and highend when it comes to lipsticks, and they are one thing I really have a weakness for makeup-wise, I do like to treat myself to a highend lippie and have been doing ever since I went into boots on one shopping trip and purchased a YSL lipstick I'd been eyeing up for a while, and since then I haven't really stopped buying them, whether it's MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Channel I love them (THEY ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL). Classy, GORGEOUS packaging and feel so luxurious.

The three above, I love the most for spring & just in-general  

First up on the left is YSL Rouge Volupte NO.1 Beige Charnel when it comes to lipstick YSL really tick every box, again gorgeous packaging, amazing staying powder, pigmented, and SUPER creamy, YSL are up there with some of my favourite lipstick brands.....Beige Charnel is gorgeous I love this particular shade, it glides on the lips & smells (tastes too ;) ) like watermelon, YSL lipsticks are the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever bought in my entire life. They glide on the lips & leave them super soft all day. I've been using this a lot recently, & well it's a classic shade I wear pretty much all the time throughout the year. but for spring it's a must have in my opinion, & is something that's always in my handbag this time of the year. It's one of them lippies that every girl should have in their collection. £26.00

In the middle we have YSL Rouge Volupte NO.13 Peach Passion the Rouge Volupte finish lipsticks are a lot more moisturising compared to the other lipsticks YSL have to offer. Peach Passion is gorgeous & is a coral peachy lipstick, very luxurious, its light and silky texture makes it another one of my favourite YSL lipstick ever. It's gorgeous and again the packaging is stunning. Peach Passion is very creamy and moisturising, when you have a more moisturising lipstick you tend to lose the colour payoff, but both YSL lipsticks have an almost buttery feel on the lips and DON'T lose their pigmentation, they are just stunning! I will admit when you see the packaging it kind of sells it you itself like, it's just gorgeous. £26.00.

MAC Creme Cup - Is my go-to perfect nude from MAC, it's a light blue toned pink. The Cremesheens are my favourite and this is probably my most used MAC lippy. It's perfect for spring quite pale yet it doesn't wash me out either, I love it. Very moisturising and doesn't make your lips feel cakey. It's also an amazing dupe for the YSL Beige Charnel if you didn't want to pay £26.00, creme cup - £15.50.

And they are my Famous Five lipsticks for spring, it was very difficult to pick out my favourites as I love all my lipsticks but these simply made the final cut hahaha.

What are your favourite spring lipsticks?



Monday, 11 April 2016

Collective Clothes Haul | Spring

If you read my Collective Homeware Haul, then you will know I've been doing a fair bit of shopping, and promised you all that I'd do a Collective Clothes Haul as well as a homeware haul which I've already uploaded here, I've been buying clothes from many different shops this month and I love sharing the things I've bought so why ever not 
share them all with you on here! I've mixed things up a bit and thought I'd show you what the clothes actually look like on me I've also linked everything so if you like it you can buy it or if you'd just like to be a nosey so & so hahaha ;).

The first place I went to was H&M. I do like H&M but I always struggle to find something that I actually really really like, I do however tend to shop for my basic clothing items in there, I went in the other day just for a little look not looking for anything in particular and came across this super lightweight waterfall parka jacket. I love the colour as it's a khaki green (sadly my cameras not pick the colour up fully) and is very casual. It has a hood and looks very similar to an oversized parka that Allsaints did ages ago, it's also got a velvety moleskin feel to it, I just saw this on the manikin and loved it, and that was £29.99 which I think is a lot but It was a treat to myself, and besides I don't own any light weight parkas. This would be awesome for festivals as it's very Glastonbury. 

Newlook have SO many pretty things both instore & online at the moment, and I'm really impressed I bought this plain black dungaree style playsuit, it's SO comfortable and the material is like jersey fabric it's, one of them items that can be dressed up or dressed down, just goes with everything, It's £17.99 and I love it, or though it's kind of a pain when you desperately need the toilet hahaha I do really love it, it's adorable (please excuse that it's crinkled to high heaven) I've teamed it up with my top from zara.

I had a quick little look in primark and bought some basic camis (£1.80 seriously great quality and colour doesn't fade grab some peeps) two pairs of super cosy tights & these tartan check legging/trousers, now these aren't see through which I know a lot of you will be pleased to hear (or read in our case) they're quite thick fabric and quite stretchy, These were in the sale at a bargainous £3 and they had one size 6 left which is a rare find in Primark so I grabbed it, they are slightly like a certain pair Urban Outfitters did a while back.

Talking of Urban Outfitters, where I live we don't actually have an Urban Outfitters, so it's either make my way to Nottingham or just order online, I ordered this super cute ladybird print blouse (along with many other things *shameful face*), it's got all these little tiny ladybirds running about all over the place and just looks SO cute, again will go with black jeans, disco pants, skirts what ever...it was just adorable, so I bought it. It was £39, but I just couldn't not have this in my wardrobe it was far to cute hahaha. I teamed it up with the dungaree playsuit from New Look.

(excuse the mark on my mirror)

As you may or may not know I recently went to Birmingham & hit the bull ring as well as the highstreet you walk out of the bullring and you're bang smack right in the middle of the highstreet, I decided to go to Zara as, I love Zara's clothes they are such good quality & are basically one of my favourite highstreet brands, I bought this plain batwing style white knit top (I'm rubbish at descriptions) I loved how slouchy it was & can't wait to wear this in the summer, I will wear one of my basic camis underneath as it's very see-through. It's just again another really comfortable item. £22.99

And that is everything I've bought recently from both online & highstreet.
I hope you've enjoyed my haul & I'd love to know what your favourite item is, so let me know in the comments.

I hope you also liked the different style of showing the clothes I thought it would show exactly what they look like in person and it's a little bit different to what I normally do.

What is your favourite highstreet shop?



Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lush Oxford St Haul | April

One of my friends recently went to Lush Oxford Street & well, they very kindly picked me up a few things and I thought I'd share them with you because let's face it, who doesn't love a bit of Lush....I'm planning on going to the amazing Oxford Street store in about a months time which I can't wait *pulls out calender and starts marking down the days* 

Lush are without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite, highstreet brands, ranging with all sorts from their world famous Bath Bombs, to their foot creams, Lush really do it all. One other thing I love about Lush is that they really care about the products and the people that buy them yes me & you reading this. They take time into making the most beautiful, natural products and give the best customer service ever, which can sometimes be lacking in other well known highstreet stores, however Lush are always on top form & are really faultless.

anyway enough rambling for once here is my mini haul:

Bath Bombs

I picked up Lava Lamp, now I remember when this came out way back last summer and I really REALLY wanted one, as they look amazing in the water and it actually looks like a lava lamp but in your bath it's seriously cool....they discontinued it after a while as people complained it was staining their bath tubs ect. However it's back now with a bang and I couldn't not pick one up! It's got a very similar scent to Lover Lamp that was part of their Valentines Collection, as it says on the label "When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will fizz away releasing its colour and beneficial essential oils lie back, relax and enjoy...." I honestly can't wait to use this it sounds amazing from what I've been told and I love the name and idea behind it.

I then picked up Guardians Of The Forest Bath Bomb, now a lot of people really love this one it smells like Earl Grey Tea but with more of a smoky meets floral scent I love it, it's packed with Lime Oil, Rosewood Oil & Oakmoss Absolute, it's honestly smells beautiful, very fresh and sweet...it's a bath bomb like no other Lush have ever done before. 

Fresh Faced

My friend Meg (hey if you're reading this Meg) kindly picked me up Prince Of Darkness Fresh Facemask, as I had read really good things about this facemask and a lot of people said it leaves you skin super soft and is very much like Catastrophe Cosmetic (my holy grail facemask) with how it makes your skin feel, I got too tempted and have already used this once, it's packed with Fine Sea Salt, Kaolin, Charcoal (helps draw out excess oil in the skin) as well as Patchouli & Lavender Oil....it smells like The Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream & Bath Bomb Lush did at Halloween last year, it gave a really deep cleanse and just literally made my skin feel SO much happy and a lot more plump, it's very soothing and has helped with blackheads, so definitely a brand new facemask that I wish was available in every Lush store, it's honestly amazing.

The last thing that Meg picked up for me was the Double Vitality Bath Melts I bought two as I have used one of these before and absolutely adored it, it's a very moisturising Bath Melt, enriched with glorious Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter  it leaves your bath water super creamy and silky it's teamed with Sicilian Lemon Oil & Peppermint giving it a lemon sherbet scent, it's like a little sherbet sweet but for your bath, is there anything Lush can't do?

Lush if you happen to read this YOU are amazing and I love you very much, thank you for making my skin feel like it's been at a spa, you are quite literally a Spa In A Jar Lush & I can't thank you enough for making my skin feel happy.

I really hope you've enjoyed my little Lush Oxford St Haul, what's a blog without a bit of Lush hey?!?!?

Oh & one more thing MASSIVE thank you to Meg, for picking up all of these beauties for me.


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