Saturday, 27 February 2016

Spending Pennies | Boots

I am a massive boots addict as you will all know, so recently I went on a little trip to stock up on some of my favourites and some things that I haven't tried, or had heard good things about, and I thought I'd share them with you. If you are not from the UK then Boots is basically a massive drugstore that pretty much every beauty addict loves including myself.

When I'm in boots I like to have a proper look at everything, and by everything I literally mean everything, I grabbed all of this stuff in just under an hour which for me, is extremely rare. I wanted to purchase Items that promised quite a lot and I want to see if it's actually true or just a bit of a gimmick. I also just wanted to purchase some things as I'd either run out or just liked the look of it too. 

Love at First Blush - whilst having a little look at the S&G (Soap & Glory) I came across a few new items (more on that in another post soon) and a good old favourite of mine and that's the Love At First Blush Blusher, It's basically a little compact with 5 very pretty rosy & peachy toned blushes and a little pretty white highlighting powder, now I love the colour of this it's one that can easily be built up, It's very easy to blend, I like how this is a bit of a 2 in 1 product, as the pearl white powder works as a bit of a highlight. I also love the size of the mirror as its ideal, This is one of them products that I think a lot of people like but some people don't, I on the hand LOVE it, hence why I repurchased it, as I have bought it before and did really enjoy it. I've had so many people say to me "What blusher have you got on?" as it leaves quite a natural rosy look as well as a bit of a highlighted effect, I'd highly recommend this. It's one of them products that I feel like every girl should own in their makeup bag or collection, it's just stunning.

Real Techniques Blond Metals Collection Blush Brush 300 - I bought another RT brush too add to my ever growing collection of make up brushes hahaha. It's a tapered blush brush, it gives a really precise application of any blush and is honestly the softest brush ever, all of RT brushes are such beautiful quality. Please excuse the fact that the brush is dirty, I got to tempted as to how beautiful it was and used it before taking the photos.

I picked up two Sanctuary products including one which I'm very excited about and it's their Sanctuary 4 Day Moisture Body Oil Spray, This claims to give you moisturised skin for 4 days. Now that to me is one heck of a promise as I get really dry skin, so this sounds amazing and I can't wait to use this, I will definitely get back to you and let you know how I get on with it.

Sanctuary actually have an offer on at the moment which is buy two get a free 'beauty box' so I took full advantage and bought their Air Whipped SoufflĂ© Scrub, This is the classic Sanctuary scent, it smells beautiful and just really fresh, it's a soufflĂ© scrub now what part of that doesn't sound amazing? It's also apparently moisturising, it just sounds amazing and I love scrubs so I thought why ever not. I then of course got my free beauty box which contained a full sized body wash, lotion and another mini travel size scrub. Which I'm looking forward to giving a try.

The last and final thing I bought was of course one of my favourite cleansers ever and that's the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, pretty much every blogger I know has loved and raved about how good this is, I too love it and wanted to repurchase it as I like to mix my skincare up sometimes, as I find that once I really really like something I'll just stick with it for forever (yes I'm on about my Emma Hardie ;) ). I'm really looking forward to using this again and adding a more high-street cleanser to my skincare routine. 

And that's everything I bought in Boot's I really hope you liked this posts, let me know some of your boots recommendations I'm always looking and wanting to try out new products and I love boots, so it's a win win situation.

What do you like to buy in Boots?



Monday, 22 February 2016

Bloggers Block | Advice

Hello everyone, I've been extremely busy lately with work and just the general shenanigans of everyday life that I simply had to put a little hold my favourite thing ever & that is of course blogging. Which has now led me to writing this post, 'Bloggers Block' as I like to call it, Is something I feel everyone whether you are a blogger or author or have anything to do with writing in some way, will at some point suffer with a bit of a block. It's something that always annoys me and I feel like I worry to much about getting 'Bloggers Block' when in reality I really probably shouldn't. So today I wanted to share with you some tips/'advice' to kick 'Bloggers Block' in the backside hahaha ;).

Buy a little note book - I recently went on another trip to Homesense (I know I can't keep away from that shop) and made my way to the stationery section, I love looking and finding cute little notebooks, and I bought many including this little baby pink pineapple one. One of the best pieces of advice I could give someone is buy a little tiny notebook, that you can chuck in your handbag or simply have at your bedside table. I've been keeping all my 'future blog post' ideas inside and honestly it give me SO much inspiration and helps me plan lots of exciting new things.

Bloglovin' - Bloglovin' is one of the main ways I read (and follow) my favourite blogs, and it gives me SO many ideas that I end up filling half of my little pineapple book, you can read anything from new beauty products (one of my many favourite types of posts) to the latest ootd (yes I'm on about the gorg Liv from What Olivia Did, my favourite blogger EVER, be sure to check her blog out guys) you can find a little bit of everything to kick start the inner creativity inside you.

Tumblr - I have a Tumblr page (feel free to follow me if you'd like, but be aware it will be filled with all things copper and harry styles related) and I love nothing more than scrolling through my feed, liking and re-blogging photos or GIFS, tumblr is a must for me as it helps me feel creative and makes me want to get blogging haha.

Get Out - I hate being indoors I'm more of an out and about person, so I love nothing more than heading to the shops, one of my many favourite things is going to meadowhall, it's got every shop I could possibly want to go in, and makes me spend some moolah. I like going out because it makes me feel inspired or it makes me want to go out and swatch (maybe even purchase) that lipstick I heard someone raving about on bloglovin'. 

To conclude:

'Bloggers Block' is something most people will have experienced at somepoint, so don't worry about it, chill, go for a walk (to boots hehehe ;) ), buy a little pineapple notebook and remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place, I started blogging because I wanted to share with the interwebs the things I liked and recommended as well as something that I thought other people could relate too. It makes me SO happy blogging away in my bedroom, and It's a hobbie (probably one of my favourites), it's something that should be enjoyed.

so when you next are hit back, pick yourself up and smile. I hope this post helps you in someway and that you liked it, let me know in the comments how you beat 'bloggers block' and if it has effected you.

Do you or have you suffered from 'Bloggers Block?



Friday, 12 February 2016

Highstreet Makeup Worth A Purchase

Many people want to find some new makeup items to either try out, compare or just to see what all the hypes about (which in my case is most of the time). So recently I headed to my local Boots and had a £30 budget just to stock up on some talked about beauty favourites. I mainly wanted to focus on three of my favourite parts of makeup one being, Mascara (of course), blusher & of course either a lipstick, lipgloss, lip tint, or a lip plumper. 

I decided to select two brands that create so many amazing makeup items and that I love. So the first brand is of course Soap & Glory, I'm a massive fan of Soap & Glorys products, they smell amazing and I never feel disappointed in them, So I picked up their Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara. Now I have to say my favourite mascara of all time is by Benefit & it's the Roller Lash Mascara. Thick & Fast Mascara just comes under over the £10 mark, which isn't too expensive. It does give a nice coverage and I've found this not to be clumpy or too thick, to the point where it's like road tar on your eyes. It doesn't flake which is a bonus, lasts all day & It does add a fair bit of volume. However the only thing I wish about this mascara is that it didn't dry out as quick, but I guess for the price of this mascara you can't really go wrong if you are wanting a highstreet mascara.

Sticking with Soap & Glory a lot of people either like or don't like the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss, I made a little purchase of one in the shade 'Rose & Shine'. These glosses are specifically designed to make your lip pout a little more plump and add a bit of va va voom to your lips haha. They create when applied a cooling and tingling sensation, which does feel extremely weird at first but after the tingling sensation wears off, It makes your lips feel instantly fuller and more defined, they smell amazing (a bit like chocolate). Rose & Shine is a very light pinky rose colour with a bit of a cream finish without any sparkles, I love how it's a very sheer colour and not super pigmented, Did it noticeably plump my lips? I'd say ever so slightly. I love that these lip plumpers can be used on there own or on top of a lipstick or whatever. I'd highly recommend taking a little purchase with these as they are extremely good and just come under the £10 Price tag, and you can't really go wrong with a good lipgloss.

And finally my favourite item BLUSHER, I own way too many blushers. I'm a massive fan of a good quality blusher, the one I picked up and have been loving is the Bourjois Blush in 'Rose d'OR' 34. This is SUPER pretty & really actually quite pigmented, I love this blusher SO much it's just so gorgeous and almost give like a rose gold effect to your cheeks, you can see the pink but you can also see the gold shimmer coming through it's just gorgeous, It acts a little bit like a highlight when you apply it the the apples of your cheeks, It's just gorgeous. It's every easy to blend and just gives a very beautiful overall look. I adore this blusher SO much. again this is SO good as it just comes under the £6 mark.

I did come slightly under budget but honestly all three of these items I'm completely in love with, I'd highly recommend them to anyone who loves a good highstreet makeup purchase. They are all really good quality and don't break the bank.

What are you favourite items of your make up collection?



Wednesday, 10 February 2016

January Favourites | 2016

January has been and gone and you guys know what that means, It means another month has passed us by were I've used many things ranging from beauty, to skincare. I thought I'd share with you all my first favourites of the year! 

So let's get to it....

The First thing that I've been loving and I mentioned it in my December Favourites & that is my Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, I've done more of an in-depth review here, if you wanted to have a read, this is my third pot now and I absolutely adore it, I'd go as far as to say I actually look forward to my skincare regime since this little fella made an appearance, this has really helped balance my skin out as I have combination skin which is a pain in the backside, this so far *touches wood* is working for my skin, It's balanced it right out and I'm happy, my skin just looks a lot more healthier and more plump, thanks to this beautiful balm, I have actually already repurchased another one of these as I ran out quite recently, I swear I need a never ending one like the size of Marry Poppins hand bag ;). 

Sticking with skincare I've also been loving my Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturisers, again this is amazing, it smells of oranges which I'm not a massive fan as it does make me slightly not want to breath when applying it, but never the less it's amazing and that's why it's in my favourites post. It's a super light cream, doesn't feel heavy and just make my skin look a lot more awake and fresh first thing in the morning which is what I always need. I love this product so much but I don't think it really needs to be that pricey, coming in at £24rrp it is more of an expensive moisturiser however I do think it's worth every penny.

One thing I've recently seemed to of loved and that's a new nail varnish from Barry M, Barry M are one of my many favourite brands of nail varnish SO much so that i practically own nearly ever shade of blue you could possibly imagine, however this particular one in the shade Forest is one that I've fallen in love with, this is probably one the most quickest drying nail polishes I have ever bought, It's this really pretty greeny coral coloured shade and it's just gorgeous, I love how this shade doesn't chip easily either.

Now I slight weird one but It's a Bobby-pin Pocket, you may be now wondering what in the name is that...well let me tell you it's probably one of the best inventions I've ever come across whilst wandering in boots. It's a little pocket (ideal and perfect for handbag size) case filled with bobby pins (or hair grips). I now haven't lost a single bobby pin (well maybe one or two) since using this, I love it. It's weird but something I constantly reached for in January, I keep this in my handbag at all times, it's really secure and I highly recommend you taking a little trip to boots to purchase this little Bobby-pin Pocket.

Makeup wise, I've been constantly using my YSL lipstick in Beige Charnel as it's the most beautiful nude lipstick I own, and lasts all day and just glides straight on to my lips, doesn't feel heavy or cakey (don't you just hate a cakey lipstick).

One thing that I've been quite surprised about is that I took a little trip to Meadowhall a few weeks back, and headed to Kiko to purchase some of there gorgeous products & one product which I did purchase and have really been loving is their cream foundations, honestly I've never thought I'd like this but I really do, It's super pigmented and gives a nice matte & natural finish when it's applied, It's not heavy at all I picked this up in Warm Rose 50, I've been using this constantly and just love it, I'm going to do a much more in depth review but so far it's one of my new favourite foundations.

Batiste, I've been loving doing messy buns throughout January and more so on third day old hair, what perfect way to have a cute hairstyle then with batiste, they kindly sent me there new Sugar & Fun Sweetie Dry Shampoo, This smells like Raspberries and Vanilla Cupcakes, It gives an instant refresh & yes I do sometimes just spray it because of the gorgeous scent! It came with a little sweetie too which just makes it even better, I love how long this lasts I don't feel like it ever needs to be re-applied throughout the day, It gives a full coverage and basically I'm in love with it! I've used quite a bit of this throughout January so I had to feature it in my favourites.

I've also been really enjoying using my 'One Line A Day A Five Year Memory Book' I bought this way back in December and started using it on New Years eve/Day and haven't stopped I just love that I can next year read what I did last year (if that makes sense) I use this last thing at night and It's something that I treasure quite a lot as it means a lot to me, It's so much fun and something I love.

and that is pretty much everything I loved in January, I hope you like these types of posts. I'd also really like to know what things you loved in January, so let me know in the comments or on social media.


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