Saturday, 30 January 2016

Estee Lauder Surprise

I think I've found the eyeshadow of my dreams again & I came across this little beauty hiding right at the back of my eyeshadow jungle and yep you've guessed it, It's the Estee Lauder Raisin Eyeshadow Duo. I've heard and read SO many amazing things about this particular eyeshadow that I was completely gutted (yet chuffed as I bought one luckily) when I found out that it had was going to be discontinued many moons ago and wondered what on earth I had done with my one as it had seemed to of vanished. The Estee Lauders Raisins palette itself is SO easy to blend and very creamy, as you can see from the photos above, It's this pretty Aubergine purple colour on the right hand side and a very pretty champagne colour on the left, I can't believe I completely forgot I had this palette. Don't you just love it when you find something that you thought you'd lost! WHAT A FEELING *starts to carry on singing* 

What's one of your favourite eyeshadow duos/palettes?



Friday, 29 January 2016

Payday Purchases

Payday popped up again and you know what I went and did, I went shopping! I had in fact been trying my very best to avoid the shops recently, but payday happend and well it got me. I'd seen and heard that Primark & Topshop had some rather nice things in at the moment, so I thought I'd take a little wander around town and purchase a few items, I've kind of fallen in and out of love with shopping lately, I go into some shops and see stuff I like and then I go into others and it's just bala bala bala, nothing's jumped out at me say "you need me in your wardrobe..." I don't know but basically, I've found the highstreet shops to be very hit and miss lately when it comes to clothes shopping. 

I did however pick up a few items that I liked, my motto in life is If you like something & you think it's nice just bloody buy it hahaha. I've wasted so much time think do I get it or not, I really like it but... It's got to the stage were I think to myself just purchase it for crying out loud hahaha. So that's exactly what I've gone and done!

Now I'm going to start with Primark, I've been LOVING Primark's homeware atm, which you might have seen in some of my instagram snaps, and also on here, but I fell out of love with the clothes, that was until I clapped my eyes on this, It's just this really pretty crochet/lace detailed top, Now I LOVE the colour of this, you all know how much of a massive fan of autumn I am and this just screamed autumn at me, It is see-through but I've going to pop a plain black top or cami underneath it! I loved the style of it that much that I purchased the same top in the midnight blue colour! These were £10

Now Moving on to Topshop, I purchased this plain grey basic top, It's so soft it's unbelievable, It has these 3 quarter length sleeves which I love, I also picked the same identical top up in plain black, I like how this has a little pocket too. They were £14 each

Now I bought a statement necklace, now I'm going to be honest I'm not a massive fan of Topshop's jewellery, I think it's way overpriced and I always find it a bit hit and miss, But I did however really like this, It's this chunky robe style statement necklace, It's rose gold surprise surprise, and I did really like how pretty it was, this will go with pretty much any outfit, I did however not like to heavy price tag at £12.50, but I suppose as it's Topshop you'd expect to pay that.

Now I've seen so many people, mainly celebs wearing these type and style shoes, except these beauts don't have a three grand price tag, at £22.00 they are a bargain, and look designer without that designer price tag, they are really comfortable and I love the stud detail on them, I just think they're quite girly shoes with a bit of a 'Don't mess with me' kind of look to them! 

And that's everything in my rather mini payday splurge, If you're looking for basic items Topshop's the place to be right now as they've got lots of new things in.

I hoped you enjoyed my rambley haul! Let me know in the comments what your favourite items are!



Friday, 22 January 2016

A Lush Spa Trip

I've never had a spa trip before *pulls shock horror face*, but that was until last week, my very lovely boss (Jess) treated me and my work colleges to a spa trip at Lush Leeds, now I was SO excited I opted to go for The Sound Bath which was a facial, now I did wonder how someone could possibly enjoy someone else playing around with someones face, But it was AAAMAZING and something that I'd do again quite happily, The Sound Bath helps you to feel refreshed and is meant to be deeply rebalancing, my spa therapist was the ever so lovely Nina, who was just the nicest person you could ever meet. She talked me through everything that was going to happen and made me feel extremely welcome and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my treatment, It did have a little bit of an Alice In Wonderland theme to it, at the start with the little Drink Me bottle and Mushroom looking chocolate, Nina kindly let me take photos for my blog as you can see above.

You have a little room which is just for you and it's got little colour lights that go with your treatment and they playing The Sound Bath Music whilst you're having your treatment, The treatment itself was amazing and so relaxing (I did almost fall asleep at one point hahaha) It involved Ear Candles, Tuning Forks, Hot & Cold Stones with a nice facial, I didn't quite know what to expect but I'm thoroughly impressed, after my spa treatment had finished I left the room and was greeted by Nina in the waiting room where I had what only I can describe as a little afternoon tea party awaiting me, I was a fresh mint lemonade (which I didn't think could get any better I was wrong) it had smoke coming out of it, which I was so blown away (I did feel like a kid in a sweet shop) that I didn't take a photo of it smoking :(. It was honestly one of the best gifts I've ever received and I can't thank my boss enough! THANK YOU JESS!!!!!! I'd highly recommend a Lush Spa treatment if you have ever thought about getting one for yourself or for a gift for someone, they are honestly amazing and I will definitely be booking one for myself again.

Have you ever had a Lush Spa Treatment?



Thursday, 21 January 2016

Famous Five Lipsticks

Starting From The Left-

I've been using many different shades of lipstick throughout last year and this new year, I thought today I'd share with you all, my famous five hahaha (this is just the start of many top five makeup/beauty items) I use lots of different lipsticks all the time, everything ranging from a nice matte to a very pretty nudey peachy pink, and a vampy red here and there. The lipsticks I've chosen are all drugstore to high end ones that you can get from Boots or Topshop, Superdrug ect (for those of you that aren't from the uk, boots is a massive drugstore shop where you can get anything from lip balms, to nappies, to foot cream, which seems a bit strange as to why they called it boots when they don't infact sell boots). Today I wanted to share with you all my famous five, these are ones that I've used quite a lot or ones that I've really enjoyed using ect. I've add a mixture of highend and high street & drugstore, but these are my favourites and my what I call classics!

Let's kick things of first with Revlon Colourburst Lipstick/Lip-bullet In the shade Sultry - It's a beautiful berry undertoned red, it's gorgeous it's not as intense as my rimmel shade, it's SO creamy and feels beautiful and moisturising on the lips (considering it's a matte), It's super pigmented it's unreal, I don't feel the need to ever re-apply this throughout the day as it last pretty much all day which is fantastic value as it's just over £7

Next up & this will come as no surprise to you that my 2nd famous five is a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Beige Charnel NO.1 - This is currently my top favourite as I've been using it so much over the past couple of weeks, it's a really neutral nude lip, it's simply stunning and gorgeous, it glides onto your lips like silk and it's so moisturising and just really pretty, I do feel quite special whipping this little beauty out of my handbag, I've received quite a few compliments on this particular shade, I've had lots of people asking me "what lipstick are you wearing it's gorgeous...". I love the quality of YSL lipsticks they are just worth every penny and something that I'd highly recommend. £25+

Rimmel London By Kate Moss in 107 - This is one of my most favourite drugstore lipsticks I own it's this gorgeous deep vampy berry red, it's just stunning I wore this a lot throughout November/ December and it must be one of my favourites as I always seem to be repurchasing it, this has a matte finish to it. I love the consistency and how long it last (again pretty much all day) and the colour pigmentation is just out of this world. If you're after a decent drugstore lipstick I highly suggest you taking a little wander over to the Rimmel Counter as they are good quality, they have an array of colours, high end look without the high end pricetag.

Topshop Petal Lipstick - This is much more of a beigey creamy nude, it's still just as beautiful but a slight milky tea colour, I love topshop lipsticks and their makeup range in general, they are really good quality and again great products at fantastic prices, this one isn't cakey and feels really light, great staying power and at £8 they are bloomin' good for highstreet.

And finally is my teeny tiny Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Beige NO.1* - I use this when I'm wearing more of a natural makeup look, it's really creamy and quite a neutral shade it's ever so slightly like the Topshop Nevada lipstick except this one has more of a heavier price tag much like YSL, It's beautiful and one that I use quite a lot especially in the spring/summer.

And those are my current famous five I will be doing a series of famous fives, let me know in the comments what are your 'famous five' as I love hearing from you guys and love hearing product recommendations! 


*Anything marked with * has been sent to me in hope that I will either like it or in hope that I may consider it for a blog post*


Friday, 15 January 2016

Lush Valentines | 2016

I haven't done a lush themed post in a long time, so today I thought I'd share with you all a few new things that I noticed my local lush store had recently got in, and it is of course their Valentines things. Now not only do they have a brand new lip scrub (which is just the best) they have lots of new things ranging from shower creams to lip glosses to new rose scented soaps. So I took a quick little trip to go and see a few new things they've got in and made a few purchases (as y'know it's lush how could I possible not). One thing I wish they had available was the unicorn horn but sadly they had sold out! 

The First thing I bought was the Prince Charming Shower Cream, I believe they had it in a gel last you so it makes a nice little change to have it in a cream, I prefer the creams compared to the gels, I just find them more moisturising, this one is on the sweet side as it smells a lot like Turkish delight, it contains pomegranate so that's probably why it gives it that Turkish delight meets bubble gum sweet scent. 

I then wandered onto the lip section, now let's just firstly talk about The Kiss Lip Scrub this tastes divine and uuugghh I could just eat it all at once, it is the only thing in lush that you can actually eat, you could try the other things expect I can't promise you that you won't be sick. This tastes a mix between a berry trifle and raspberries so quite a berry theme, it's just the best just trust me go & purchase one you won't be disappointed at all.

They also have a lip gloss with the same name now, I'm going to be honest this is super moisturising, as it's enriched with cocoa butter, so i feel this would be really nice to pop on just before you apply your lipstick, it's very light and very creamy for a lip gloss, has a slight shine to it, I'm quite looking forward to using this actually it promise to do quite a few things.

Roses All The Way Soap, is another item I puurrrchased as it smells so damn good, it smells like the Rosey Cheeks Facemask and I think that's why I like it, It just smells beautiful, like you're in a fresh spring garden it's the best, I have actually got round to using this, it's very nourishing to my skin and makes it feel like silk. it's really creamy and, the smell is just beautiful.

And the last one is Lover Lamp, now I'm not a huge fan of things that smell like them orange cream sweets, now this smells ever so slightly like it but I can just about stand the scent, it's very much like a Terry's Chocolate Orange Scent. It's got Brazilian orange oil and lots of cocoa butter hearts in, I'm very excited to use this I've heard quite good things about it from my nan as I bought here one (she's now a complete lush addict much like myself) and she absolutely loved it, so I'm rather excited to use my one.

and that's everything in my little lush haul, lush have got such a pretty valentines collection out at the moment, I'm looking forward to using all of these products and got a feeling some will probably feature in my favourites posts. 

be sure to check out lush's new products here.

Have you tried Lush Valentines Products?



Wednesday, 13 January 2016

YSL Splurge

YSL are one on my many favourite high end beauty brands. They always create so many beautiful, and breathtaking makeup items, so today I went to my local boots store and hit the Yves Saint Laurent Counter and had the ever so lovely Sarah help me (Sarah is SO lovely and gave the best customer service I could EVER wish for, trust me if you need any help at all Sarah is the person to go too, I told her about my blog and she was more than happy for me to take a look at all the different selections they had available and really talked to me about what current beauty items a lot of people are loving including a few new items that have just come out too, I couldn't fault her service and for making me feel SO welcome). Sarah showed me so many new and amazing products to the point where my eyes were lighting up like fireworks as to how stunning everything was, One thing I loved and have heard so many beauty bloggers rave about is the YSL Rouge Volupte In the shade 'Peach Passion - 13' So I thought Sod it and bought it. YSL lipsticks aren't cheap as it's a 'designer brand' at £20+ for a lippy it does have quite a heavy price tag, but it's completely worth it and something I've always walked past and dreamed of owning that particular shade (why peach passion, why?). YSL lipsticks are (like I said) one of my many favourite beauty products. Pretty packaging (enough to take your breath away), fantastic staying power and not to mention how super pigmented their lipsticks are and their other beauty items.

They have so many beautiful colours to select from but this one really caught my eye, 1) because I had read and heard so many amazing things about this particular shade and 2) because it looked so stunning. Quite often with lipsticks you can lose pigmentation, but you don't with these bad boys. I picked 'Peach Passion' as it's (like I said earlier) the one I've wanted for a very long time. It's a gorgeous peachy pink shade, yet not to intense and vibrant, quite a neutral shade. Can we all just take a moment to discuss how bloomin' gorgeous is that packaging, I'm just in love with it. Now getting back to the lipstick, what's the texture like (you might be wondering)? everything I could ever dream of and want from a lipstick, it's pigmented, moisturising and doesn't feel cakey at all. What do you think of the price? In my honest opinion I don't think they really need to be that high as like I said £20+ a pop it is quite expensive for a lipstick but I guess as it's a 'designer beauty item' it's probably what you'd expect to pay. 

I'm chuffed to pieces, this was a bit of a luxury "just this once" kind of purchase. I would recommend this particular shade to anyone and YSL lipsticks in general, they are worth every penny and are SO gorgeous, to conclude, long lasting, slight shine and just dreamy packaging what more could you wish for! I can already sense that it's going to make an appearance in my January favourites

Massive thank you to Sarah for showing me around.

Have you tried YSL lipsticks?



Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Origins Or Oranges?

Hello everyone, so I had a little week off from blogging, it involved me being ill (full of a horrible cold), a cheeky Nandos & Cinema trips but the good news is that I'm back finally, Today I wanted to talk to you about some products that I've been loving recently and they are Origins products, I have used Origins Skincare products for about 1-2 years now and it was something that I always used to (and still do) swear by they just work for my skin, I recently a couple of weeks bag rekindled my love for them and decided to repurchase some products except this time I went travel size so I could test out a little bit of everything, So I purchase the Origins Superstar Minis Gift Box, Now i mentioned this briefly in my Boots Haul, and I wanted to go into a little bit more detail as you guys might want to give them a whirl like I did, or you might just want to have a nose at my current skincare products. 

I've decided to pick out my top three favourites and the ones that I've been using the most.

So for my face I've been loving and using the Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer, now this stuff is amazing, again I've used quite a few different moisturisers but this one seems to be one I find myself coming back too quite a lot, it's a really light and leaves my skin looking and feeling a lot brighter and much more healthier, this claims to do a fair few things and I have noticed the difference in my skin since using these products, It has Coffee Bean in so it does really make you feel & look more awake and lively let's say. I love how it goes onto my skin it doesn't feel chemically, if that makes sense? It feels really soothing and hydrating to my skin, and that's what I like about this it says to use this morning and night, however I just tend to use it only in the morning as I find it's all you really need.

Sticking with the Ginzing Collection, I've been loving and thoroughly enjoying the Refreshing Eye Cream To Brighten & Depuff. I have dark undereye circles which I inherited unfortunately, but since using this product (which just between me and you I had never used before) I've really noticed quite a massive difference I'd show you but I don't really want to plaster my naked face all over the internet! The travel size that I've got is still quite full. Literally all you need as I tiny toothpaste size amount and it works wonders, it's not oily or greases at all, again supper light I pop this on after I feel my moisturiser has been absorbed, it looks and works slightly like The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as to how light and easy it is to blend, obviously it's not a concealer but it does make my darkcircles look a lot less out there (if that makes sense), I love how cooling it is to my eyes, does it depuff? I'd say yes as my eyes feel less sleepy and more awake since using it. It also has a slightly shine to it, It's so cream and again moisturising, I feel it's one of them products that doesn't get the recognition it deserves, just trust go and order one. I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do. 

The last Things Is the High Potency Night-A-Mins Cream, this is what I've been using instead of applying my moisturiser again at night, it is a mineral enriched, oil free renewal cream, it says apply this at night to face and neck, now this cream (to me personally) smells horrible, I'm a little bit iffy of things that smell like artificial orangey scents, at christmas with them orange flavoured sweets with the gooey scent I avoid completely, it smells exactly like that (hence the name of this post), now a lot of you probably love them sweets and probably are shouting at me behind your computer screen  saying "WHY JESS, they are my favourites!!!" but the only thing with an orangey scent I can just about stomach is Terry's Chocolate Orange, So I apply this whilst trying not to breath, which I'm fully aware is rather odd. You're probably wondering why it's one of my favourite products if I can't even stand the smell of it....but the actually cream itself is amazing....I apply this everynight or I have been for the past few weeks, I apply it all over my face, it doesn't go on really thick, it's quite a thin cream. It leaves my skin in the morning feeling oh so soft and lovely, It doesn't feel too heavy on your skin and It sinks in really nicely just like to Ginzing Moiusturisers. It makes your skin feel and look a lot more healthy and a lot more plump and ready to go. So I use that everynight, hold my breath, pray for the best and then in the morning the smell is gone.

These products full sized, are quite good value for the how it makes your skin look and feel In my opinion, It is up there with the more highend skincare but completely worth every little penny. I can't wait to repurchase these three again as they are all extremely good and work for my skin. I'd highly recommend these products to anyone, let me know if you've used any Origins products before and what are your favourites.


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