Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Massive Topshop Haul

Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I did and received some lovely things, one of them things was a bit of spending money which as you can imagine I was thrilled with as my wardrobe need a few new items, (in my opinion anyway many people would however disagree with me). I picked up some sales items and some non-sales items, so let's get started with my mahusive topshop haul (quick note feel free to grab a quick beverage before you continue to read this as it's a good long haul hahaha).

let's start with the non sales items, the first thing I bought were these gorgeous tiny floral print, skinny cigarette trousers, I love topshops cigarette trousers I just think they always do so many pretty coloured ones throughout the year, so I picked these up, they are really soft and like a silky material, super comfy, I bought these as I thought they'd look great in the spring/summer with a nice black cami top and a sun hat, & they are £39.00

Next up is another quite pretty item and that is a pair of velvet lace detailed shorts, they are a little bit of a hot pant style shorts, but never the less they are gorgeous, I saw them on the rail and loved how pretty they looked, I like how these can be dressed up or down, these would also like really nice again in the spring/summer with a basic grey top, floppy black hat & some sandals, these do fit true to size, really comfortable and just gorgeous what more can I say than that. these were £28

stripy dress, I loved the ribbed affect on this dress it makes it look quite thick and snug, I tried this on in the shop and really liked it, it's just a plain black and white stripe, jumper dress style, I'm not quite sure if you'd call it that but I'm calling it a jumper dress anyway, it's £29.00 it comes on my just above the knee and I'm 5ft 1 so you can imagine that it's quite true to size.

sticking with black and white stripes I also bought just a plain stripe top in topshop, very casual and just a basic item really and that was £20, it's quite stretchy material so ideal for an everyday kind of top.

Now moving onto the sales, I went in on boxing day, mental I know but I had time to kill so what better way than to spend that time in topshop. I picked up this gorgeous baby blue jumper, I think it might be slightly cropped, I love this again this will go with everything, it will look really nice with a pretty little collar underneath, it was £36.00 reduced to £18.00 an absolute bargain which I wasn't letting stay in the shop.

POP-CORN SOCKS!!!!!!! I saw these and thought they were adorable and so sweet! they've even got little faces on them, actually they'de go quite nicely this my blue jumper hahaha they were £2

I picked up in the jewellery section a little J necklace as you know my names Jessica so the J is just there to remind me incase I forget the first initials of my name hahahah *starts laughing uncontrollably* and that was £3.25

picked up a nail varnish in the shade Tidal as I don't own enough nail varnishes already, it's a blueish/greyish colour and that was £3.00 

I'd just like to point out that I didn't buy this lot all in one trip it was many little and often trips, I really hope you like this massive haul and that I didn't bore you to death, I love reading what other people have bought or have picked up in the wonderful christmas sales. let me know in the comments what shops you have been loving and spending quite a bit of time in.

till the next post see you soon!



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