Monday, 28 December 2015

December Favourites | 2015

(sorry about the really crappy photos I was in a bit of a hurry ;) ) 

December is almost over *screams NNNOOOOOOO* which means that It's almost been another month gone were I have used products that I have enjoyed and want to now share with you SOOOO, this is going to be my December favourites!

The first product I've been really loving through November & December is a Barry M Nail polish in the shade Chai. Now you may or may not be aware that I'm an avid lover of a blue nail varnish but I must have felt daring the day I purchased this is it's a really pretty deep grey (chai Jess it's CHAI!!!) colour, I've found myself constantly putting this shade on my nails so I must have loved it!

Moving onto skincare things, more recently I have been having many a trip to lush and have picked up a lot of their christmas things which I have been using and loving (Golden wonder is my current go too bath bomb!) But there is one thing from lush that I always used to purchased and It used to my go to facemask for a little skin treat and that is the fresh facemask in Catastrophe Cosmetic, these facemasks last for three weeks in the fridge, a little bit of this beautifully creamy balm goes quite a long way. No only does it smell amazing, it works wonders at balancing out my oily and dry patches on my skin. For me this is personal favourite lush facemasks, it's the nicest facemask out there and I've tried SO many different facemasks, but this is definitely my go too facemask, I'm constantly coming back to this mask as it really helps sooth and calm my skin if it's feeling irritated, or even when I have few spots. the only downside to this product, I kind of feel like I have to rush myself to use it up but never the less it makes my skin feel soft and just the nicest thing in the world, this is only £6.50 I know recently some of Lush's prices have gone up slightly. I've been using it for about I'd like to say 3 years now so it's a firm favourite and something that i'd highly recommend.

Sticking with skincare again, I've been loving the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. It is a multi-functioning, botanical cleansing balm for all skin types and is the nicest thing EVER! it's so hydrating and moisturising, I use this first thing in the morning and last thing at night to remove the days face away hahaha, if you want to have a little bit more of a read on my thoughts on it I have done another blog post where I've gone into a little bit more detail here.

One thing that always bugs me is having dry lips, for one it's not ever a good look and two who wouldn't want to have nice moisturised lips, I for one do, and the current lip balm I've been loving and using is the Burt's Bees Mango Butter lip balm, it's SO moisturising it's unreal lasts a really long time, I like to pop this on just before I apply my lipstick as it makes them soft and not dry (praise the lord) I also sometimes like to pop it on-top of my lipstick to give it a little bit more of a shine to it. 

Sticking with all things lips I recently bought a new lipstick from Topshop, Topshop do fantastic lipsticks at such great prices not to expensive or inexpensive a nice in-between price, this one is in the shade Petal, it's a really pretty peachy nude and makes quite a good dupe for a certain YSL lipstick (just a little heads up for you) I'd highly recommend that you get this now as you'd be silly to miss out on such a stunning lipstick which looks pretty much exact to the YSL Lush Coconut Lipstick, at a fraction of the price, it's really good and makes the perfect peachy nude it's just stunning & something that I've found myself using quite a bit

I've also been loving Soap & Glory products again this month, my favourite out of the many collections that are available are the Sugar just smells amazing it smells like lime which is just the best smell ever, I've been loving their Sugar Crush Body Wash, Buttercream (it's so moisturising it's unreal) they make my skin feel so fresh and it's so nice and sweet scented, something that I love and is always somewhere in my bathroom!

Soap & Glory they have recently released a few new products & two of them are Sugar Crush (surprise, surprise) scented, the first one is Hand Food, now I'm not a fan of sticky handcreams, I don't like that sticky (I can't touch anything) feeling it's just not nice, however I get quite sensitive skin when it starts to get colder, so I've been absolutely loving the Sugar Crush Hand Food, it's so light and not at all grease or my worst nightmare sticky, extremely light and well worth a purchase if you want a new handcream.

Anti-bac now I'm a long time fan of S&G's Anti-bac gel as it doesn't give you that alcohol strong scent like other anti-antibacterials do, it's very refreshing and a lot of people keep asking me "can I have some Jess?" honestly always carry an anti-bac gel in your handbag it's a god send because you never know when you might just need it.

and that everybody is my December favourites, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments section what things you have been loving throughout December!

What are you current favourites?




  1. That lipstick shade is gorgeous!

    1. it's my new favourite, I adore it


  2. Your lipstick has awesome color xx

    1. it's so pretty isn't it



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