Wednesday, 23 September 2015


(photos above are not mine they are photos I've found on google images and instagram)

IT'S FINALLY AUTUMN!!!! *highfives*

One thing you probably all know about me is that I love Autumn/Fall I just love how everything is SO much more cosy, you've got Halloween, pumpkin carving, festive drinks everything about autumn I just LOVE!

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite things that I look forward to about autumn, as well as including some really autumnal photos because why ever not!

1. Halloween is on it's way

2. Pumpkins

3. Comfort Food

4. Scarfs

5. Super Cosy Coats

6. Candles, Candles and well MORE CANDlES

7. Evenings getting darker

8. Watching Hocus Pocus on repeat

9. Layering Clothes

10. Boots with socks

11. Cosy Coats

12. Christmas Just Around The Corner

13. Pumpkin Pie

14. Scented Candles

15. Perfect excuse to put the heating on!

I could go on forever but, i'd be a typing here a pretty long time....

What's your favourite things about autumn?



Friday, 11 September 2015

Oxford Street Splurge | Lush

You all know by now that I'm a flipping lush addict, I always find myself instantly drawn to the shop hahaha So recently some friends of mine Megan & Jo (hello if you're reading this) went to lush oxford street and kindly picked me up a few things! Now I didn't buy any bath bombs this Time *shock horror face* however I bought a few things that I've wanted to try after scrolling through my Instagram feed day dreaming about owning them! So with out further a do here's another lush haul.....

The first item Jo & Megan picked up for me was Lushs Key Lime Lip Balm, now another person who I know also bought this a couple of months back and ever since she let me try some, I've wanted one so I felt like it was about time I bought one, and honestly I'm just gonna but this out there this is probably one of my new favourite lip balms! It's very soft and moisturising on your lips and well the flavour test exactly like key lime pie so you can't go wrong. This lip balm does have a slight shimmery tint to it but you can only see it once applied up close. a little goes an extremely long way I also find that I don't have to keep re-applying it everytime I eat/drink, this product I like to apply after I've put on a lipstick as it basically locks in the colour hahaha you could also use this before you apply your lipstick! I can feel that this is going to be in my september favourites already! £6.57 per each balm

Next up I bought Rosey Cheeks Fresh Facemask, after hearing SO many amazing from other beauty bloggers about this Fresh Facemask, I decided that I'd try it. I honestly LOVE the smell of it, it smells incredible, it contains rose petals, rose clay & rose oil, what I like about lush face masks is that they last for 3 weeks, you get about 8 masks out of them, which to me is very good value for your moolah as you get lots of use out of them, that and you skin instantly feels so much more refreshed and brighter. This facemask is designed to help any redness you have on your skin, just a quick note this is a clay mask so a lot more thicker compared to the others! £6.50 per pot

I then bought the Big Bang Bubble Bar, I'm a sucker for bubble bars I just love them what I particularly like about this one is that lush have only gone and added a bath melt or an oil to it so you get to have a little extra to help soften your skin. I love how lushs description on this product it says " Start your evening with a BANG, not a whimper & treat yourself to a colourful bubble bath filled with softening avocado butter, zesty grapefruit oil, and refreshing lemon nyrtle oil. Simply crumble under running water, going all out if you fancy a super bubbly bath or saving some for next time if you want to prolong the treat..."  I wish this was available in every lush store *hint hint lush please* as it's such a gorgeous smell! a light citrus scent and you can really smell the grapefruit, I just love this bubble bar! SO GOOD!!!! £3.75 each

I've wanted to try the salted caramel soap for a long time after hearing other people say how nice it was, so I got a piece of that I'd say this is very much like honey I washed the kids soap it's super nourishing to the skin and makes it feel soft and clean that and the name itself just says it all, it's a very sweet caramel scented soap, my nan says it smells like christmas hahah I've got a feeling it's got cinnamon in too. Starts from £4.10 (per 100kg) my piece was £6.64 for 162kg.

The last item I bought was the Dreamtime Bath Oil, I wanted to try these as I have been feeling quite anxious lately and wanted something that would completely make me feel relaxed & calm, so I stocked up on them and bought three (one I've given to my nan as she liked the lavender scent) It's one of my new favourite bath oils as it's so relaxing and you instantly feel calm, it's got lots of lavender inside it, it says " Let curiosity point the way. Sink into the bath with thus mesmerising purple cocoa & Shea butter melt and appreciate the view as chamomile settles your spirits and camls deeply. ZZzzz" they are £2.00 each and in my opinion completely worth it and they make you feel so relaxed and calm! 

What products have you tried from Lush Oxford Street?



Sunday, 6 September 2015

Urban Decay | Smoky Palette

I feel like I don't do enough beauty posts so today I wanted to talk to you all, about the new Urban Decay Smoky Palette. Urban Decay is one of my favourite beauty brands yes they are pricey but as most beauty bloggers will agree they are completely worth the money. SO I recently purchased the gorgeous new palette & I'm literally in love with it. The new palette comes with twelve brand new shades including three exclusives, which all look so pretty starting from the top part of my arm (near the elbow) you have....High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen. Now everyone knows how good Urban Decay Cosmetics are and how they are so dreamey to every beauty guru. This palette seriously doesn't disappoint they are all super creamy and extremely easy to blend my personal favourite shades are High, Dirtysweet, Whiskey & Combust. This pallette is full of beautiful, yet deep & some neutral eyeshadows that can easily create a glam night out on the town look, to casual minimal makeup look, this is what I love about urban decay palettes there is a shade for everyone.

I personally like the coppery, neutral shades I also really like the smoky shades (hence the name smoky palette). The other thing about this product that I really like is the packaging it's simply stunning and has a very striking smoky print on the front of it. This case its self is extremely light weight so would be ideal handbag or travel size, The smokey palette does also include a step by step guide for various 'Smoky Looks'. The palette itself does contain a range of different types of eyeshadows ranging from, matte to shimmer to glitter it's just basically every girls dream eyeshadow palette. I personally feel like there is a lot more 'eyelooks' you can create with this palette as i feel it has more of a variety. The eyeshadows are all extremely pigmented, soft on the eye, easy to blend, extremely creamy ect and most importantly long wearing power. I also really like how this palette has a duo ended soft synthetic brush, which makes that blending process SO much more easier. I personally think the brush is that good that it would be worth even buying it on its own. All In all I have to say this palette is probably my favourite Naked palette out of them all (SO FAR *starts praying they bring out another palette soon*) I would recommend this to anyone as like I said has a shade of eyeshadow in it for everyone. 

Have you tried the Urban Decay Smoky Palette?



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