Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mini Haul & Little Life Update

Hello everyone, I feel like I'm slacking with my blogging atm, I've just been SO busy planning things ect. That and I still don't have a laptop as mines still broke, R.I.P laptop. But I have some super exciting news, well for me anyway.....I'm in a new job!! Which I'm SO happy about and I'm working for one of my FAVOURITE high st brands. So this post I wanted to share with you the new clothes that I bought for my new job, I'm only aloud to wear black & white clothes so there was one places I was heading......& that was Primark. I have to admit I'm SO impressed with Primarks Swinter (summer/winter) clothes, and if I do say so myself I think I've found some bargainous finds. 

(Sorry it's slightly creased it's been in the bag hahaha) 

The First item has to be the cutest item, I've ever bought from primark. It's this gorgeous plain black pinafore dress it's adorable & I just love it. It has two little pockets at the front (perfect phone size) and a really nice gold zip detail at the side, they also have this in a ruby red colour, which I'm slightly tempted to get as it'd look lovely at christmas. This is great and goes with any colour top underneath it, this was only £13.00 it's got a velvet feel to it and is just so nice & comfortable, it does run true to size so this is an item to try before you buy. I like to team this underneath my next two items.

I came across this just by shear luck, I was looking for black & white tops/sweaters (for the colder weather) to go underneath my pinafore dress & I came across this, it's a plain white & black striped sweater it's super soft and the best part about it is the price was only £3.00!!!! reduced from £8.00 it was the last one and it was in my size, so it was meant to be (that's what I'm telling myself anyways hahaha).

The last item is another black & white item, it's this super slouchy stripe top. It has three quarter length sleeves, it's that material that just sits perfectly on your body, this I like because it has a longer back and shorter front, so I could team this up with pretty much anything from dungarees to disco pants, I really like how this top has slits at the side....This was only £7.00.

That was all I bought for my new work wear as I'm planning on going to Topshop & another different Primark store to pick some more items.
Primark have got so many new gorgeous clothes in atm, perfect for the change of weather that will be coming (hands up for autumn & winter weather).

Tell me a little fact about yourself in the comments.



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Lush Oxford St | Haul #2

As you all will have seen my blog post about Lush Lincoln's launch night you will know, that the exclusive lush products that were available to only that store are now available in every lush store in the UK. So on Thursday evening at the lush launch I bought quite a few items, which as promised I'm now going to share with you all! 

first up is of course one of my new favourite products and that is the comforter shower cream, I've actually had this before when my friend Daisy visited Lush Oxford Street, she kindly picked me one up (don't worry I did pay her for it) I only had a tiny bit left and I had been saving it till it was available in my local lush store, I think you can only buy the 100g, 250g & 500g are the only sizes that are available to buy at your local lush stores, Lush Oxford Street you can buy 1 litre bottle of it (#goals) it's super fresh, sweet & very very fruit this has almond oils, bergamot oils & blackberry's in it, so it's super nourishing to the skin and really makes you feel super happy, the smell is so perfect for the summer, it's literally like summer in a bottle lol. £15.95 (500g) 

I then bought another shower cream, this time I selected the Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream, this smells like a Terry's Chocolate Orange in a bottle mixed with coconut, honestly this shower cream is incredible (slightly wish it was edible) they also have this product in a bubbleroon too so you could have the ultimate Yuzu & Cocoa bath. I do think it's one of them products that you are either going to love or not be very keen on, I personally loved how moisturising it was to my skin and how soft it made it after using it.
I find that the shower creams tend to be a lot more moisturising to my skin then the shower gels I just prefer them, I picked a little travel size bottle of this is it's ideal if you're going away on holiday this summer. £4.75 (100g)

Moving onto soap, I only picked on soap as I mainly bought bath bombs but they have so many to select from, I picked the Maypole soap, this is 100% my new favourite soap from lush, I really love lush soaps I always find them super hydrating & moisturising to my skin, this one smells like Sticky Rock that you get at the seaside with a huge peppermint scent running straight through it, it's definitely a summer scent soap, they had a lavender one and one which was like a giant dolly mixture with lots of different colours more photos of what I'm on about are here. Each piece of soap is cut into different sizes and has different prices but Maypole soap ranges from £3.10 (my piece was £3.35)

Now this product is now my new favourite bubble bar, it's called Milky Bath this is in bubble bar form they also have it in a soap which is called Milky Bar, this smells so fresh and floral, you litreally feel like your in a fresh summer garden with this bath bomb, it's that nice, I really like the design of this product, this doesn't have any colour to it but I think it might have a slight glittery shimmer to it though. I'd say you'd probably get about 2-3 baths out of this. £3.75

Moving onto Bath Bombs, Now I simply couldn't walk away from lush without a bath bomb in hand, So I picked up quite a few. The First one is Intergalactic if you follow me on Twitter & Instagram you will know how friggin' cool this bath bomb is, it's meant to look like a galaxy, you literally feel like you are bathing in a pool of glitter and sparkles this bath bomb pretty much sums up how lush is, it smells complete like peppermint and has just so many beautiful colours that stream out of it, above you can see a photo of how glittery it is, it's just WOW & very outer space hahaha. £3.95

I then bought Frozen, I've also used this one before this is no surprise to you as I'm such a massive lush addict, this bath bomb is based on the Disney film Frozen, it's super glittery and has grapefruit, rose & neroli oils in, this smells like roses and grapefruit mixed together, I really like this bath bomb because of how milky it makes your bath water and how softening it is to the skin. Definitely a product that you need to buy, £3.95

The last bath bomb I bought was The Experimenter this is definitely a wake me up & pick me up scented bath bomb, it's smoky and contains popping candy, fair trade vanilla absolute with vetivert oils, it's so nice and is quite a quick bath ballistic, this has 12 bath bombs inside it, the only thing I wish about this bath bomb is that after it's dissolved it wouldn't turn your bath water a greyish colour, it turns it a greyish colour because it has that many different bath bombs inside and so many beautiful pretty colours, it also has what was inside the middle of phoenix rising! £3.95

That is all I bought in Lush Lincoln, I really can't wait to use them all some again and others I'm super excited to use, let me know either in the comments on facebook, twitter or instagram what your favourite new lush product is, I love hearing from you all, or feel free to drop me an email



Monday, 10 August 2015

Primarni Haul | August 2015

You all know how much I LOVE doing hauls and you all seem to really enjoy them so as you can probably guess just by the title of this post, I've been to primark (AGAIN!?!?!). Yes I think it's fair to say I'm addicted to shopping in that shop, so on a recent trip I saw that Primark had launched EVEN MORE new autumn & winter clothes, shoes, handbags, homeware ect. Nearly all of the summer clothes have gone! Now.....

The first item I picked up was this gorgeous cocoon coat, it's in a really beautiful camel colour and it fits like a glove on, I've seen so many of these style coats on Asos for £85 this was only £25, It is a little long on the sleeves for me but I just really like the style and the colour, this is definitely going to come in handy when it starts to get colder. This looks so nice against a black and white outfit.

I also bought this lovely little ring set, I don't know why but I find that primarks jewellery is a bit hit & miss, I haven't for a while found a ring set that I really really like until I came across this, I like how it has midi rings as well as full sized ones, my favourite one is the little purple one, sadly though the main blue ring came off as I was trying to get it out the bag (it got caught on a pyjama hanger). That was only £2.50

Whilst looking at the jewellery section I also came across this really pretty coin necklace, this was only £1.50, I love how little coin necklaces are in fashion at the moment it just gives a nice touch & change to your usual jewellery collection, and at £1.50 you can't really go wrong, can you?!?

In my previous Primark haul (here) I bought a really nice lipstick print makeup bag & said how I wish they had a little mini one to either go inside it or to pop in your handbag when you are out and about! Well I've only gone and found a little hadbag sized one I'm so happy it's the exact same print just in a smaller version, this was £2.00. 

I appear to have gone pyjama, potter & bambi crazy, Primark have only gone and brought out the cutest bambi night sweater ever, I'm actually going to wear this as a day top with my disco pants and converses, I just love the faded vintage look print on it, the burgundy is a nice little touch too. £10.

whilst on the theme of bambi, I bought to pairs of pyjama leggings, the first ones have are plain grey with a thumper & bambi sketch I just thought these just round the house would be great as when I'm at home I practically live in pyjama bottoms, these are only £8.00! the other pair have little tiny bambi shadow print on, and on the left ankle it says "you have the world at your feet.." which I thought was a really nice touch to these leggings, this also is on the other pair too, both only £8.00.

I then picked up a little bit of Harry Potter pyjamas too, I picked these summer lovely (and very cosy can I just add) slipper socks, I LOVE slipper socks primark ones actually last a really long time and they keep your feet nice and toasty hahaha. These I like because the colour and the little hogwarts logo was in the middle. 

Whilst on the theme of all things Potter I picked up this night shirt, it's an oversized night shirt and has the same grey, charcoal & gold colours running through it, it's super soft and just feels so comfortable in, I also really love the back which to has the harry potter logo on it, not only that but the inside collar says "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good....". This was £10.

The last & final thing I bought was something that you all might recognise, I bought another peter pan collared t-shirt, It's so nice so I decided to buy another one as I liked it that much! this is only £8.00.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite items are from this haul & I'd love to hear about what things you tend to buy in Primark.

Quick little update I've got a FACEBOOK PAGE, so please go and like that it'd mean a lot to me. until the next post adiĆ³s xx

*This post is sponsored however all views an opinions are my own.



Sunday, 2 August 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Just That Girl Online

(photo credit -

So a year ago today, I sat down at my laptop and began to type away anxiously wondering if anyone would ever even click or read I then bit the bullet and hit that publish button and created my lil space on the interweb. I can't understand why I was worried, I love writing on my blog it makes me SO immensely happy when I read all your comments, emails & messages. I can't believe it's been a year since I was sat on my bed creating my own lil page, it has seriously flown by, it only feels like two minutes ago since it was created and my first post was published, I actually remember sitting on my bed after hitting that publish button terrified.....I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!!! to every single one of you who have been reading my blog or for even following me. I read every single one of your comments and you all just put a huge smile on my face to say the Thank you for supporting me!

Now let's get cracking them b-day tunes out.....


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