Friday, 31 July 2015

Lush favourites | July- August

I feel like I haven't done a Lush post in a very long time, so today whilst seeing what I recently purchased both online and in-store I thought I'd share with you all some of the products that are my current favourites, now I've had to narrow this down as I firstly started off with ten lol, I've managed to narrow it down to just four! This is kind of a lush July - beginning of August favourites. I really love lush, I love all the different scents and just lush itself, one thing that I like the most is how the products do not effect my skin, make me come out in a rash or make my skin look dehydrated. I really trust their products and they work for me, some people say they are a little expensive but I personally would much rather have paid a little bit more on a skin care product that doesn't have any harsh, nasty chemicals in, then one that does and makes me come out in a rash.

As long as I've used lush I have not once ever had any problems with the products they are super good and amazingly refreshing to your skin, so if you haven't tried lush products out yet, I hope this can give you a bit of an idea of what sort of products you can go in-store or online & buy!

First up is Phoenix Rising I brought this a while ago from my favourite store Lush Lincoln - This is actually going to be discontinued which I'm very sad about as this is such a gorgeous, refreshing bath bomb. It's a bath melt on the outside and inside it's bright blue which is a bath bomb, this smells completely like fresh spring flowers and would be really nice to use this summer atm because of the weather ect.

I also brought Big Blue, as this is quite a seasalty, seaweed scent and just smells like the ocean. This does contain sea salt crystals and seaweed, if you have any cuts this will help heal them and it's so nice to use after a long hot summers day, this is defiantly a summer go to bath bomb! £3.35

The other bath bomb I brought was Ickle Baby Bot - this is definitely a lavender infused scented bath bomb, I think this mixed with sunny side bubble bar would be amazing or flowering tea bag bubble bar. Like I said lavender scented prefect if you've had a long or stressful day this is defiantly the bath bomb to chuck in the bath sit back and relax into. This is only £1.95 which is quite cheap and totally worth it!

Last but not least the final favourite of mine is Cherry Blossom, this is currently exclusive to Lush Oxford Street who have released so many new and exciting products which at the end of this post I will share with you all a photo of what's coming to ALL stores across the UK! Cherry Blossom (as you've probably guessed) smells like cherrys surprise surprise. To me it smells more of cherry bakewells, this is quite a sweet scented bubble bar and one that you will either like or not, I personally do, this is re-usable so if your heading to or near lush oxford street this is defiantly an item you need!


If you are on instagram and follow nearly all the lush accounts (I do hahaha) Then you might have seen this photo floating about:

They are the new products from Lush Oxford Street that are coming to ALL UK LUSH STORES!!!!! very very very soon so keep your eyes peeled instore! 

What's already landed in Lush Lincoln

What are your favourite Lush products?



Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mini Haul | Primark July

I've been trying to tell myself for a couple of weeks now don't keep going into Primark, because I always find so many things to buy and I think you can probably guess that just by my monthly Primark Hauls (quick note expect another huge Primarni Haul again in a few days maybe on my blogs first birthday?!) I only brought a few things this time though which is quite rare for me.....

The first item I brought was this *peter pan collared, navy & green tartan dress, I can't actually believe this was only £15! I tried to buy one very similar like this last year around about christmas time but sadly had no luck, as they had all sold out. These I imagine will sell pretty quickly again too, literally was like 5-6 people pick up this dress (me included), it's really good quality, the only thing I'd say about this dress is that it's quite a tight fit across the boobie area and waist so I sized up from a 6 to an 8 but apart from that, this is such a lovely dress at a bargainous price, I'd also recommend trying it on, as you then can see if you like it or not, fit, size ect. I love that this dress has the little zip detail to it, I do wish however primark did this dress without the zips too. I'm super happy with this and can't wait to wear it.

Next up I brought a *Tartan Scarf, I think I've gone slightly tartan crazy, I wanted a scarf ready for the autumn/winter as I didn't have one, there was quite a few different tartan coloured scarfs all at different prices, however I opted to buy this one because I really liked that it was reversible, you can have it either on the tartan side or the checked side, Zara had one pretty much exactly like this last year or the year before, and I think Urban Outfitters did too, except this one doesn't have the hefty price tag on the end of it! This was only £7! it's so soft and cosy and I just love it! I'd say it's oversized as when you put it on it's like having a giant blanket around your neck hahaha

The last item I brought was a new *make-up bag, my old make-up bag was looking a bit worse for wear so I thought it was about time that I got a new one to go along with the many others I have, so I came across this one....

I posted a photo of it on my instagram & twitter, so many of you said you loved it! It's not a huge bag or a medium sized one it's a kid of in the middle perfect size, I really loved all the different lipsticks on it and it was only £3 a bit cheaper then the large sized ones, it's good size and I can fit so many different items of my make-up inside it. I do however wish Primark would make this in a handbag sized one.

Primark have their Autumn & Winter Collection in right now, so be sure to go into your local Primark to check out some of the amazing things they have instore, and go grab yourself some bargains! 


*This post is sponsored however all views and opinions are my own.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of my favourite apps, I love nothing more than taking photos mainly for my blog, but just in general, I never used to really like instagram that much but now I'm addicted to it, like I love seeing all the different posts/pics quite like a morning newspaper except without the drama! Anyway, I thought that today I'd do a blog post and share with you all how I edit my instagram photos, and thought I'd also share with you all a few of my favourite pics! I've recieved quite a few emails asking "How do you edit you blog photos and instagram photos?" and well instead of me replying the same answer to you all, I thought a blog post would be better. 

Instagram has become something that I've enjoyed a lot more over time I love nothing more then scrolling seeing all the exciting new products been launched in lush or primark. But I also like sharing with you all the things I like and for you to see a little bit more of what my life's like outside of the online world, if you follow me then you will know I like to post many different types of photos including ones of pizza (fave food), things I've brought in primark or anything from pretty flowers to something that I think "I'm gonna Instagram that...." Do I have a theme? A lot of you ask this and no I don't I have been trying to but I've been struggling hahaha 

What filters do I use and any tips on the best photo?

I love to use the Aden, crema, Ludwig filters I just think they are my favourites, I'd say try and make sure that you have good lighting, lighting is the key and see if you can try and stick to a theme but i also like to scroll through other peoples feeds to get some inspiration this does help quite a lot. 

Some of your favourite Instagram posts that you've posted?

For those of you that don't know my laptop is actually broke at the moment so this is just a little quick post, really sorry I'm trying to get it sorted.
Hopefully soon I will be able to post a lot more blog posts.



Sunday, 12 July 2015

Primark Haul | July 2015

Hello everyone, the other day I accidently went shopping to......PRIMARK!!!!!! These type of blog posts seem to prove most popular with you guys and I've come to the conclusion it's because you can't actually access primark online and click that buy button, so it's quite nice to actually get to see what's in the shop before you go there to see if there's anything that takes your fancy.....SO I went there and brought a few things....*looks at receipt shamelessly* now since that my primark hauls and collective hauls are my most popular and the ones where a receive lots of emails from you guys saying "Please do another primark haul Jess..." I thought I would share them with you! 

Okay so the first thing I picked up was this really cute like 60s style sleeveless shirt/top (it's quite thick material), it's just black and white stripes with a really nice little white peter pan collar, I really like the collar on this one as it's a little curved, I love collared tops, however I'm not to sure on the fit of this, I'm gonna try it on and see what it looks like, as I didn't have time to try it on in store, I thought this would look SO nice with my disco pants and yeah, basically it has a collar so I was having it! and that was only £8.00.

I appear to have gone slightly detail crazy 

Next top is this really pretty lace detailed sleeve, baggy top/sweater, now I absolutely love this I just really like detailed things at the moment, I just thought this with a really nice pair of black jeans and some cool shoes, it'll look awesome I do think I could probably get away with this during the autumn/winter as I could see this would look really look nice with my parka and disco pants with some nice boots, why am I already thinking of autumn and winter? *note to self - it's because it's your favourite time of the year!* that was only £6.00 which is very good for the quality of this I am however slightly worried that this might bobble.

I brought a candle....bit random but it's a very summery style candle and it looks really cute in the little mason jar! I don't know why but I love candles in jars.... it just smells really really refreshing and sweet, it doesn't smell like your typical summer scent, it's called Light Lime Soda, and it literally smells AMAZING, and that was only £3.00 so that's going to last you a good while.

Another candle that I picked up was this one and it's more about the detail of the jar it's copper so another must have for me as I love anything copper, it was too only £3.00 this has an unscented candle inside it (which can be replaced once you've burned it) I just have an obsession with copper things and this was too pretty to leave there.

Next up I came across this lace kimono style light jacket, now I was trying to buy things for the autumn and winter as I pretty much have my wardrobe full of lots of summer items and I was trying to stay away from buying summery items but this I just simply couldn't not have, now this is pricey as it's £16.00 but I can understand why as it has so much detail on it and is just simply gorgeous! I haven't yet decided what I'm going to wear this with but when I do I'll let you know!

Now I brought this not because it has bambi on (not also because it's my favourite disney film either) but because I needed a new mini bag, now this is so cute and it's perfect for storing make-up in or if you are at school a pencil case, this also depending on how big your handbag is you could keep this inside that too, as a mini out and about makeup bag, and that was only £3.00

Sticking along the theme of disney and a certain fawn, I came across this top now this doesn't have a label on it but I know this was £6.00, I bought this because I love wearing just basic tops with my disco pants, I just like tucking them and, yeah I did mainly buy this because it has my favourite disney film on it!

I got this little cushion, now I have lots of cushions on my bed as you can probably see from my instagram, but I really liked the quote on this it says on one side "It's the little things" and on the revise side of the cushion "that make life wonderful" I just thought that was really cute and would look really nice along with my other cushions on my bed! that was only £3.00 from the homeware section.

whilst looking in the homeware section I came across this really nice little mirror, which also has another little quote on it, it says "Happy girls are the prettiest - Audrey Hepburn" I just thought this was so sweet and what a fantastic quote from a fantastic lady, I love how this is printed on the mirror I just thought this on my bedroom wall or in the bathroom would look so nice! that too was only £3.00

Okay so the last two things are shoes, the first pair I got were these patent t-bar shoes in black, I don't know really what to call them so I'm going to call them dolly shoes, I picked these up because I know that these will go with most outfits and these were £8.00 which for a pair of shoes these style from primark are pretty bargainous, as I've seen a pair of shoes like this last christmas for like £69.00 from Clarks.

Last pair I got were the other colour of the black t-bar shoes, these are in a burgundy reddish colour, I just couldn't leave the other colour behind so I ended up getting both I just really like them, they remind me of little vintage school shoes, like the ones you have when you joined primary school you'd wear these with your like frilly socks, these too were also £8.00! these also have a nice little platform and I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable they are! that and how nice they look. One thing I love about these shoes is that these make a slight change to my shoewear in the autumn and winter instead of wearing boots or converses all the time. I just think these are SO adorable these will look great with socks

Okay so that is everything for my primark haul, primark actually starting to get their autumn and winter clothes ect in atm, I hope you've seen some things that you like or that you might infact take a trip to primark to buy yourself, let me know in the comments what you think or come find me on twitter (@JustJess369) and send me a tweet! I hope this has fulfilled your much requested need for a primark haul, it's definitely fulfilled mine! hahaha



Friday, 3 July 2015

Ready For It? | Batiste

As you all know I'm currently teamed up with Batiste, I absolutely love Batiste it's such a fantastic hair care brand, & one that I have used for many years now. So recently I got sent their newest batiste in their long collection, Batiste have done a collaboration with X factors Ella Henderson, who is their new Ambassador, now I've been super excited about this product since I received it, I've used this on & off for the past couple of weeks now as, as it's getting hotter and summer is finally here your hair is going to want a quick refresh now and then, so I've but Ellas Batiste to the test and I can't stop using it, I'll be honest with you I wasn't too keen on the scent of this one compared to the others at first put once you use it a few times I began to like the smell more. It smells like a vintage sweet shop and I really like it, it doesn't leave white streaks in your hair and actually has a lot longer lasting staying power than I expected, I have to admit I'm super impressed with this product. Ella actually chose the fragrance herself, you can really smell the vanilla & the coconut scents throughout the product, as batiste says "You never know where the day might take you, but with Batiste on your hand you know you'll always be ready for anything". You can create so many flattering styles with this product anything from your basic plait to a fishtail or even a show stopping red carpet hair style. This is the product that you need in your hair care. This product is available right now in all UK stockists and is £3.29 (RRP). This is my definite handbag must have for the summer as I always find myself restyling my hair so this is a nice way of getting that freshly washed hair feeling, this too is perfect if you're planning on going to music festival this summer. 

Have you used Batistes Ella Henderson Dry Shampoo?



Thursday, 2 July 2015

Collective Clothes & Accessories Haul | Summer 2015

I've been shopping again, and instead of me doing lots of different mini blog posts about what I brought over the past couple of weeks I thought I'd share with you all in a massive haul post instead hahaha.

(photos above are from

I've been trying to update my summer wardrobe a lot more so I decided to hit Topshop now I don't know about you but I pretty much fall in love with everything they have instore (and online) so as you may or may not know I have a slight (HUGE!) obsession with collared tops/jumpers/shirts/blouses ect, And Topshop have a 50% (or even more on some items) off summer sale atm. So I took full advantage and brought the Hybrid Shirt Jumper it's collared with a beautiful lace trim kind of shirt insert in the bottom. I think it's so beautiful this should have been £45 but I got it for £20! Bargainous, it's super lightweight and looks amazing with my disco pants (I'm planning on doing a blog post about how I style disco pants soon) I really love lace inserts atm I just think they add a touch of elegance to any outfit, that was a definite must have item. 

Next up whilst looking in the sales section I came across this long sleeved super lightweight cardigan, I saw this before it went in the sale and desperately wanted to buy it as I have my burgundy cardigan and wanted more of a light and bright colour so I chose this this £42 or £45 I think reduced to £20 so that pleased me know end, as I LOVE topshop cardigans they are just so comfy and snug, This is super lightweight material and I just love it.

I also had a look at the 'Last Chance To Buy Section' in there and came across this gorgeous slouchy jumpsuit, It's colourblock and has a lovely mesh insert front and a split back, I tried this on thinking that I wouldn't like it at all and that It'd be put back on the shelves but no it's now come home with me. I couldn't leave it as I loved it, I'm going to team this up with a pair of heels and certain necklace that you will see later! I saw this I think last year online and instore it sold out so quickly so I felt super happy (and slightly lucky) that go it.

I also brought a pair of gorgeous shoes but I've done a separate blog post about them, which I hope you like, I absolutely LOVE them and they're just so comfy, just click the link to have a read.

(sorry the photos aren't that good I'll try and take a better photo of it in store) 

After looking and trying various things on in topshop I decided to go to Primark as I love primark (who doesn't love primark?!?!!) so I picked up quite a few things and then came across one item which literally took my breath away hahaha, I came across this beautiful waterfall front duster style jacket. I picked this up thinking it wouldn't look good on me and that I'd hate it but honestly I absolutely love it. It has a batwing back to it and the has 3 quarter length sleeves, I paid £20 for this which could be deemed a little tad on the expensive side for a primark jacket but honestly the quality of this is so good! This is that type of jacket that goes with pretty much any outfit its SO comfortable and I've received so many compliments on it since I brought it, infact most people asked me if it was from Topshop lol. 

Now by now I'm sure you are all aware that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rose Gold jewellery so this may not come as a surprise to you but I brought a Rose Gold Necklace, I've scrolling on Asos' website and found nothing like the style that I wanted, so after leaving Topshop I went into H&M as H&M always have something Rose Gold in the jewellery Section whether it be rings, bangles, necklaces ect, And well I found what probably is the most beautiful rose gold coloured necklace ever, it's chunky and I love it. I particularly love how if you add this to any outfit it instantly brightens it up. This is a very beautiful statement necklace and was only £9.99. It goes really lovely with my colourblock jumpsuit. I also bought this pretty set of rose gold earrings too as I simply couldn't leave them there, I love how these have super tiny ones and ones which are like Pat Butcher style hahaha, I really liked the different sizes and styles of them, these were only £3.99 which was extremely good value for the amount you get, I tend to buy accessories from either River Island or Primark as they are quite cheap and last a long time.

After all of that I finished shopping and headed to get a cheeky Costa Coffee hahaha. 

Have you got your summer wardrobe ready?



Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Yesterdays Someday Summary | Tuesday

(Biggest jar of Nutella I have ever seen in my entire life it was 5KG)

Okay, so where to begin? well if you follow me on my instagram you will know that yesterday I went to the Beach cleethorpes to be precise, it was such a gorgeous sunny day and it was very very hot too so what better way to take full advantage of the weather then go to the seaside, I brought some fresh cooked donuts (my fave sweet treat to buy when at the seaside) they were extremely yummy, I walked along the beach and just felt really calm, I get quite anxious so to be at a place that makes me feel completely calm and relaxed, & to stand listening to the waves makes me happy, it was such a lovely day infact I wish I could rewind it and go back to yesterday hahahaha, I did have to leave my brand new shoes at home though as I didn't want to ruin them, but by the time you read this I will be walking out and about in them, I also received some more PR samples for some future blog posts which are all very exciting products, which I'm sure you're all going to LOVE. I did buy some fish and chips at dinner time, honestly it was so nice I just wish you could have all been there with me to see the view on the beach, it was that nice! I checked my bloglovin' & instagram page when I got back home had a nice Lush Bath and got tucked up in bed listening to music on repeat and pre-planning future blog posts. all in all had a pretty great day! 

Like I said if only I had a time machine to go back to yesterday

What did you do yesterday?


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