Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Walk This Way....

Recently after weeks (if not months) of saving up, I decided to go and spend some moolah in Topshop now I'm doing a collective haul very soon aswell but I wanted to show you these and go into more detail about them on a separate blog post. I bought some shoes from Topshop! They are the Mine Leather Buckled Ankle Boots,Now I've had my eye on these since probably end of march (round near my birthday) beginning on April, and yesterday I decided to finally buy them as I loved them that much! They are so comfy and surprisingly the heel on them is actually lighter compared to my chelsea boots from H&M (blog post on that here). I love the buckled detail on them and just pretty much fell in love with them, they're really sturdy and are comfortable to walk I'd say you could probably get away with wearing these all day as they are that comfortable and lightweight. My favourite thing about them though is the price, they were £80 and I got them in the sale from.....*pauses typing for drumroll* £20!!!!!!!!!!!! BARGAINOUS! I couldn't believe it, the shoes I had been day dreaming of for a past couple of months went into the summer sale for £20! They are real leather and are such good quality. Honestly I would recommend a pair of Topshop shoes to anyone anyday! Would I buy a pair of shoes from Topshop again? YES!

My favourite thing bout purchasing these shoes has to be the price as that's really amazing, to say I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day would be a lie hahaha.

Have you brought a pair of Topshop shoes? What did you think of them?
Let me know in the comments!




  1. Gorgeous shoes!!


    1. thank you, I absolutley LOVE them!



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