Friday, 10 April 2015

Primarni Loot | Issue #2

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you all another Primark haul, (quick question does anybody else call primark, primarni?!?! let me know in the comments) I absolutely LOVE primark. Their stuff is so good and so cheap, so a couple of days ago I went back to my local primark and had another look & brought some more things! : /

The first thing I brought was the pyjama bottoms to go with my pyjama top from my other primark haul, at first I wasn't going to get them and then I decided sod it I would hahaha, so I did! they are so so comfy and I personally prefer the legging style pyjama bottoms as whenever I'm out and about I'm either in leggings or my disco pants and just find the pyjama style ones perfect and the most comfy, at £5.00 they are amazing and super soft!

I then bought another pair of shoes :/ (whoops). I LOVE these the style reminds me of old vintage school shoes! I'm really into my monochrome at the moment pretty much everything I've bought from primark is black,white,grey or blue/navy hahaha, these are so comfortable and look so cute! can we all just take a moment to appreciate the colour? They were £10.00, these shoes have also got a pretty strong & sturdy sole.

whilst near the shoes I came across the hair accesories and found this really pretty, grey flower hair bun band (?!?!?! if that's what you call it). As I have quite a small head I didn't want big flowers as I then look like I've just shoved my head out of a flower bed (minus the dirt and soil). That was only £2.00!! they had a pale pink one which I wasn't as keen on, so I just stuck with the grey.

I then came across this stripey knitted crop top, they had one in black but I prefered the Navy and cream one. I think crochet and knit wear is going to be extremely popular this spring/summer. they didn't have any left in my size so I picked up a size 14 (I'm normally a size 6/8), primark clothes tend to be quite small so even though it's a size 14 it does fit me and looks like a size 8. It is quite a loose knit so you could always put a black cami underneath it if you like. I'm going to wear this top with my long burgundy cardigan I recently bought from Topshop and my disco pants. 

Okay so then I went to the homeware section, I brought another box of my rose gold lights, they are so pretty if you follow me on my instagram (@justjess369) you will know how gorgeous they are! at £6.00 they are a bargain, they now look even more prettier. I also bought this lovely,smelling scented candle, It reminds me of mango ice cream hahaha It's meant to be Red berry & Jasmine scented but to me it's mango, it's like your classic spring/summer scent (£3.00)

So after all that shopping I made my way to the till when I came across these super chunky grey, knee high socks! I love knee high socks and these are perfect super soft and really thick, perfect for them cooler days I think these will look super nice with a pair of shorts or a skirt and a floaty top.

That's all I brought in primark! hahaha One thing I would say is when you go shopping in primark, it's extremely hard not to want to buy everything in there! so a bit of advice when I go in there this is what I always ask myself:

Am I going to wear it?

and what with?

I love primark and I can't wait to see more of their new clothes launched! (I'm so excited!) hahaha I really hope you liked this post, let me know what you like to buy in primark in the comments down below

What is your favourite item from my haul?




  1. I call Primark 'Primarni' as well haha :) I love everything you have bought especially those PJ's! I will have to get some of those lights when I move into my new house!

    Meme xx

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    'Bad Hair Day? No Way*'

    1. hahaha I thought I was the only person that did lol! :) awww thank you honestly they are so comfy (actually I'm wearing them now as I type this ;) ) I love them the look so pretty over a dressing table or a mirror!



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