Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourties

Hello everyone, I know that I haven't blogged a lot lately it's because I've been away for my birthday and had not really much time to properly sit down, anyway I'm fully aware march is over, but I wanted to share with you all my favourites from march! so I hope you enjoy it!

My march favourites have basically been sweets, nail varnishes & books. 

One of my favourites has been Jolly Ranchers! I love them, they're my favourite sweets ever! (I personally love the watermelon ones hahaha). I do love a bit of american candy! ;)

I've also been seriously loving instagram, I find it extremely difficult to post once a day sometimes I've posted about 4-5 in a day hahaha! I just love the filters pretty much, that's my favourite app on my iphone!

The Body Shop Wonderblur - I did a review of this a while ago and have just continued to use it. I use this pretty much every 2 days as I find it a little bit heavy on the skin every day, but however it's still a fantastic product!

Nivea lip butter - I've never been a massive fan of nivea but this product I've been LOVING as my lips went through a really dry chapped faze (I looked awful), but luckily this transformed my lips from looking like a scaly mess, thank god.

Barry M Nail Varnishes - I'm a long time fan of Barry M nail vanishes, the quality is really good, they're cheap, cheerful and don't break the bank either. They last a fair amount of time before starting to chip, they are very opaque and just really good quality. anyone else love a good Barry M nail polish? 

Love Tanya - I've been reading Tanya's blog for a very long time and when I saw she was releasing a book I brought it straight away! If you haven't read it I suggest you do as it's truly a fantastic book, full of make up tips, tutorials ect. Honestly once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! it's that good! 

So those are my favourite.

What are your march favourites?



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