Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lush | May Day....

Hello everyone as you all know I'm a huge lover of all things lush, so today when I went to my local Lush, they had just released a new bath bomb which is also part of a campaign to think about animals when you vote on May the 7th. 

As you can see from the pics on Lush's instagrams they have got masks and so much more!

The May Day Bath Bomb is really nice and smells completely like liquorice & black jack sweets, but with a bit of butter ball included!

 It's a really sweet smelling bath bomb, If you follow me on my instagram you can see this in action it's quite a quick fizzer, It's not a very colourful one but never the less it's still really nice, this is more of sweet/buttery scent, this bath bomb isn't really a fresh smelling scent like the rose type bath bombs, this is more of a subtle. Inside the bath bomb there is a little piece of paper which says:

I personally would use with bath bomb with another bath bomb as It doesn't really turn your bath water any colour it gives it a hint of shimmer and that's about it, but still never the less it's a really nice bath bomb, The great thing about this product is that whenever you buy this bath bomb the £2.95 you payed for it all goes to charity! So not only do you get a lovely little lush treat you are also giving something back, and that's supporting animals!

This Bath Bomb will only be available for a certain amount of time so be quick and buy one!

(whilst I'm typing this I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be doing a lush oxford street haul very very soon on here FT lots of new and exciting products so stick around!)

Have you brought Lushs May Day Bath Bomb?
What do you think of it?



Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Body Shop | Green Tea Anyone?

Meet the new Body Shop range!
Fuji Green Tea, it's new fresh and simply smells wonderful, these new products are designed to detox and replenish the skin in 3 simple, easy steps. And I'm going to explain to you what I used and what products I would recommend and that worked for me!
First thing's first:

Step 1 - Cleanse & Detox 

Firstly you can mix and match with the products so don't be scared to experiment with them, the first product that intrigued me was their Body Scrub, this smells so fresh and I really like it, It might not be some peoples cup of tea (see what I did there hahaha (not funny Jess) ) but I really like this you massage it into the skin I massaged mine on to my hand to test it out first (which I would recommend), I massaged it for a good 5 minutes and then rinsed it off, At first I couldn't really see the difference it had made to my skin until the next step.

Step 2 - Replenish

I then picked the Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet as to me it smelt the most fresh and well, I do love a good old body sorbet, this feels cooling and relaxing to the skin and I'm definitely going to be buying this again! this product you also massage it into your skin for a good 5-10 minutes and then rinse.

My hands felt super soft afterwards and I really loved them two products the only thing that I personally wasn't keen on was the last product to finish it off, I believe it's a body mist/spritz it's the Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne I found it too strong but you spray this all over your body after you have done all the steps, when I use these products again I think I will miss out the last step as it did actually give me a headache :( but apart from that I did really enjoy the other products and think this range has got quite some potential to be a new favourite. 

I could see and feel the difference in my skin, It looked really nice and soft (not dry) generally I can't wait to use them in the bath & shower, they are really good products I'm just personally not keen on the spritz one, for me it's a little too strong, but would I buy the other products again?


They left my skin feel refreshed, moisturised and just generally looking so much brighter.

Here are some more pics of the products used, I will leave the price list at the end + links.

Fuji Green Tea - Bath Infuser - £5.00
Fuji Green Tea - Body Scrub - £15.00
Fuji Green Tea - Body Lotion - £8.00
Fuji Green Tea - Shower Gel - £6.00
Fuji Green Tea - Body Sorbet - £8.00
Fuji Green Tea - Bath Tea - £12.00
Fuji Green Tea - Eau de Cologne - £19.00
Fuji Green Tea - Exfoliating Soap - £4.00
Fuji Green Tea - Body Butter - £13.00

Link to buy certain products

As you can see from the price list, it could end up being an expensive trip to your local Body Shop, so ask to try and test things out in store first as 1) you don't want to waste your moolah and 2) you then get to know what products you are either going to love or hate.
For me the sorbet is a go go and the body scrub but I will be missing out 
the spritz, I'm really looking forward to try out all the other products from this range

Have you tried anything from The Body Shops new Fuji Green Tea range?



Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wah London | Nail Kit

Hello everyone, It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had an amazing day spent with family, friends and cake (what could be better hahaha) I wanted to share with you all a gift I received from my nannie & grandad, I'm not bragging in any way, shape or form I like sharing things that I love or that I think others will love as much as I do too. I absolutely love doing nail designs and have longed for a proper nail kit, so I was super happy and surprised when my nan and granddad gave me this fantastic kit for birthday present.

The kit contains:
4 Nail art pens - Pink, Black, White & Yellow
A Nail File
A Nail Buffer
Clean Up Brush 
Cuticle Pusher
Jewel Tool
2 Pots Of Jewels
4 Tutorial cards - Full of different nail designs!
And 8 different colours of nail varnishes!

Honestly this is the by far the best nail kit I've ever used. I would recommend this as a perfect gift for anyone who loves painting their nails and doing nail designs, I love the packaging I think it's so cool & colourful, the nail varnishes are so gorgeous and have really long staying power, they are very opaque and give a nice high shine and gel like finish when applied, I particularly love the names of them hahaha (I love it when brands put names on lipsticks, nail varnishes ect instead of numbers) I have done quite a few different nail designs as you can see from my instagram, as an avid lover of nail varnishes, you can't go wrong with a good old nail kit, and this one is full of everything you could possibly need for that ultimate nail print. I really love the tutorial cards I think they are so pretty and it shows your step by step of what you can do......which is something not many brands include now-a-days when it comes to nail varnishes.

I can't thank my nan and granddad enough for this I'm completely obsessed with it.

What is your favourite shade of nail varnish?



Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lush Haul

Hello everyone, I feel like I haven't done a lush haul in a very long time, so I decided that today I would, as I know you all love my lush hauls and I'm so excited to share some of my new favourite products with you! 

(photo taken from

First up is Blackberry Bathbomb, this reminds me of ribena (fave drink ever) I believe it's a bathballistic, so it whizzes round your bath water super quickly, I could just sit & smell this bath bomb all day it's that good! It also has a little surprise inside this which I won't spoil for you, but I love the smell of this one already and I can't wait to try it. This is quite a large bath bomb so you do get your moneys worth!

(photo taken from
Next up I brought Twilight bath bomb, my friend told me how good this bath bomb was so whilst on a little lush spree I just couldn't leave it out. Firstly when I picked this up all I could smell was Lush's Luxury Lush pud which is a christmas classic, and it just took me right back to christmas hahaha It smells good enough to eat and It makes your bath water really milky apparently, and turns the bath water a gorgeous pretty purpley/blue colour.

(photo taken from

I have already used one of these little beauties it's the Rose Bombshell bath bomb! I absolutely love this, it has rose petals inside it some people haven't had many rose petals in this bath bomb however I got loads, It smells like a beautiful summer garden and like the Blackberry Bath bomb I could just sit and smell this one all day! I like to use this bath bomb with my next item.

(photo taken from

Rose Bubble Bar, it's so fresh and smells good enough to eat. both Rose products are no longer available online but in store they should be so go and visit your local lush store, the next two items are.....Butter ball and Think pink!

(photo from lush nottingham instagram)

I have already used Think pink and sadly I didn't take a photo of it before but I have found a photo from instagram of what it looks like in action, as it fizzes away in your bath it will shoot out little paper hearts and it's so relaxing! smells a little bit like a wham bar (weird but frickin' amazing for a bath).

(photo taken from

One lush product I have always always wanted to used is BUTTERBALL!!!! everytime I've gone into lush I have to always pick one of these bad boys up, it's really milky and leaves your skin feeling moisturised as it's packed with glorious cocoa butter, works a treat on eczema or dry/sensitive skin. 

That's all I brought from Lush recently.

What are your favourite lush products?



Friday, 10 April 2015

Primarni Loot | Issue #2

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you all another Primark haul, (quick question does anybody else call primark, primarni?!?! let me know in the comments) I absolutely LOVE primark. Their stuff is so good and so cheap, so a couple of days ago I went back to my local primark and had another look & brought some more things! : /

The first thing I brought was the pyjama bottoms to go with my pyjama top from my other primark haul, at first I wasn't going to get them and then I decided sod it I would hahaha, so I did! they are so so comfy and I personally prefer the legging style pyjama bottoms as whenever I'm out and about I'm either in leggings or my disco pants and just find the pyjama style ones perfect and the most comfy, at £5.00 they are amazing and super soft!

I then bought another pair of shoes :/ (whoops). I LOVE these the style reminds me of old vintage school shoes! I'm really into my monochrome at the moment pretty much everything I've bought from primark is black,white,grey or blue/navy hahaha, these are so comfortable and look so cute! can we all just take a moment to appreciate the colour? They were £10.00, these shoes have also got a pretty strong & sturdy sole.

whilst near the shoes I came across the hair accesories and found this really pretty, grey flower hair bun band (?!?!?! if that's what you call it). As I have quite a small head I didn't want big flowers as I then look like I've just shoved my head out of a flower bed (minus the dirt and soil). That was only £2.00!! they had a pale pink one which I wasn't as keen on, so I just stuck with the grey.

I then came across this stripey knitted crop top, they had one in black but I prefered the Navy and cream one. I think crochet and knit wear is going to be extremely popular this spring/summer. they didn't have any left in my size so I picked up a size 14 (I'm normally a size 6/8), primark clothes tend to be quite small so even though it's a size 14 it does fit me and looks like a size 8. It is quite a loose knit so you could always put a black cami underneath it if you like. I'm going to wear this top with my long burgundy cardigan I recently bought from Topshop and my disco pants. 

Okay so then I went to the homeware section, I brought another box of my rose gold lights, they are so pretty if you follow me on my instagram (@justjess369) you will know how gorgeous they are! at £6.00 they are a bargain, they now look even more prettier. I also bought this lovely,smelling scented candle, It reminds me of mango ice cream hahaha It's meant to be Red berry & Jasmine scented but to me it's mango, it's like your classic spring/summer scent (£3.00)

So after all that shopping I made my way to the till when I came across these super chunky grey, knee high socks! I love knee high socks and these are perfect super soft and really thick, perfect for them cooler days I think these will look super nice with a pair of shorts or a skirt and a floaty top.

That's all I brought in primark! hahaha One thing I would say is when you go shopping in primark, it's extremely hard not to want to buy everything in there! so a bit of advice when I go in there this is what I always ask myself:

Am I going to wear it?

and what with?

I love primark and I can't wait to see more of their new clothes launched! (I'm so excited!) hahaha I really hope you liked this post, let me know what you like to buy in primark in the comments down below

What is your favourite item from my haul?



Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Instagram Diary

Find me on instagram... @justjess369

My new sunglasses from topshop  My easter egg from my auntie (she knows me too well hahaha)  My nails I did when I felt creative
  Cheeky little nandos ;)
The beautiful view of the shadows of trees  Changing rooms in Ted Baker
 Out and about walking  Late night beach walks  Dogtooth Leggings from Newlook


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mini Topshop Haul

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter on Sunday and ate far too much chocolate! hahaha (I know I did) today I wanted to do a topshop haul for you all as it's one of my favourite shop and they have some fantastic stuff in atm! It's mainly stuff I've brought in the sale but who doesn't love a good old Topshop haul?! 

The first thing I bought was this super comfy electric blue jumper, I love love love the colour I saw this a couple of weeks back and you might remember it from my Topshop Wishlist when it was £38.00 and I loved it! so when I went in store the other day and saw it for £20 I bought it, I think this will look really lovely with jeans, leggings, disco pants at £20.00 this jumper will pretty much go with any outfit! 

I don't normally shop accessories in topshop as I personally think it is sometimes overpriced, but I do sometimes think sod it hahaha. So I had that sod it attitude and brought these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses, I think they are so pretty! they are like a nude/pink colour with a rosey gold colour hahaha I love them! I paid £16.00, I have quite a small head and I always can never find a perfect pair of sunglasses, or hat (don't even get me started) but these I would 100% recommend these glasses to my small pea head sized girls hahaha! I don't think my ones are available online but instore they definitely are.

So that's what I brought in Topshop, I think I've saved quite a lot of moolah in topshop! whenever I go into Topshop I have to restrain myself from buying pretty much everything in there hahaha I love pretty much all of their clothes, it's good for me but not for my bank balance.

What's on your Topshop Wishlist?



Saturday, 4 April 2015


Hello everyone, It was recently my birthday a couple of days ago, so after having a lovely couple of days in essex. I decided to take a trip to one of my favourite primarks (Chelmsford) I really love Chelmsfords primark as I find everything looks spotless and you don't go in and feel like a tinned sardine (apart from at the till hahaha) So I brought lots of different styles as I wanted to inject a bit of spring/summer into my wardrobe It's mostly monochrome as I love them colours! 

I firstly came across these gorgeous shoes! I love the buckle on them, I had seen a pair in Topshop that I liked which were quite similar but when I saw these in primark I just had to add them to my basket hahaha, at £8.00 they are an absolute bargain. Sadly I picked up the pair I wanted in the wrong size I'm a size 3-4 (mostly 3 but 4 in different styles of shoe).

next up whilst near the shoe section I came across this lovely colour block (if that's what you call it) necklace, It has a white/cream bar and a navy blue bar I just think this would look really lovely against a white casual floaty top, my next item and a pair of converses. £3.00

out of all the items I bought this I think is my favourite apart from the shoes hahaha. It's this really nice cropped sleeve space grey, cardigan. like I said I think this would go nice with the colour block necklace, I really liked the cropped sleeves as, in the summer if you get hot or it gets a little bit chilly in the summer breeze then this is just perfect to chuck on! at £10.00 I wasn't not going to buy it hahaha

I love primarks pyjamas as they are super cheap and they have really cute designs ranging from Disney to dogs. So when I came across this lovely pyjama top with bulldogs on I just had to have it. I really loved the colours and wanted, something that still kept me warm until the summer. At £7.00 it's really great quality and is just the cutest.

Now I don't normally go for something like my next item but I felt a little bit daring and wanted to step out of my comfort I did....I brought a jumpsuit. I saw it and absolutely loved it. I didn't think I would be able to suit a jumpsuit as I normally just go for playsuit but this I'm going to try and pull it off and rock it. I love the pattern and that's what drawee me straight to it £13.00. It will be fun trying to get out of when I'm in desperate need of le toilet.

moving away from clothing, I decided that I would look at the homeware section as you all know that I love my homeware! And primarks homeware is one of my faves, So when I came across these ROSE GOLD (!!!)/Copper fairy light I couldn't contain my excitement You all know how much I love my rose gold so I wasn't going to leave these behind hahaha. If you saw my instagram post you will know how pretty they are! I've decided I'm going to put these over my head border on my bed as I think these will look super pretty. At £6.00 they are an absolute bargain! LOVE THEM!!!!!

That is all I bought from primark, I haven't been in a really long time so for me, I absolutely loved it! hahaha
Let me know if you like these type of blog posts as I would love to do one again for you all.

What are your favourite primark items?


Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourties

Hello everyone, I know that I haven't blogged a lot lately it's because I've been away for my birthday and had not really much time to properly sit down, anyway I'm fully aware march is over, but I wanted to share with you all my favourites from march! so I hope you enjoy it!

My march favourites have basically been sweets, nail varnishes & books. 

One of my favourites has been Jolly Ranchers! I love them, they're my favourite sweets ever! (I personally love the watermelon ones hahaha). I do love a bit of american candy! ;)

I've also been seriously loving instagram, I find it extremely difficult to post once a day sometimes I've posted about 4-5 in a day hahaha! I just love the filters pretty much, that's my favourite app on my iphone!

The Body Shop Wonderblur - I did a review of this a while ago and have just continued to use it. I use this pretty much every 2 days as I find it a little bit heavy on the skin every day, but however it's still a fantastic product!

Nivea lip butter - I've never been a massive fan of nivea but this product I've been LOVING as my lips went through a really dry chapped faze (I looked awful), but luckily this transformed my lips from looking like a scaly mess, thank god.

Barry M Nail Varnishes - I'm a long time fan of Barry M nail vanishes, the quality is really good, they're cheap, cheerful and don't break the bank either. They last a fair amount of time before starting to chip, they are very opaque and just really good quality. anyone else love a good Barry M nail polish? 

Love Tanya - I've been reading Tanya's blog for a very long time and when I saw she was releasing a book I brought it straight away! If you haven't read it I suggest you do as it's truly a fantastic book, full of make up tips, tutorials ect. Honestly once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! it's that good! 

So those are my favourite.

What are your march favourites?


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