Sunday, 8 March 2015

Late Night Beach Walks & Pastel Hearts

Hello everyone, so a couple of days ago I went to go and see some of my family who live near a beach, so when I ordered a new lovely dress a couple of months back (and completely forgot I had it) I decided I would wear it finally as it has just been sat there for a very long time in my wardrobe and it looked like it needed some love, So I whipped it out of my wardrobe. It's this gorgeous heart print smock dress from Asos. It's SO cute and adorable, I paired this up with my parka from Topshop and a pair of super cosy tights from Primark! it was a little bit cold so I also popped on my hoodie from Topshop over my dress. The dress is sold out now but I love it! I think in the summer I'll probably pair this up with a casual black floaty jacket/jacket or maybe even that blazer on my wishlist I didn't take any pics of my outfit that day but I did take this of the sea at night which I thought you might like to see! :) I love going to the beach as for me when I get anxious it really relaxes me and makes me feel completely calm! 

(the beach photos look a little bit weird as the lighting was different off the beach, that and I have a crap camera)

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