Monday, 2 March 2015

Asos Wishlist | March

Hello everyone after reading lots of your lovely comments, and hearing from my friends how much they love my wishlists I decided I'd do another Asos Wishlist.
(all photos are from

Vero Moda Petite Blazer - I think I've found the casual blazer I've been wanting, It looks really good quality and like any blazer it pretty much goes with anything and came sometimes just bring and outfit together.

New Look Josie T Bar Flat Shoes - These aren't normally the type of shoes I'd go for but I really like them, I just think these would look nice with a dress I've just recently order from Asos, they'd also look really pretty with ribbed jeans and a scallop edge floaty top. I just think they go with ever things, they're a real touch of elegance.

New Look Flip Lock Backpack - As you all know I love my pastel shades and this is just screaming at me, I don't infact own a pastel backpack so I really want this in my life, it would look great in the summer and late spring and would look really nice against a grey dress with lace or black jeans and a ribbed top.

Asos Airtime Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots - I love chelsea boots infact they have become my new obsession but as I have a pair of heels I thought it would be about time that I should buy some flat chelsea boots these look really good quality and look nice and comfortable so I thought I'd add them to my wishlist!

Asos Open Leaf Cuff Bracelet - ROSE GOLD ROSE GOLD!!! I just love pretty much anything that's rose gold so that ticked the first box but I really like the little detail on the leafs each side I just think it's beautiful, I'm just not sure if it would fit my tiny little wrists hahaha

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core White Ox Trainers - I already own a pair of navy high top converses but I really want to get some comfy white ones, either high top or trainer style I just think the high top ones would look really pretty with a pair a nice frilly lace edged socks.

So my new wishlist is just full of shoes and accessories, you can't beat a good pair of shoes
What's on your Asos Wishlist?



  1. I love the cuff bracelet - I'm kinda in love with anything that gives off elvish vibes at the moment!
    Laura Emily xo

    1. awww I love the cuff bracelet I think that's my personal fave hahaha :) I'm constantly looking on asos atm! hahahaha


  2. Ahhh that leaf cuff bracelet is indeed SO beautiful!

    1. I love it! hahaha :)



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