Thursday, 5 March 2015

Arty Nails

Hello everyone, some of you may already know I have a huge soft spot for pugs! I just love them, So when the lovely Hannah from ArtPro Nails, sent me some customised nails featuring my five favourite things which were 
1. Raspberries
2. Macaroons
3. Pugs
4. Pastel Colours
5. Boots

I was very very excited, She sent me some leaflets all about the company which include some nail designs and I love them! ArtPro Nail sell digital nail printers. There are two models (V6.1 Pro & V7 + SMART).
Each machine has hundreds of unique designs and an inbuilt camera that you can use to create different designs. It's really amazing you can upload too, any image you want via USB! whether that be of photos of you when you were younger, pugs (like me) or a pretty pattern ect anything you want! How cool is that?! please go and check out their website as you seriously won't be disappointed! I wasn't!

What do your think of my Nails?


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