Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring/Summer Nails

Hello everyone, firstly I would like to say I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I've been feeling a little uninspired lately :( but I think and feel like I've finally got my blogging mojo back hahaha. Anyway today I wanted to share with you some of my current fave Barry M colours as I think these are all so pretty and I've even added a cheeky little Topshop one too hahaha. At the moment all I'm wearing on my nails is pastel blues as I think they are just so pretty! so here is a pic of my favourites.

Starting from the left:
Sugar apple, Rose Quartz Glitter, Huckleberry, Birthday Suit & Elderberry

What I like to do is when I've painted them and they are all completely dry I then, add a touch of the barry m Rose Quartz glitter, It's just so pretty, I love Barry M as their nail varnished/polishes are really good quality and it takes a while for them to chip, unlike Topshop nail varnishes that chip with in about a day :( which Is a shame for me as I LOVE Topshop, the formula is just very different from what it used to be.

What are you favourite shades of nail varnishes?



Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Easter Treats

The time is fast approaching to Easter, so a couple of weeks ago I visited my local Lush and got to see their Easter Display of the new products, as Easter is just around the corner I thought I would share with you some of their products that would be nice gifts for people who aren't too keen on chocolate. Lush has something to please everyone, trust me go all you have to do is search instagram full of demos, product sneak peeks ect! 

anyway here's what my local lush have got instore:

Even bobbin likes the fresh smell of lushs bunch of carrots!

What are your favourite products from Lush?


Sunday, 22 March 2015


Ever since I created my blog, I've been absolutely loving it! In fact I wish I had of created it sooner hahaha. One thing I love about blogging is interacting with you guys, so when I saw the gorgeous rachel from Rachel Coco had uploaded her latest blog post, I got inspired by her to do her tag/post called The Girl Behind The Blog. I love getting to know bloggers and love taking part in these type of posts so here are some facts about me! some I've probably mentioned, but I hope that you like this post.

♥ I'm 5ft 1
 I love Rose Gold
 My favourite dog breed are Pugs
 My favourite american sweets are jolly ranchers 
 I have NEVER broken a bone
 I really want to go to New York one day!
 My favourite shop is Topshop
 I have far to many favourite films but one of my favourites is Big I just love 80s films
 Pizza & pasta are my two favourite foods! (pizza comes first hahaha)
 My dream job would be to work in fashion or make up
 I have bright blue eyes
♥ my favourite perfume is ALIEN by thierry mugler 
♥ My favourite type of cake is either victoria sponge or red velvet
 I have a huge obsession with lush
♥ My favourite beauty store is probably boots or Debenhams 
♥ My wardrobe is mostly monochrome and pastel colours
 my favourite type of flowers are lilies (my middle name is Lilly too)
 I prefer sweet food to savoury food! 

so there are so more facts about me. I would like to say thank you to Rachel for inspiring me in this post, and also a sorry to my readers for taking a little interweb break.
Comment 3 facts about you!



Monday, 16 March 2015

The Body Shop | Vitamin E Aqua Boost

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk to you about The Body Shops Vitamin E Aqa Boost Sorbet, I'm really loving The Body Shop products at the moment and this one I'm really enjoying using. This is a very cooling facial moisturiser and it's UH-MA-ZING! I was kindly given this by The Body Shop to test out, and wow what can I say! It gives your face an instant cooling sensation. It refreshes, hydrates & moisturises your skin, If you are looking for a new moisturiser to try out then this would be a good one for you as if you have really dry skin like I do it just gives you an instant refresh yet also hydrates your skin at the same time, it cools & calms too, the texture of the product is very much like a gel. I love the smell of it, it's SO good, it smells like roses and I'm not normally a huge fan of rose scented creams lotions, gels ect. when you first apply it, it's quite thick but once you massage it into the skin, the thick consistency dissolves, I found this perfect for my skin and it's left it feeling extremely hydrated and not dry for once. At £12.00 I do think this is an absolute bargain.

Link to buy:


Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Body Shop | Wonderblur

Hello everyone, about two weeks ago I went straight to the body shop whilst I was in town & had a look around at all my favourite products, a stocked up on a few bits & pieces and, I was kindly given this to share with you guys & it's the Wonderblur, I've bee using this for the past two weeks and it's truly uh-ma-zing & I love it! you apply this just after you have applied your moisturiser as a last step of your day regime or you can also apply this in your night regime too, it really leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and really smooth, the only thing I'm not too keen on is the consistency as it's quite thick, but never the less it's still a really great product. It also reduces pores and leaves your skin with a flawless finish, and keeps your makeup in place throughout the day I would definitely recommend this if you get really dry skin like I do as it made my skin a lot more softer. It smells so fresh and minty & I just basically love it, it's done wonders to my skin and I couldn't imagine my skin before without it, it's honestly helped me SO much. I will be most definitely buying this product when I next pop back instore it retails at £16.00 and it's completely worth it.

Link to buy:

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

River Island | WishList

Hello everyone, today I wanted to do a River Island wishlist as they have lots of new things in store and online, as I love wishlist and love reading about them, I thought I would do a River Island Wishlist! so here goes:

(all photos in this post are from

1. Grey Check Sleeveless Shirt - I really really like this, it looks very casual and just a really floaty comfy shirt,  I really like it so I thought I'd add it to my wishlist. I think this would look really nice in the summer, you could pair it with some leggings or disco pants, jeans whatever takes your fancy.

2. Black Zip Trim Messenger Bag - as you all know I really love satchels (especially if they are blue) but I really liked this black messenger bag as it has lots of zips and a plain black bag goes with anything, it's also quite small so it would stop me from over filling it up hahaha.

3. Grey New York Beanie Hat - I love beanies, as I have a very small pea head (yes I really do call my head that) beanies always fit my little head perfect and I just find them so cosy and gives your complete outfit an overall chilled look! plus who doesn't love something that says NEW YORK on it, I really want to go to New York one day.

4. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses - I do like these but not to sure on the price, I have found some ones I really do like in Primark but they don't have the cat eye style I like, so I found these ones and I'm super super tempted hahaha *restrains self from clicking that add to basket button* I'm also worried as to whether they would fit my teeny tiny head.

5. Dark Acid Wash Jeans - I've always wanted to try and find/buy a pair of acid wash grey jeans I think these look really good quality and I think these are perfect for all year round! but would look great in the summer with a floaty top and some converses.

& Last but not least:

6. Natural Marl Patterned Knot Front T-shirt - it's a very floaty top & would work with leggings, disco pants, jeans anything really. quite casual and just a basic wardrobe must have top.

They are the only items I've got my eye on atm as I haven't shopped in River Island in ages and need to soon.
As you can see I really like my monochrome colours hahaha

What have you got your eye on at the moment?


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Late Night Beach Walks & Pastel Hearts

Hello everyone, so a couple of days ago I went to go and see some of my family who live near a beach, so when I ordered a new lovely dress a couple of months back (and completely forgot I had it) I decided I would wear it finally as it has just been sat there for a very long time in my wardrobe and it looked like it needed some love, So I whipped it out of my wardrobe. It's this gorgeous heart print smock dress from Asos. It's SO cute and adorable, I paired this up with my parka from Topshop and a pair of super cosy tights from Primark! it was a little bit cold so I also popped on my hoodie from Topshop over my dress. The dress is sold out now but I love it! I think in the summer I'll probably pair this up with a casual black floaty jacket/jacket or maybe even that blazer on my wishlist I didn't take any pics of my outfit that day but I did take this of the sea at night which I thought you might like to see! :) I love going to the beach as for me when I get anxious it really relaxes me and makes me feel completely calm! 

(the beach photos look a little bit weird as the lighting was different off the beach, that and I have a crap camera)

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Body Shop | Smoky Poppy

Hello everyone, you may or may not know that I'm a huge long time fan of The Body Shop, and I thought that today I share with you all two things from their new collection which is the Smoky Poppy Range I popped into my local Body Shop & they showed me the smoky range ect and were kind enough to give me one their new smoky poppy bath bombs to try out and share with you guys! I absolutely love it and yes as soon as I got home I hopped straight in the bath and used it hahaha sad I know but I love a good bath bomb who doesn't? I brought the Smoky poppy shower gel too to go with the bath bomb & I can't wait to try out all the other products for this sweet yet smokey collection. These are an acquired scent but I personally really love them, the bath bomb was really milky and made my skin feel so soft, the shower gel is just as nice smelling! It contains poppy extracts from Turkey and Is simply something that adds a bit to your everyday shower or bath, Both these products are such good quality and at such good price (£4.00 for the shower gel) I will be definitely buying some more things from this range! I will also be doing lots more reviews on The Body Shop products so stick around! I hope you like this post.
Link to buy products featured:

What's your favourite Body Shop Product? 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Arty Nails

Hello everyone, some of you may already know I have a huge soft spot for pugs! I just love them, So when the lovely Hannah from ArtPro Nails, sent me some customised nails featuring my five favourite things which were 
1. Raspberries
2. Macaroons
3. Pugs
4. Pastel Colours
5. Boots

I was very very excited, She sent me some leaflets all about the company which include some nail designs and I love them! ArtPro Nail sell digital nail printers. There are two models (V6.1 Pro & V7 + SMART).
Each machine has hundreds of unique designs and an inbuilt camera that you can use to create different designs. It's really amazing you can upload too, any image you want via USB! whether that be of photos of you when you were younger, pugs (like me) or a pretty pattern ect anything you want! How cool is that?! please go and check out their website as you seriously won't be disappointed! I wasn't!

What do your think of my Nails?


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lush Easter | Bunch Of Carrots

Hello eveyone as you all know I recently attend the Lush Easter Blogger Event, in meadowhall! It was a fantastic morning and lush showed us all the new collection....not only this but lush gave us some items to take home and use, I was kindly given the Bunch Of Carrots Reusabble Bubble Bars. I think these are my favourite out of this years collection that and fluffy egg as it's SO sweet :) I just think they're great but anyway getting back to The Bunch Of Carrots, these smell so fresh, like a lemongrass fresh after about 5-6 swirls of all three bubble bars you will have enough colour and it feels so fresh and amazing on your skin, it really doesn't disappoint! I turns your bath water into a orange colour as you can see from the photos! If you don't want to use all three at once then you can pull one off and just swirl it, what I really love about these bubble bars is that you can re use them again and again! It is one of my favourites like I said and I can't wait to keep using this.

What are your favourites from the Lush Easter collection?



Monday, 2 March 2015

Asos Wishlist | March

Hello everyone after reading lots of your lovely comments, and hearing from my friends how much they love my wishlists I decided I'd do another Asos Wishlist.
(all photos are from

Vero Moda Petite Blazer - I think I've found the casual blazer I've been wanting, It looks really good quality and like any blazer it pretty much goes with anything and came sometimes just bring and outfit together.

New Look Josie T Bar Flat Shoes - These aren't normally the type of shoes I'd go for but I really like them, I just think these would look nice with a dress I've just recently order from Asos, they'd also look really pretty with ribbed jeans and a scallop edge floaty top. I just think they go with ever things, they're a real touch of elegance.

New Look Flip Lock Backpack - As you all know I love my pastel shades and this is just screaming at me, I don't infact own a pastel backpack so I really want this in my life, it would look great in the summer and late spring and would look really nice against a grey dress with lace or black jeans and a ribbed top.

Asos Airtime Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots - I love chelsea boots infact they have become my new obsession but as I have a pair of heels I thought it would be about time that I should buy some flat chelsea boots these look really good quality and look nice and comfortable so I thought I'd add them to my wishlist!

Asos Open Leaf Cuff Bracelet - ROSE GOLD ROSE GOLD!!! I just love pretty much anything that's rose gold so that ticked the first box but I really like the little detail on the leafs each side I just think it's beautiful, I'm just not sure if it would fit my tiny little wrists hahaha

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core White Ox Trainers - I already own a pair of navy high top converses but I really want to get some comfy white ones, either high top or trainer style I just think the high top ones would look really pretty with a pair a nice frilly lace edged socks.

So my new wishlist is just full of shoes and accessories, you can't beat a good pair of shoes
What's on your Asos Wishlist?

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