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Yesterday I set off on a long journey to go to Lush Meadowhall, as I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at all their amazing new Easter range and I thought I'd share it with you all as being a blogger and all hahaha. We were greeted by the lovely ladies in lush they let us get straight in and take photos, smell the products ect. They even had food & drink for us! I'm really really really Impressed with this years collection as it has a few of the favourites from last year and some newbies too, It really is a collection that you won't want to miss out on! They have blocks of soap with rabbits running through it, gift boxes pretty much anything you could imagine, This years collection is nothing but gorgeous:

Bunch Of Carrots - Bubble Bar
Immaculate Eggception - Bath Bomb
Fluffy Egg - Bath Bomb
Hoppity Poppity - Bath Bomb
Pot O' Gold - Shower Jelly
Carrot Soap - Soap
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Soap
& the most popular one:


Honestly I have to admit this is probably one my favourite collections they've ever done!

Here are some of my favourites:

Bunch Of Carrots - Reusable Bubble Bar

I really loved this one as 1. it's reusable and 2. it's adorable I'd say you could probably get about 4-5 baths out of this maybe even 6. You swirl it around in your bath water (don't crumble) and it will turn you bath water into this lovely orange colour which smells really floral once you've used them, pop them on the side to dry (I'd gently pat them with a paper towel).

2. Hoppity Poppity - Bath Bomb

I also saw this demonstrated and trust me this is one you're not going to want to miss out on, It's in the shape of a rabbit as you can see and as lush are always full of surprises, this little bath bomb contains popping candy which you can hear as it continues to pop away in your bath, How cool?!? It smells really fresh and I think it has a hint of mint inside this one, It felt really soft on my skin and I'm really pleased it was in my goodie bag lush gave us.

And last but not least.....
3. Immaculate Eggception Yellow Bath Bomb 

I saw the pink one of this demonstrated and I really loved it, it's three bath bombs in one and let me tell you it doesn't disappoint, If your not a lover of all things chocolate or would like something that smells of chocolate but doesn't contains the calories then this one is for you, it's a lush lovers dream...a Lush easter egg, you crack it open (like you would a normal easter egg) and pop what you've just broke in your bath and surprise you will either get a little chic or a rabbit! I wouldn't recommend putting them both together as it is a bit overpowering but on there own would be perfect, this one is really good, but a little on the over powering side if I do say so myself.

I was kindly given my three favourites to try out at home, Not only did lush give us a bag of goodies, I also brought some more lush stuff as you can never have to much lush, and I'm addicted to their products. Anyway enough of me rambling on here are some more photos of the products including giftboxes ect!

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Carrot Soap (this has a rabbit running through it as it's cut into chunks)

Hello Sunshine contains a Brightside Bubble Bar 
& New Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

Fluffy Egg, If your love Snow Fairy then your in luck as this is your fix that will last you until christmas! hahahaha

Funny Bunny contains:
Hoppity Poppity
A Bunch Of Carrots 
Fluffy Egg
Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

Strawberries & Cream - Strawberry Feels Massage Bar
& Sympathy for the skin body lotion

Carrot Soap
Bunch Of Carrots
Golden Egg

Pot O' Gold

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap

Golden Egg Bath Bomb

Sunny Day contains -
Brightside Bubble Bar
The Olive Branch Shower Gel
Red Fun
Sunnyside Bubble Bar
Each Peach Massarge Bar
You've been mangoed Bath Melt
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

All the products featured in this post will be available to the general public tomorrow and I hope you all really like them as much as I do, you can also buy them online at tomorrow morning
feel free to enter my giveaway!

A massive thank you to Lush Meadowhall for such a wonderful event!




  1. OMG its so cute and the names are even better haha
    Xx andrea

    1. I love the names! hahaha


  2. I absolutely Love Lush, I love bath bombs, I'm obsessed!

    Meme xx

    This looks so good, and you've made it look really colourful too, really want to try this <3

    Meme xx

    Latest Post out now:
    'Not Another Book Haul//Amazon Haul'

    1. I LOVE THEM TOOO!!!! hahaha :) I have such an obsession with lush!



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