Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Topshop Wishlist

Who doesn't love a bit of Topshop?
Well this is my first ever wishlist and I've been really loving lots of topshop items at the I had to narrow it down to just 8, so here goes!

(photos all taken from

1.  Petite Boucle Patch Pocket Pelmet Skirt - Look how gorgeous this skirt is I really want to get this as I think this would look perfect with a black blouse or just really nice with a pastel pink floaty top. I'm really tempted to buy it! hahaha.

2. Petite Exclusive Lace Trim Tee - I love lace and I want to try and wear more green colour tops/dress (they do have some gorgeous tees and dresses atm) I think this would be perfect for the summer and would go nicely with a pair of black jeans or the Dog tooth leggings (number 8).

3. Petite Slim-Fit Curved Blazer - There is one thing in my life that I'm in desperate need of to go on my wardrobe and that happens to be a casual blazer! hahaha I just think everyone needs a blazer in their life and this one is perfect as you can dress it up and down. 

4 & 6. Petite Long Sleeve Skinny Rib Top - I'm so obsessed with these and I'm going to definitely get some of these I just think there perfect and I just want to buy some casual basic tops.

5. Petite Striped Button Wrap Skirt - well it's gorg so why ever not buy it, I'd team this with a basic black rib top or a nice shirt or something I just love it, love the pattern it personally think it has a seaside/sailor theme to it. hahaha I think it's so cute and would look perfect in the summer!

7. Clean Cut Ribbed Jumper- The colour is wow and is something that I would wear on a casual winter day or when it's cold, it looks really soft and cosy so I might just buy it hahaha like I said I'm really loving my ribbed tops and jumpers atm.

8. Petite Grid Dogtooth Leggings - I recently brought a pair from new look and they are very similar, honestly I'm always seen in black leggings and I wanted to have a little change so I brought them and I will hopefully be doing a new look haul soon so stick around for that. But I think every girl should have a pair of dogtooth leggings in her wardrobe and these would be perfect if you are looking for a pair.

What's on your Topshop Wishlist?




  1. Love these choices! X

    1. aw thank you very much!

  2. Love these choices! X


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