Sunday, 11 January 2015

Toni & Guy| Review

I love Toni & Guy and their products really work for me and have made a huge difference to my hair, I thought today I would pick out my two favourites from the variety that's available. 

1. I have been using this product lots, as sometimes I just feel like my hair needs a good old detox, It's the Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo for advanced detox I swear by this product. If you get shampoo and conditioner build up (or clogged up as I like to say) then this product is definitely one for you! I have had this problem and It has got rid of it, I haven't been able to find this a product in a while as I brought around summer last year, it does say on the bottle to use it ever so often as it's an advance detox, It leaves my hair feeling really refreshed and soft, I simply couldn't praise this product enough it does exactly what it says on the tin and is an absolute god send, what more can I say

2. The Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray is perfect for beach wavy hair, I have a large bottle of this but you don't really want to shove a big old bottle into your handbag, so I repurchased the mini one a couple of weeks back and have no stop been using it, it's perfect to add a bit of texture to your hair and add an overall messy kind of look, it's constantly one of them products that is always in my handbag and I can't stop using It's really texturising, I haven't found any other brand with the same quality as this product gives.

I've had really good experience with these and I'm truly impressed! Both of them products do exactly what it says on the bottle, my favourite one though has to be the sea salt spray, I love it because you can create beach waves and then put it up into a really nice high ponytail (I do this all the time) ect and many more cute hairstyles, and it's really easy if you are in a rush just to throw into your handbag and go.

Have you used any of Toni & Guys Range?



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